15 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android and iOS

Are you an upcoming singer with a low budget or just loves singing? Try these best free karaoke apps for Android and iOS devices and see the difference they can make in your career. With these apps, all you need to do is sing. Just say the words, and your karaoke apps provide the instrumentals.

You can do a duet with your singing crew or partner. Karaoke apps also allow you to share your musical creations with your friends and fans. There are tons of these apps out there. But we have managed to handpick only the best to let you enjoy music to the fullest. Let’s check them out one after the other.

15 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android and iOS

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1. Sargam

Sargam is a top karaoke app designed for newbie and professional singers. It comes with tons of features that make freestyling more engaging and enjoyable. One of those features in this app is the “take the MIC” which is more like a talent show. It offers you the chance to compete with other users, and it’s all about singing.

The quality of the audio and video produced by this app is out of this world. It also runs on Android and iOS devices, which is a plus for users who have either of the devices. The sing page offers you personalized songbook that’s based on your preference. Want to sing your favorite artiste’s song? Get this app right away! This app offers free option and has in-app purchase too.

2. StarMaker Lite

Are you one of those who don’t believe music can ever connect them with strangers? Try StarMaker Lite, and you will be amazed! It has one of the most extensive and ever-growing karaoke communities. You will find a vast collection of Desi songs and your favorite artists such as Ed Sheeran and local tunes in your location.

The app also runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. So, folks, this is an excellent opportunity for you. Take your love for music to another level. And oh, you want to gain more friends and be social? Put in your best effort to create beautiful songs. It won’t be long before you earn that star status you always craved.

3. Yokee Karaoke app

Another one for the Android and iOS users, Yokee Karaoke takes freestyling to a whole new level. It’s a well-built app with a clean interface that will make you love to sing. Just you, your mobile device and the world, that’s it. You can sing your favorite songs while the original instrumentals play in the background.

This app lets you and your loyal friends share great moments by singing together. It also has excellent audio and video effects that make each song you create to stand out. Excitingly, you can sing in any language you please. You can also choose songs from diverse genres too.

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4. The Voice

Again, another sound one from Yokee! The company has stood out among karaoke app developers around the world. The Voice is one of the newest and dopest karaoke apps available. It comes packed with features that make karaoke fun.

But warning; this app is highly addictive. And if you are preparing for studio recording, it can help you prepare better. You will even save money that you should have spent to book sessions. The Voice Karaoke app features studio-quality visual and vocal effects to help you record any song you find interesting. It’s also available for Android and iOS devices too.

5. Smule

Do you want to take your love for music to the next level? If yes, then try Smule. For Karaoke solo or mind-blowing duet with your friends, this app stands out from the crowd. You can also take advantage of the advanced audio effects or video filters to make your songs and videos top-notch.

The app gives you the option to present any song of choice live. Or you can sing, and fine-tune your recorded song to have better quality. Share your new songs with millions of friends. You can move from Smule to the world when your songs go viral. And it’s only a matter of time before it happens. Smule is also available for Android and iOS devices.

6. Singa

Singa is one of the best free karaoke apps you can ever find. There are tons of Karaoke apps out there, but Singa stands out from the crowd. It claims to feature over 60,000 songs from top hip hop artists, classical and other genres. But you should not expect to find just 60k songs on this platform. The reason you shouldn’t is that the list is always growing.

On Singa, it’s easy to sing songs because the lyrics are displayed for you to see. You can also save the singlists and your best karaoke song to your profile so you can sing whenever you please.

7. SingPlay

Only a few apps can measure up to SingPlay, an app that automatically transforms your favorite MP3 songs into a karaoke. In other words, the vocals will be wholly removed, leaving just the instrumentals that would inspire you to start singing. So do you want to try out your singing skills? Why not get this app right away and begin spitting those vibes.

You won’t know how much of a good singer you’ve become until you start singing. And SingPlay is the perfect app for such a test. The app does not compromise on quality when converting an MP3 into a karaoke. Plus you can also adjust the pitch and tempo to suit your desire. The app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

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8. Nana – Record music and sing

There are numerous ways to enjoy Nana than you can imagine. It’s one of the best free apps for karaoke but does other things besides karaoke. It let you mimic the voices of famous divas, actors, actresses, and others in the entertainment industry. So, with Nana, you can start speaking like your favorite artists in no distant time.

This app also functions as an instant recorder, giving you the privilege to save any music or lyrics instantly. Plus it offers diverse voice effects that let you sing like a superstar that you are about to become. You can share your new songs with friends and relations via Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

9. Voloco

Voloco is another beautiful music app that has been outstanding since its inception. It will help to process your voice in real-time to become similar with the original tune of the track. All you can do is choose any track of choice from your music collection. You can also choose a free beat from Voloco’s library of free beats. Once you sing or rap over the beat, this app will guess the right key of the track and tune your voice to it.

You can record your audio or video performances and share online. The app also lets you use other apps to complete your mixing. For instance, you can sing or rap over any track of choice, and then export your vocals elsewhere for the finishing touch.

10. Vocal Remover Lite

This app helps bring karaoke to life. You will enjoy singing once more with Vocal Remover Lite because everything feels so natural. The intuitive design makes it super easy to use. You can also work on any song of choice.

The steps to use this app involve choosing any song of choice from your well-stocked iTunes library. And after processing the sing, you can decide whether you want the vocals gone or not. All it takes is a simple switch made available by this app. You can use it to turn on or switch off the vocals as you please.

11. KaraFun

Karaoke is usually fun, but that depends mainly on the app at your disposal. Some apps are below par, so be careful when making a choice. But KaraFun is a superior app designed with the interest of music lovers in mind.

You will have access to over 28,000 karaoke songs on this platform. And there is also an option for you to add your favorite songs whenever you please. It also features an offline mode and receives regular updates weekly, something not all karaoke app does.

12. YoLyrics

If you are using a Karaoke app that does not grant you access to lyrics of songs, combine YoLyrics with that app right away. You will find the complete of your favorite songs in all the genres you want. There are lyrics for popular Indian songs too.

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You will find lyrics for an extensive collection of Hindi songs, Tamil songs, Telugu songs, Punjab songs and many more! Navigation on this app is also a breeze. Plus you can watch movie videos of your favorite artists whenever you please.

13. Singify

If you are interested in improving your vocal abilities, then get Singify. This app lets you enjoy karaoke to the fullest and train. You will also have the privilege to share your new songs with hundreds of other users in the community. So it won’t take long before you become famous with this app.

You will also find lyrics of songs displayed on the interface. And irrespective of the song, you will enjoy singing with this superb app. With an advanced vocal detection algorithm, Singify will undoubtedly train you on how to hit the right note whenever you open your mouth to sing.

14. Wurryl Karaoke

This music app offers something more than many other karaoke apps offers. It’s feature-rich and unique. First, you will find tons of popular songs from your favorite music artists. The likes of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and other A-list artists from across the world are presented at your fingertips.

Wurryl is also a highly customizable music app, something that sets it apart. You can customize features like the key, tempo or add instrumentals to suit your taste. You can include audio and video effects to your songs. And, if you want to keep enjoying this app for free, then consider earning more coins. Just keep on liking, commenting and sharing performances of other users on this platform to increase your gold.

15. Karaoke Anywhere Legacy

This karaoke app is simply one of the finest on the planet. It’s one of those apps you can take with you in your care for family singalongs. You can also upload your MP3+G files and start singing. The process is super easy and quick.

Save your previous performances as you make progress. You can revisit them to know how much you have improved. The Karaoke Anywhere Legacy app has numerous functionalities that make karaoke more engaging. And it’s one of the very few apps that perform as claimed.


So, these are the best free karaoke apps for Android and iOS devices. They are apps that make karaoke enjoyable. They offer users the opportunity to sing to their favorite songs, no vocals from the original artist; just you and the instrumentals.

Now that we have provided a list of best karaoke apps for free, it’s now left for you to go through the list and make your choice. If you are currently using any karaoke app, feel free to share comments about them.

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