13 Alternative Sites Like Tumblr To Start a Blog in 2022

Here is a list of best sites like Tumblr you have been looking for. But before we go into details, have in mind that Tumblr has been a hit ever since it came onboard in 2007. Of course, it’s a platform that offers everyone a chance to socialize and uniquely express themselves. It allows users to share GIFs, audios, videos, texts, images, chats and links with ease. What’s more? You can even follow others and like their contents on this incredible platform.

This microblogging cum social networking platform also allows users to download media contents with ease too. However, you may one day get tired of using one platform only and may want to try something new; it’s normal. So, when the time comes, here are top alternatives like Tumblr you should try out.

13 Alternative  Sites Like Tumblr To Start a Blog

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1. Weebly


If you have a great story to share, Weebly is one of the ideal platforms for you! It has everything you require to get started, including an option to start a blog for free. From blog to an online store, this platform also has everything you need. You will opportunity to use a range of search engine optimization tools to enhance the visibility of your website.

However, Weebly isn’t completely free. You have to pay a token to enjoy advanced business and multiple features. But if you have the budget, Weebly is a Tumblr alternative you won’t regret splashing the cash on any day. It is simple and let you create a website with ease. Plus you can customize the fonts of your platform and have access to tons of incredible features that other popular platforms don’t have.

2. WordPress


WordPress is a popular platform. And honestly, it is even more popular than Tumblr in the blogosphere and one of the most-used (CMS) content management systems. And just so you know, WordPress is used by top brands. These include the New Yorker, Sony Music, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, CNN, Forbes and other notable businesses. The platform is also very reliable and provides several tools that make blogging and search engine optimization a breeze for new and existing bloggers.

Also, WordPress sites are less complicated and quick to build. And based on the popularity of this platform, you can get help from other users with ease. You also do not need to know a thing about coding to create a WordPress Blog. Plus you can even start a free WordPress blog where you don’t have to pay for hosting.

3. Blogger


Blogger is just as popular as WordPress. It’s Google’s property anyway and super easy to create. And being a Google product, you would undoubtedly require a Gmail account to create a blogger account for free. Plus you don’t have to pay hosting fee as is with WordPress website, even when you acquire a personal domain name. And though it’s not compulsory, if you have the financial capacity, you can purchase a domain name for your blogger website.

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Apart from being extremely simple and quick to create, Blogger is also quite easy to use and understand. But then, it is not as feature-rich as WordPress and other platforms. But if you are low on budget and eager to start a blog, you can use Blogger. Many bloggers started on this platform and later migrated to WordPress which have more advanced features and plugins.

4. Wix


Simple, reliable and feature-rich, that’s the best way to describe Wix, a Tumblr alternative. The only significant difference with Tumblr is that with Wix, you can build a complete website. Wix also gives you access to incredible and highly attractive themes that will blow your mind away. Creating a personal blog or business platform is also a breeze with Wix.

This platform lets you create and run your website for free. But you need to understand that the free version is limited feature-wise. Unlike the paid or premium version where you get to enjoy higher storage space and Bandwidth, the free version only gives you access 500MegaBytes of space to store your files. That’s it. So, if you have the cash, it would be better to opt for Wix to have full access.

5. Medium


Information rules the world that’s what they say. And it’s one of the reasons why platforms like Tumblr, Medium and other similar sites will remain relevant for ages. But then, the growth of Medium has been impressive. And, it’s a platform where you can find top writers who have sound knowledge in their respective niches and fields.

Medium gives you access to a range of useful tools. But it is not the tools that lure users but the simplistic nature and wealth of knowledge you can gain access to on this platform. Want to have more understanding of the latest technology, political issues or learn something different? There is a high chance that you might find the information you seek on Medium. If you also have an idea to share, Medium is an ideal platform for you. Be it content, videos, images or links, you can share them all on this Tumblr alternative with ease.

6. Hubpages


Do you have great ideas that you strongly believe would help others? Visit Hubpages, one of the best sites like Tumblr, to share your thoughts. However, Hubpages is not a platform that lets you create a website like WordPress, Wix and the others. You only need to sign up (create an account) to start posting contents (videos, articles, images) on your timeline for other hubbers (Hubpages users) to access.

Also, the quality of the contents on Hubpages is fantastic. Low-quality contents are turned down by the admins, which is one of the factors that stand this platform out from the crowd. This Tumblr alternative also receives a significant amount of traffic. So, if you are ready to work hard to create top contents, you can reach out to a large number of your targeted audience via this platform in no time. However, the platform also allows writers to earn through affiliate programs, among others.

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7. Jimdo


Well, Jimdo is not entirely like Tumblr, a microblogging platform. Unlike Tumblr, Jimdo lets you create a professional-looking website with ease. However, this platform is similar to Wix earlier discussed. Plus sites created are mobile responsive, and you will also have access to the required SEO tools to scale up your blog. You also do not need to know a thing about coding to create a website via Jimdo. Just create an account, drag and drop whatever you need to see on your website, it’s as simple as that.

But Jimdo has a special offer for its users. It lets you create an online store which you can attach to your website to sell items. However, this free service only allows you to post five items at a time. If you want to go above that, you can always upgrade to the premium option.

8. Shopify


This Canadian-based e-commerce establishment has made selling online less stressful and more engaging. You can create a store and start selling right away. Not sure if Shopify is the right platform to use? No problem. You can access the trial version which is the free option that allows you to use the platform free for just 14 days. If it turns out to be beneficial, you can upgrade to the premium version.

Shopify is trusted by millions of online business owners, particularly genuine e-commerce business owners. This feature-rich platform also comes with several tools to help you create your online store with ease. Don’t know a thing about coding? No problem. But if you can code, it would be a plus. You will be able to tweak your online store to suit your taste. However, you may also decide to hire a freelancer or in-house web developer on Shopify to help you with this task too.

9. Posthaven


For just $5 per month, you can run a blog on Posthaven, isn’t that sweet? The only concern many individuals may have is regarding the longevity of the platform. Before Posthaven came into existence, other similar platform came and went with the wind.

But Posthaven offers something different and looks like its founders mean business. They are assuring users that this Tumblr alternative will never be sold, which is interesting to know. And, for the price to run a blog, joining Posthaven is a wise decision to make. You will not only have access to the required tools to run your blog successful but enjoy tight security that guarantees the safety of your blog from hackers.

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10. Soup


Forget the name; Soup is still one of the top sites like Tumblr in terms of features and attractive user interface it possesses. So, even if the name of this platform sounds a bit off, it still has features that will make you fall in love when you start using it.

You can share anything on Soup, just like Tumblr. These include quotes, texts, images, videos, name it. But bear in mind that this microblogging platform doesn’t have custom plugins like top platforms such as WordPress.  Also, if you are also looking for monetization support, Soup doesn’t have one.

11. Mastodon


Mastodon is another excellent platform that is similar to not just Tumblr but twitter in the way it operates. You can create posts, get followed or follow any user you like. The platform also features multiple language options which help to eliminate the language barrier. What’s more? Mastodon also has an anti-abuse tool in place to keep users protected online.

Like Tumblr, Mastodon users can create posts and others can repost them, comment or like the posts. The platform also has tools that let you check user engagement on each post, which is something remarkable.

12. Ghost


Ghost is an open source platform and is similar to WordPress. Also, if you know a thing or two about coding, you can tweak the display and design of this platform to your liking. The platform is also highly responsive, which makes it a preferred option for most users. Plus you can either choose the web server hosted or the self-hosted option, which are available for a fee.

Not sure if Ghost is truly the modern publication platform it claims to be? Sign up for the 14-day trial version to gain access to use the program for free for this period.

13. Strikingly


Another incredible platform that lets you build a beautiful website even without a coding or design skill is Strikingly. And as the name implies, the platform offers various tools to help you create a highly attractive website that will captivate your visitors.

Strikingly also has a free and paid version. In other words, you can create a website for free and start posting contents. But the free option is quite limited in some function. So, it would be best for you to opt for the premium package to enjoy the incredible features that this platform offers.


So these are the best sites like Tumblr. They are incredible platforms that let you share your ideas online with ease. Most of them even have the option for you to monetize your blog and start earning passive income while doing what you enjoy. So, have you tried any of the platforms mentioned above? What’s your take on them? Let’s talk.

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