12 Best Travel Apps For Android That You Should Start Using Today

Most of us travel and love to travel. Ever since we were little the entire bustling along for that long awaited trip to a exotic location and the preparation for the trip is something that most of us enjoy and cherish a lot in life. But planning and executing a trip is no trivial matter. It is especially important if one is going to a place totally unfamiliar and new.

But thanks to ourselves, we today have many means to plan and execute trips without breaking a sweat. Technology has given us the capability to minimize uncertainties and maximize happiness. The following are 12 Travel Companion Apps on Android that can make your trip worthwhile and truly enjoyable.

1. Google Trips – Travel Planner

Google Trips – Travel Planner is similar to an itinerary where you can organize the plans for your trip. From the moment you make reservations for the flight/train etc to the time you get back home, you can plan all of your trips details and store it using this app. The app doesn’t need online support for such accessibility. The app allows for organizing all the flight, hotel, restaurant and other bookings in one place.

The app also allows a user to use pre designed plans in famous cities or places around the world and edit such plans according to one’s own interests. The app displays the popular attractions of the place and also shows the things you could do. Especially in tourist hubs they give the local suggestions and travel tips.

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2. Tripit

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Tripit as a app is similar in function to Google Trips. Both these software allows for creation of travel itineraries, however does this differently. In Tripit once the trip is confirmed to a particular place such a confirmation mail has to be sent to [email protected]. The developers then make a master itinerary for you depending upon the destination and the nature of the trip.

3. Skyscanner

A all in one travel app, Skyscanner can be used to effectively search for flights, hotels, cars and more all from one place. The app allows for instant comparison and booking of flights, hotels and car rentals also providing price alerts notifying the user of price changes. The app is available in more than 30 languages.

4. Hipmunk Hotels and Flights

Similar to Skyscanner, Hipmunk is an app that can prove very beneficial in booking flights and hotels. The app has the same features as Skyscanner but also has a distinctive filter known as the Agony filter that allows for the user to filter flights as per criteria such as duration, layover etc.

5. PackPoint

While going for any trip it is absolutely necessary that one packs accordingly. Heavy luggage call for undue burdens and not have the required things can prove to be a nightmare especially in a foreign place. This is why apps like PackPoint exist. The app is a packing list organizer and planner that lists the things needed for the trip based on the place, weather, the length of the trip, and the activities involved. The app requires you to enter the destination city, the duration of stay and the departure date. The app takes into account the nature of the trip as well giving different suggestion based on whether its business or leisure.

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6. XE Convertor

When going on foreign trips to multiple place it is important that a person understands what the value of one’s own currency is in relation to theirs. This function is carried out by XE Currency which is a very powerful app that provides live exchange rates and stats. The rate and stats are refreshed everyone minute.

7. Trivago

Trivago is a very powerful app that allows a user to get great deals at the lowest prices for accommodation. The app’s hotel finder compares prices across the selected region using the world’s largest hotel search engine and suggests the most suitable hotel for the user. The app covers and compares prices across more than 200 booking sites and searches prices of over a million hotels in more than 190 countries.

8. Uber

Any trip requires considerable amount of travel. While car rentals are viable it is not practical in most scenarios. This is where cab services become very important. Uber is one of the most prominent cab service providers that provides affordable service to tourists. The app allows for multiple features like scheduling rides, sharing rides etc that allows for a person to book cabs as per his or her convenience. The app also allows for electronic payment through credit card which becomes important in a foreign place.

9. Google Maps

Google Maps constitute a very important part of a traveler’s toolkit. This is an app the features of which are known to all. This allows for navigation in the busiest of place outlining the various places, buildings and locations. Using this app a person can easily find his way around in most places.

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10. Google Translate

A very handy tool in places where you don’t know the language, Google Translate has a feature where a user can take a picture of a signboard or some writing and get it translated into their language thereby reducing the language barrier.

11. Expensify

Trips are expensive and there is no question about that. Hence it becomes important that one’s expenses are met properly. This is where Expensify comes in. Expensify as a app functions like a virtual accountant and is a tool for expense report management, receipt tracking and business travel. This app takes away the need to manually record data and arrive at balancesheets and provides accurate relevant data regarding expenses.

12. Slidebox

Trips are all about memories and what better embodiment of happy memories than photos. These photos have to be organised properly and for that you need an app. Slidebox is an excellent tool that can be used to sort, organize, compare photos and delete unwanted photos. It seemingly integrates with other apps and android itself making it a perfect choice.

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