20+ Best Chat Apps to Talk With Strangers To Flirt or Make New Friends

Hey! Are you familiar with the best chat apps to talk with strangers? Here is an extensive collection of apps to build rapport with people you have not met in your life.

Well, the idea of chatting with strangers might seem weird. But sometimes, it is the right thing to do. A stranger can become your best friend. And when you are emotionally down, bored, lonely, or looking for some tips, a stronger can help you get through hard times. But try not to disclose sensitive information, such as your bank accounts, health reports, or other confidential information online, no matter what.

20+ Best Chat Apps to Talk With Strangers

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Now, without wasting much time, here is a list of 20+ top chat apps for you to meet strangers and make friends in different parts of the world.

1. MeetMe


MeetMe is an incredible chat app. First, it runs on Android and iOS devices. You can also access it online. Another extraordinary thing about this app is that it doesn’t only enable you to find and chat with strangers.

The thing is most of the strangers on the app are living close by. But you will never know unless you meet them personally.  But MeetMe allows you to find those closest to you and meet them physically. The app is also free, and registration is super easy.

2. Badoo


Ever since the launch of Badoo in 2006, the platform has only gained popularity. And impressively, the social app currently has over 470 million registered and active users, making it one of the ideal places for you to find tons of strangers, and make as many friends as you want.

Badoo is a platform for male and females, particular adults. The social app also lets you interact with whoever you want, flirt, date, or hook up with friends that live within your location. Signup is also free, and the interface is super easy.

3. Skout


Skout is one of the best chat apps to interact with strangers. Among the numerous location-based social platforms out there, Skout also stands out as one of the finest. It lets you have fun to the fullest. And you can go live with your friends, particularly those you trust.

Skout is also an app and website. So it runs seamlessly on mobile devices and windows. However, the app is safe to chat with strangers, but you still need to observe some caution.

4. Moco


Moco is a unique app designed to bring people together. It let you interact with strangers or find friends from different parts of the world. Searching or finding people on Moco is also super easy. You can search using their gender, age, location, or sexual preference.

This chat app also has something for everyone. You can play games, socialize or flirt with people you find attractive. And the intuitive interface of Moco also makes chatting interesting.

5. Whisper


Want to know more hidden secrets around you? Get started with Whisper. As the name implies, Whisper let you meet a large community of strangers you can Whisper to and make friends with people who deserve your presence.

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Whisper also runs on iOS and Android devices. Another laudable feature Whisper has is that it allows users to share videos and photos without revealing their real identity. So if you are seeking the best anonymous social networking application, Whisper is for you!

6. Azar


Azar is no doubt one of the best chat apps to talk with strangers. With Azar, you can have video conversations with other users who are also strangers. The platform also runs on iOS and Android devices and has recorded over 300 million downloads.

Azar also lets you add new friends to your contact list that you can chat with anytime. Another exciting thing is that it supports the real-time translation of voice messages, thus breaking the language barrier and making it easy to interact with people from other countries.

7. Holla


It is almost impossible to talk about best random video chat apps without including Holla. Holla is a feature-rich app that has everything that makes interacting with strangers more enjoyable and engaging. You can make new friends, start a relationship, or find your soul mate via this app.

The swipe to meet strangers or find love feature isn’t the unique feature you will like about this chat app. It also supports video or voice calls, to make interacting with friends more fun. And you can call anyone irrespective of their location. The app is also safe to use, so you don’t need to worry about having security issues.

8. Sweet Dates

Sweet Dates

As the name implies, Sweet Dates is an app designed to let you meet strangers and start a romantic affair. You can meet people around you and start a new relationship safely, too.

Sweet Dates is also super easy to use. And on this incredible app, finding a date or soul mate is also super easy. So if you are looking for the best chat app to chat with strangers and build a stable romantic relationship with a man or woman of your kind, Sweet Dates is the app for you.

9. Hitwe


Hitwe is another top app that let you meet and interact with strangers for free. You can also make friends with people from all over the world too. Hitwe also boasts of having over 100 million active users and counting. So rest assured you are going to have plenty of friends to interact with anytime.

Hitwe also has all the features that make chatting with people online more engaging. It features an intuitive design and is super fast. The app also protects against scam and fake users, making it one of the safest chat apps to talk with strangers.

10. Waplog


Are you hoping to land new dates, flirt or meet strangers from other parts of the world or nearby? Get started with Waplog. This app has a good user rating. It also boasts of having over 60 million singles ready to mingle. So you won’t struggle to land your date of choice.

Waplog is also free to use. It also enables users to make friends or find new dates in a fun way, thanks to its story feature. And again, there is a limit to the number of messages people can send to you unless you reply.

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11. Lovely


Do you want to hook up with an individual that is more compatible with you? Or you want to make more friends online? Lovely is the app for you! It is one of the best dating apps out there that allows you to chat and meet people you haven’t met in your life.

Make friends with hot guys and babes! Isn’t that what you wish for? This app also lets you decide who contacts you and where to take the relationship to. Everything happens according to your terms.

12. Meet24


Meet24, what a great app! Signing up is free for everyone. The app offers you a chance to send messages to your newly found online love or platonic friends. Gain access to hundreds of singles, which includes young boys and girls, who are ready to mingle.

On Meet24, contents that violate the rules of the platform are never published. So everything about the app is well-organized, thanks to its active moderators. You can also send messages, videos, and photos to your friends with ease, via this app.

13. YouLove


YouLove is another must-have application. It ranks as one of the best chat apps to talk with strangers for obvious reasons. First, it has a large community of active and real members. So rest assured you won’t struggle to make friends or find people online, who will keep you busy.

This app has also done well to keep scammers and fakes out of its ever-growing community. It is also simple to use and features an intuitive interface.

14. Between


The Between app is an incredible app for couples. So if you are in love or have a partner who is far away, this app is for you. You can chat with your spouse and keep your relationship burning with love. That’s what Between, an incredible chat app for couples is designed to offer people in love.

Data shared on this app is secured. So you do not have to bother about security challenges. You can take pictures with your spouse while out on a date and store them safely so that you can revisit them whenever to keep the memories fresh.

15. Joyride


Joyride is another best chat app to talk with strangers that offer nothing but joy and happiness to its users. It’s an app designed to provide adult singles the opportunity to mingle and have fun to the fullest.

Joyride is free and loaded with features that make chatting with strangers more engaging. It also boasts of having over 20 million active users, making it easier for new users to find dates that match their profiles. So, if your interest is to embark on an erotic adventure, this is the perfect app for you.

16. Cake


The Cake is a top chat app that runs seamlessly on Android and iOS operating systems. And like many apps on this list, it has a free and paid membership option. But if you want to have access to advanced features, then you have to purchase the app.

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Cake, a live stream video chat app, also let you interact with your friends or strangers, irrespective of their location. You can send video messages to any of your contacts whenever you want. And in addition to that, you can join anonymous chat rooms made of numerous members who are looking to interact just like you.

17. Cam


Are you seeking the best video chat app to talk with strangers or find love? Cam will exceed your expectations. With a record of over 300 million success matches thus far, you can be sure that you will find that ideal someone to interact or fall in love with, even if you are a new member on this platform.

Cam let you video chat and flirt with people you find attractive. And you never have to bother about security challenges because any information shared on this platform is private and discreet.

18. Bloomy


Searching for a platform that has tons of attractive young men and women? Get Bloomy! On this universal messenger app, you will only find real men and women looking for genuine love and attention. So if that’s what you seek, download and install Bloomy to get started.

Regarding security, Bloomy is doing quite alright. Impressively, profiles, and photos are screened daily to ensure that users do not interact with scammers or fakes.

19. FastMeet


Many single guys and ladies are looking for love online. So you have no reason to be single or lonely. FastMeet can connect you to that special someone. Just starting today? No problem. As the name implies, FastMeet can connect you to the perfect match in no time.

This feature-rich app is designed to make communication a breeze. You can interact with strangers or your contacts with voice or video messages. What’s more? You can also participate in encounter games; all offered to you for free.

20. Anonymous chat

Anonymous chat

Anonymous chat let you talk with strangers for free. And with this app, you can interact with strangers through voice messages or share photos. You also do not need to register an account to get started chatting with foreigners.

21. CamSurf

CamSurf is a random video chat app that helps people with similar interests or in similar locations meet in a fun video chat environment.

There are always thousands of users using the platform, so connecting with people is no issue. Hablo espanol? Set the filter to only find Spanish speaking users. There are no costs to use CamSurf and it requires minimal storage, both in the app and browser-based versions.

This app lets you chat with random strangers. But you can also continue with those you have made contact with, too. Anonymous also features a clean interface and is super easy to use.


So these are the best chat apps to talk with strangers. Whether you are looking to flirt, find a soul mate, or build a stable relationship, you will achieve your aim. The list contains both free and paid subscriptions. So you can make a choice based on your needs and budget. So you can try any one of these and share your experience in the comment section below.

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