15 Best and Similar Sites Like Backpage to Sell Goods and Services Online

Backpage is one of the best things that have happened to many users who indulge in the sales of goods and services online. This classified ads service platform helps to connect buyers and sellers around the world together. Whether you trade in electronics, apartment or any other product, you will find Backpage very useful. In short, you have the benefit of listing your items on the platform for free, whenever, wherever.

However, Backpage didn’t become popular because of the goods displayed on the various ads categories. It was famous as a result of the adult ads. People were able to hook up via Backpage. But unfortunately, the site got the hammer from the U.S Department of Justice for allowing advertisements that depict the prostitution of children.

But now that the almighty Backpage has been shut down, can one find better alternatives? Yes. Here are incredible platforms that are just like Backpage. Check them out below.

15 Best and Similar Sites Like Backpage to Sell Goods and Services

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1. Craigslist

Who doesn’t know Craiglist? The site is so popular that youngsters can even tell what it does. Craigslist is everything any Backpage lover looking for an alternative would enjoy. It is also an online classified ads platform that is so easy to navigate and features different sections allotted to housing, jobs, services, gigs, community, resumes and even forums where people can interact.

Craigslist is just as organized as Backpage. It is also very popular and has an impressive user-base that anyone looking to cash in quick can take advantage of without wasting time. But have in mind that the personals section has been shut down by them because of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act which prohibits sex trafficking of children.

2. Classified Ads

If you are looking for a well-organized platform just like Backpage that is free to use, look no further. Classified Ads platform is the ideal option. The site is entirely free for both those looking for goods and services and individuals posting them.

You can post anything you want on Classified Ads, but not adult stuff even though the Personals section for dating is still active. The site is also as popular as Backpage, so you are always going to enjoy great visibility for any advertisement you make on the platform. From real estate to pets, jobs, vehicle and services, you will find different sections to share your goods or services.

3. Geebo

What sets this Backpage alternative apart is the fact that one can actually post and search for items easily. You can also post things on the platform for free and even change location. Again, Geebo warns users and provides information on how to avoid scams when dealing with other users on the platform. So it’s safe for everyone to use.

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Geebo’s mission like others on this list is to connect interested buyers and sellers. It does not meddle in their transactions. Users can also connect with them on different social media platforms to get regular updates too. Another thing one will like about the site is the numerous sections made available for goods and services.

4. Offer Up

The name alone will tell anyone what the platform does. But there is more to what the site offers. First, it’s a mobile application, meaning buyers and sellers can install the app on their mobile devices to get notifications and quick access too. Another impressive thing about this platform is that one can buy or sell anything here. But make sure it is something legal.

Besides the mobile app, you can still use the web option to list your products or services on the platform. The site is also straightforward to navigate, and the mobile app will make it a bit easy for you to locate the best deals the platform has to offer. Plus it also has millions of users from around the globe, meaning you can list your items and cash in quickly.

5. Gumtree

Jobs, community, pets, vehicles and parts, property, name it; everything sells on Gumtree. Interestingly, you can also post whatever you want on the platform for free, and users are free to search and make use of the platform for free as well.

On Gumtree, the only minor difference is that not all ads are free. In other words, you may have to pay for some classified ads. But this depends mainly on the geographical market you are targeting and product category itself. But in all, this British online classified ads platform is worth the try. It also deals with ads from other countries, but the UK users are more predominant on the platform.

6. Oodle

Why do classifieds’ rookies love Oodle so much? The reason is simple. The platform is not only easy to navigate. It is also free to post and connect with other users. You can use it to find properties for sale, cars, job listings and a broad category of products and services.

Oodle is well-organized and has a large user-base. And like Backpage, the platform also has the Personals’ category, which is primarily for adults to connect; in other words, men looking for women to date and vice versa.

7. Recycler

This Backpage alternative may not be as popular as one would expect, but it does stand out from many other classifieds. Recycler, as the name suggests, is an excellent platform for recycling used items. You can sell off anything you want, from pets to cars, and even renting of a house. If you are also a sports lover, there is a category on this platform where you can have access to recreational items of any sort.

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On this classified ads platform, you will also find coupons and deals. So there is a possibility that if you are vigilant enough, you might end up purchasing quality used items on the cheap. Sounds amazing right? That is why it’s undoubtedly one of the best and fastest growing platforms for used items.

8. Domesticsale

Domesticsale is another impressive classifieds that have got everything a classifieds should have a more. Again, another exciting thing about the platform is, despite loads of contents, it still loads with incredible speed. In other words, you will not be spending your entire day waiting for a page to load. And regarding ease of ease, the site also ranks as number one.

On Domesticsale, the first thing you need to do upon visiting the platform is to choose your location which includes your state, city and zip code. However, the reason is to offer users an improved experience.

9. Kijiji.ca

Kijiji might not be the oldest classified advertising websites on this list but it surely among the oldest. The platform also has what it takes to keep you busy, whether you are interested in buying items or selling. And as the name implies, Kijiji.ca is based in Canada. But it also runs in other countries like Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Kijiji is available for more than 300 cities in the above countries. Impressively, users can also buy or post new and used items on the platform too. You will also encounter live ads in virtually almost all the categories available such as housing, cars, jobs and more! It is regarded as Canada’s most popular free classifieds site and lives up to the hype.

10. ClassifiedsGiant

Just as Backpage and other classifieds help to connect buyers to sellers, ClassifiedsGiant also does the same. This platform isn’t that popular as Backpage. But it has great potentials to become one of the most popular with time. It is a user-friendly and trustworthy platform that is also free to use.

ClassifiedsGiant has many different sections ranging from vehicles, jobs, services and many more! Once registered, you can share your ads for free and wait for potential buyers to locate you.

11. USFreeAds

The USFreeAds has been in existence since 1999, offering a classifieds portal that not many of its kind can match. This platform is no doubt one of the most popular classifieds in the USA and receives hundreds of visitors on a regular basis.

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USFreeAds is also free to use as the name suggests. It also features diverse categories such as jobs, shopping, communities, and pets, electronics, automobile and even personals. But mind you, the USFreeAds is mainly for those in the United States. Just click the state you are interested in to post or search for any item of your choice.

12. Adpost

Classifieds are numerous, and they all face intense competition. But many have resulted in using different means to increase visitors and sales which has worked flawlessly. Adpost falls into this category. It even has a rich affiliate program that allows other website owners to earn advertising fee when visitors from their site purchases products on Adpost.

However, the success rate with Adpost is encouraging given their marketing strategy and coverage. The platform covers different countries such as United States, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Philippines, New Zealand and even Canada.

13. OLX

Ever since this online marketplace came into existence in 2006, it has only experienced several transformation and improvement. Even in the stiff competition, OLX has continued to dominate. It is now the largest classified ads company in Portugal, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Poland and even Romania.

The only difference this platform has to others is that there is no category for personals. But if you want to purchase any item such as bikes, vehicles, electronics, mobile phones, agriculture, rent or sell a property, you will have a great time on this platform.

14. LocalFind.ca

This online marketplace does have something that will please any Canadian. It is new in the game but designed to make things easy for users, which is an excellent strategy to impress people. If you are looking for products specifically made in Canada, a long list awaits you on LocalFind. The platform features over 600 of such products and counting. You will also find local designers in their numbers too.

15. FinderMaster

Irrespective of your country, you can have access to FinderMaster and experience the world of classifieds. From Africa to Europe and other continents, FinderMaster lets you post or find whatever item you are looking for and connect with sellers with ease. In short, the caption “Easy to post, easy to find” is boldly written on the interface and they live up to this hype.


These are incredible platforms, well-organized to let users enjoy the best of classifieds. Whether you are buying or selling items, new or used, you can post them on these platforms and cash in quickly. They are great Backpage alternatives but have in mind that not all have the personals category. Backpage is gone, but these will provide you with similar experiences. So take advantage of them now.

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