13 Best Free Online Storage Services of 2022 to Store Your Data

There are certain methods of data storage that have become obsolete as technology advances. Current technological services are now available that have made data storage easier to access from any location and more reliable than a hard drive or a thumb drive.

Cloud storage is defined as the storage of information over multiple physical servers and in logical pools, where the data is stored on servers owned by a cloud storage company and is secure in its reliability.

In contrast to a hard drive, a thumb drive or other single physical storage device, the use of cloud storage to protect the data and ensure that it is available when and where the individual wishes to access it is a major step forward for technology.

However, now that the options are available for this type of data storage, there are many companies that have flooded the market and made it a bit more challenging to find the best company to provide reliable service at a reasonable price for data storage in the cloud. From vastly popular services to the lesser known that happen to provide some good incentives or comparable service at a lower price, the options are there for reliable service to store data for each person, based on preference. Below are some of the best options if you are in the market for data storage.

13 Best Free Online Storage Services to Store Your Data

1. Google Drive

For those with Android devices, the proliferation of Google is already common knowledge. When a new smartphone is activated, a Google account is necessary in order to fully set-up the phone. In the case of someone who hopes to have cloud storage that is free, reliable and will not require additional sign-ups or release of information, Google Drive is a great option. For those with a Google email account, you already have access to Google Drive. It is possible to get 15 GB of storage for free.

2. One Drive

One Drive offers plans for personal use and for business. The initial 5 GB are free, with 50 GB available at $1.99 per month. The Business plan offers 1 TB for a single user at $6.99 per month and the same amount for each of five users at $9.99 per month. This allows a significant amount of storage with a reliable service at a reasonable price.

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3. Degoo

Degoo is an app that offers 100 GB of free storage, and it can be used for photos, documents or any other applicable data. The service can be used on Mac, Android or Windows, which is a benefit for people who work on multiple platforms and would like the same service that can provide reliable storage in large quantities. Meanwhile, Degoo has over 17,000 positive reviews and numerous satisfied customers.


MEGA offers 50 GB of free storage and as much as 200 GB for $49.99 for a year. The company was created in 2013 and provides millions of users in today’s technology-focused world with security based on cryptography and the security it provides the data providers for their storage preferences.

5. iCloud

iCloud offers support to data storage users in the United States, and on five other continents. This primarily benefits Apple users, although the option can be utilized on Windows using an Apple ID, which is free to set up. For those who purchase a system with an iOS, 5 GB of storage is provided. For additional storage, plans are available with certain price tiers.

6. Mediafire

With Mediafire, a basic free plan offers 10 GB of storage. This space can be increased to 50 GB by inviting friends, connecting Facebook and downloading the app. The Pro plan increases storage to 1 TB for $4.99 per month, while the Business plan offers 100 TB at $49.99 per month. The service offers uploads and downloads at reasonable speeds and a reliable and safe storage solution for those in search of one. Mediafire also limits use for Basic users, as some features are unavailable. For priority support and archiving options, you have to pay for a Pro account. Downloads are ad-supported for Basic users, which also causes some potential frustrations for the user.

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7. Syncplicity

This service offers personal and business plans. A free plan can have up to 10 GB of service, with an upgrade to 100 GB at a cost of $60 per year, which breaks down to $5 per month, comparable to other services. For a business plan, 3 users have access to 300 GB of storage, with an additional 5 GB per user. The cost for this plan is $60 per year also. Department and Enterprise editions are also available, with 1 TB of storage and unlimited storage, respectively. Both Department and Enterprise allow 25 users. However, Department is available for $60 per year, while the cost for Enterprise is $150 per year. One great benefit to this service is that any plan allows an unlimited number of devices to connect for storage.

8. Cubby

Cubby offers 5 GB for free and 100 GB for $6.99 per month.  For each friend you refer, you get another GB free. From that point, each 100 GB increases the price, until 2.5 TB for a $175 monthly fee. This service offers free syncing of folders and between devices. It also great speed for upload and download and provides access to apps that make storage easy. Another great benefit of Cubby is the security options, which are high-quality.

9. Dropbox

This service offers 2 GB for free, with opportunities to upgrade to 1000 GB for $9.99 per month. The file sync, features and responsiveness of this service is comparable to many of the others, so it becomes a matter of whether you feel comfortable with this service or another, similarly structured one.

10. ASUS Web Storage

This service offers a desktop icon that can either be auto-synced or selectively synced, depending on preference. The prices for this service begin with a free 5 GB that has a monthly upload limit of 500 MB. From there, 100 GB is $22.99 per year, 1 TB is $99.99 per year and 5 TB is $419.99 per year. After the free offering, each plan has email support. However, one downside is that each plan has upload limitations – 10 GB per month for each paid plan. There are apps available for Android, Windows and iOS that are high-quality and provide easy access to your stored data.

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11. JottaCloud

Like most other services, JottaCloud begins with a 5 GB offering of storage for free. From there, the pricing jumps to unlimited storage for $8.21 monthly or 7.50 in Euros. This service offers automated backup for unlimited devices, file support for RAW and DNG and also the security of Norwegian privacy laws to protect your data. This service does have slower download speeds for those outside of Norway, limited options when it comes to sharing and a significant lack in support.

12. CloudMe

This service offers European storage for fees offered in euros. The free storage amounts to 3 GB of storage and a max of 150 MB files. From there, the storage cost is around 1 Euro per month for 10 GB, 4 Euros per month for 25 GB and related price plans. Servers are based in Sweden, allowing an added level of protection. An account is not needed to access shared folders, and sharing options are widely varied for this particular service. Downloads are fast and there is storage options available that can be accessed via Windows, Android or iOS platforms.

13. Open Drive

Over 1.2 million users have found Open Drive to be the optimal storage option since the service opened in 2007. The service offers personal and business options with apps for Windows, Mac, Android and other options. The basic free plan offers 5 GB of storage with 100 MB max file size and 1 GB/day bandwidth for one user. Additional users and space can be added with services that have a fee.

Do you know of any other free online storage service which you think should be included in this list? Please let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to include it in our list.

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