6 PRO Tips Nobody Tells You In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The game is a first-person shooter. The first-person shooter Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter. A character’s position can be one of three: standing, crouched, or prone, each of which impacts the character’s speed, accuracy, and stealth. Absorbing cover can help the player avoid hostile fire or heal after being hit hard. Consequently, there are no armor or health power-ups.

There are new game modes, mechanics, weaponry, and features, which means winning requires a thorough mastery of modern fighting tactics. You’ll need these modern warfare techniques to take on the veteran campaign or substantially improve your online KD ratio.

To help you get started, we’ve brought together a list of Modern Warfare Cheats.

6 Modern Warfare Pro Tips

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1. Choose the appropriate playing style

Players are too focused on mimicking their heroes’ play styles to notice their own. Rather than trying to emulate what they think they should be good at, they should figure out their unique play style. The game offers many weapons. You should experiment with a few different weapons to discover which one best suits your skills. 

The core of modern warfare is this. It’s all about figuring out your personality and temperament, as well as getting some practice with the weapons you’re most comfortable with. Someone may be in a great mood when using shotguns. They should then focus on improving their gun skills. Do not push yourself to participate in combat or act in a way that you are not.

2. Only reload when necessary

Abuse of reloads is common, and it is the leading cause of many preventable fatalities. The amount of bullets required to kill the adversaries is less than the total amount of ammunition in the chip. It allows you to get a few more kills in before reloading. Even if they have plenty of rounds left, players are eager to reload their guns after each fight. 

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If you squander time reloading in a fast-paced game, the game will allow the adversary to track you down on the map after a fight has been won. Thanks to the minimap, the adversary will be able to see where you are. Find a safe area to reload if you need to.

3. Use Grenades

Modern games are fast-paced, and instead of penalizing you for dying, they allow you to respawn. The purpose of a multiplayer game is to survive as long as possible while dominating the enemy team and amassing as many killstreaks as possible. 

Characters exist throughout the game, each with unique powers that can aid you in surviving even if the enemy has you cornered. In any current military game, your character carries a utility grenade. Each life also comes with a lethal explosive that you can use.can use the explosives in a variety of ways to extend your life and earn streaks. Utility grenades are really useful.

4. To stabilize your aim, use attachment options

Every weapon in modern warfare has a variety of attachment options. Using a variety of attachments is key to focus on stabilizing your aim and quickly aiming down at sight. Each game organizes the attachments into a hierarchy. Every gun component has its attachment, allowing you to mix and match them to learn about their strengths and limitations.

5. Make the aim a standard practice

The player’s shooting abilities are heavily emphasized in modern warfare. In any shooting game, improving your aim is crucial. In most gunfights, you will come out triumphant if you can master your aim. Improve your aim by focusing more. 

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Learn the recoil pattern of the weapon you’re using so you can fine-tune your aim when you shoot it. Also, the game might just swing the gun, so be ready for that.

6. Play a variety of game modes

Different game modes are available in today’s games. To master diverse styles, it’s best to play as many of them as possible. Combining several game modes allows you to study different parts of the game, allowing you to master the weaponry and progress as a player. 

You’ll learn how to improve your collaboration skills and how to defend a certain area of the map. Multiple settings allow you to discover the qualities that make you a great player. It allows you to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are.


With so many locations, game types, and modes to choose from in modern combat, the key is to develop proficiency in various classes rather than just sticking to your favorites. The more weaponry and game styles you try, the better at modern combat you will become

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