13 Best Wiziwig Alternatives For Live Sports Streaming [2022]

Nothing pleases a sports lover than to have the opportunity to live stream or watch highlight of games at will. The feeling is unexplainable. And once upon a time, such activities were made possible by platforms like Wiziwig. To many, that name still rings a bell. That’s because Wiziwig was once one of the best online live streaming platforms in the entire world.

But Wiziwig is no more. It surely was a cool online platform where one can get schedules of sports, recent highlights and excellent information about the sporting world. And all the games including football, volleyball, rugby, basketball, tennis, motor race, hockey, name it.

You can stream all of them with Wiziwig. So it’s a pity this platform is no more. But then life goes on. If you are looking for the best Wiziwig alternative, then this post is for you. Here are 13 fantastic Wiziwig options of 2022 every sports lover should try in their lifetime.

13 Best Wiziwig Alternatives

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1. Sport365


The name of this platform says it all. With Sport365, you can live-stream numerous sports. But what makes it one of the favorites of hundreds of sports lovers is the quality of the output. You will be proud to watch streaming videos of your favorite sports produced by this web-based platform.

Not only football, but you will also find sports like hockey, motorsports, rugby, handball, cricket and a host of others which you can stream. You can watch matches and know the schedule of the different games. That’s how feature-rich the platform is.

2. LiveTV


If you are looking for a free web-based portal for sports that’s almost like Wiziwig, then try LiveTV. Sincerely, you never regret any second you spend on this platform. This web-based platform lets you stream live matches and tournaments across different regions of the world. You will be in the know of what’s happening in the sports community all around the world.

With the LiveTV, you can also stream different kinds of sports. Plus the fact that you can use it for free is where the platform stands out. In other words, you do not have to pay subscription charges to stream games anywhere in the world. Its developed to let you enjoy free live sports streaming.

3. 12thplayer


If you are a football lover, then you should have an account on this platform. You will never miss a game, plus the fact that the site is easy to navigate will make you enjoy streaming matches.

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This platform is for football lovers across the world. You will also learn about the time of keep off for various games include their respective dates. It’s a simple site that a non-tech-savvy can use comfortably. So it’s a platform worth trying out.

4. Stream2watch


If you are the kind of sports enthusiast looking for a platform that would make it possible to have diverse sports channels assembled in one place, then Stream2watch is your best bet. With this platform, you don’t need to waste your precious time visiting distinct websites on the internet. You will have almost all your favorite sports channels rolled up in one place just for you.

Stream2watch covers diverse sporting activities that you would never imagine such as table tennis, darts, basketball, golf, volleyball, motorsport, hockey, cricket, winter Olympics events, and even wrestling matches. You can also stream the various sporting events on several languages live and in HD.

5. VIP Leagues

VIP Leagues

VIP Leagues is just another incredible Wiziwig alternative that connects sports lovers to their favorite sports. Like most streaming platforms on this list, VIP Leagues gives you access to updates of games played in different parts of the world all in one place.

The updates provided are for various sports such as rugby, football, and a host of others. And if you are looking for a site that gives you access to stream live matches in HD quality, you will never regret using VIP Leagues.

6. NFL Stream

NFL Stream

One of the streaming platforms you cannot ignore when naming Wiziwig alternative is NFL Stream. It will give you access to watch all NFL and NCAAF stream for free. Plus you would enjoy NFL stream in SD quality if you are using a mobile device with poor internet service.

But whether you are using MAC, PC or mobile device, you are inevitably going to appreciate the quality of output from this incredible Wiziwig alternative. If you cannot make it to the stadium to watch your team play or don’t have the finances to pay a subscription on other platforms, find your way to NFL Stream.

NFL was not only designed with the needs of diverse users in mind. The site is also straightforward for everyone to enjoy their favorite sports. You can stream live games for free. But that’s not all. The platform allows users to upload and also bookmark their favorite games.

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7. NewSoccer


An incredible service designed for football, NewSoccer is a feature-rich streaming service that makes watching international league matches possible. Not only will this platform allow you to watch matches played abroad, but you will also receive updates on upcoming games.

The platform also provides users with information on available tickets to various events, teams, and players that will feature on the different matches. The only thing that needs to change about this website is accessibility. Users cannot access it from specific locations. But besides that, the platform is worth trying. It allows steady live streaming that will enable you to watch live games without interruption.

8. CricFree.org


This Wiziwig alternative is a feature-rich platform that is worth giving a try. It was created to meet the needs of diehard cricket fans, but you can stream other sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and even rugby. The interface also makes the platform impressive and stand out from the crowd. It looks simple but offers several features that you will enjoy.

For instance, there is a live chat option that allows you to connect with sports lovers in different parts of the world who are also using the platform. You can start a conversation with them and share your opinion about your favorite teams. You can also receive information regarding dates of live events.

9. BatManStream


BatManStream is a complete platform, in the sense that it offers users the opportunity to stream live matches in various categories. In other words, whether you like football, racing, baseball, basketball, volleyball, basketball, NFL or other sporting activities, this platform is the ideal option for you.

The ease of use makes BatManStream stand out of the crowd. Even if you are not a tech-savvy, you should be able to find your way around this platform with ease. The fact that you can view matches in full HD is also a plus to this platform.

10. Wiziwig New

Wiziwig New

This Wiziwig alternative is the real deal. It doesn’t even share much difference from other top live streaming platforms and Wiziwig itself. It comes designed in such a way that you can watch shows live broadcasting from different parts of the world for free.

Whether you are avid tennis, football, cricket or rugby lover, you will enjoy using Wizwig New to stream and watch your favorite sports. You will find tons of games both those you know and the ones you don’t know, on this platform. And besides the HD live TV shows and sports you can stream, you can also take advantage of the Wiziwig Radio on this platform.

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11. Atdhe


If you are looking for a well-designed live sports streaming platform that will take your love for sports to another level, then visit Atdhe. You will never regret any second spent here.

The background color and ease of navigation are not the only things that make the platform to stand out from the crowd. You can stream different sports, both the ones you know and the ones you don’t. If you are worried about the ads on the platform, the site will also take care of your needs.

12. Sportp2p


If you think you have seen enough of live streaming platforms, then try the Sportp2p. You will be amazed at what this platform offers. First, the design and interface are worthy of admiration. Plus you will also find the navigation bar with ease and navigate to any sports category you want. It is that simple.

Sportp2p also features various sports, so it’s a comprehensive Wiziwig alternative and one that fits in as a perfect substitute. You will find sporting activities like Tennis, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Motorsports, Ice Hockey, and more! If you are a faithful soccer fan, then get ready for the engagement you will get on this platform. You can watch essential competitions like the Europa league, Champions league, among others.  And you will also not waste time to find your preferred sport on this platform.

13. SportStream


It is understandable that online live streaming platforms are on the increase. But despite the stiff competition, some of them are still waxing stronger. SportsStream is among online sports streaming platforms that are performing well.

You can stream live games on this platform from different parts of the world. You will have access to sports like badminton, soccer, baseball, hockey, motorsports, hockey, and others. With SportStream, entertainment is always at its peak.


These online platforms make sporting activities more engaging. Many of them come with features that allow you to stream live games, which you can share with friends and families or an audience at any time. Many also provide complete information about games, kick-off time, team selection and other details about the game.

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