15 Virtual Reality Games Like Second Life That Are Worth Playing in 2022

Are you seeking top-rated games like Second Life? No one would blame you for falling in love with this game. Thing is everyone who has entered the virtual world of Second Life would be yearning to continue playing something similar.

Second Life grants players the opportunity to live in a virtual world. The game is addictive and has a great game play. But as always, you may get tired of playing it one day and may need an alternative. That’s why we made this post. Now Let’s check out some awesome games similar to Second Life.

15 Virtual Reality Games Like Second Life That Are Worth Playing

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1. Velvet Sundown

Second Life is a game that keeps players glued to their screen, so any alternative should be able to offer similar experiences or more to displace second life. The good thing is there are tons of games that fit the bill, though, and Velvet Sundown is one of them. It’s an incredible game role-playing game that will keep you engaged for as long as you want.

Set in a luxury yacht in the heart of the Caribbean, Velvet Sundown does have a captivating storyline. It features 11 special characters with each character having a unique agenda that makes the fun in this role-playing game to be nonstop. But keep in mind that this journey isn’t a straightforward one. It’s full of mysterious, trickery and unexpected.

2. Smeet

If you prefer an easy to play, and funfilled browser-based game, try Smeet. It’s one of the few games that will make you forget the fun that Second Life offers. The first thing you will like about Smeet is the graphical quality. It comes designed with stunning 3D graphics, which makes the game more attractive and exciting to play.

So Smeet is worth the try. Impressively, this game has been translated into different languages. That makes it easier for players to communicate properly while playing the game. So, even if the English language is not your thing, you can still play Smeet.

3. Winning Putt

Winning Putt is an online golf game with a social interaction element you will find in Second Chance. The game comes designed with top-notch graphics. And that makes it more attention-grabbing. You obviously cannot get tired of playing this, seeing the beautiful golf courses as you stir at the screen of your device.

This game features ten golf courses, offering players a chance to make their choices. They range from the alien planet Star glen to tropical resort Plumeria golf courses. Each of these golf courses also comes with unique characteristics and helps to vary the excitement and challenge. From a windy golf course to a somewhat tricky layout, Winning Putt has them all!

4. Oz World

In Oz World, you won’t find anything like combat. You will also not be embarking on any quest. But that doesn’t take away the fun and engagement. The game features exciting in-game events that will blow your mind away.

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Among the numerous features, one of the things that stun players about this game is the customization options one gets to enjoy. For instance, you can choose your character and have it dressed the way you want. In Oz World, it is a free world! You can associate with people, engage in diverse social activities, date or get married. This game will give you that chance you seek to live life to the fullest, but in the virtual world.

5. Planet Calypso

If you think fighting monsters in games is boring, try Planet Calypso. This game does offer a whole new dimension to the RPG element. It’s a range of quests, and the virtual appeal, are among features of this game that turn heads. Besides fighting and slaying monsters, there are other activities you can engage in when playing planet Calypso. It’s a planet where you can make friends, do battle, have fun and engage in business.

You will have the option to earn and grow your finances in this game, by working. Of course, you know how the old saying goes “no pain, no gain.” So, if you have to work to earn in Planet Calypso, you can either complete tasks for others or collect resources for some bunch of colonists. Another unique thing that makes this game resembles a real-life situation is not just the combat and options to earn. When you receive cash, you can deposit through credit card and other options, straight to your Avatar’s PED card.

6. Club Cooee

Have you ever thought about what life without friends would be? It would be boring, of course. So, if you are seeking to meet new people, chat, mingle and reason together, then Club Cooee is the game for you. In this game, you can do whatever you like. You can socialize, chat and do whatever you think would make you happy.

This virtual 3D community not only offers you a chance to hang out with friends. It also hands players unique customization opportunities. For instance, you can develop and decorate your new 3D chat room and also do the same thing to your avatar.

7. Path to Success

It’s possible to guess the outcome of this game, but there’s more you need to know. Path to Success is a must-play fun strategy game, one that gives you many opportunities. In this game, the sky is your starting point. You will receive a chance to create your character and also customize it.

Find out how it feels to enter into a big city with a few dollars in your pocket to survive. This game also gives you the chance to compete with all your friends. You will be starting from scratch but offered an opportunity to walk your way up. You will attend college, get a job, eat at a quality restaurant, and do other things ordinary people do.

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Here goes another top MMORG social interaction game you can play for free. IMVU stands as one of the top games as far as virtual world simulation goes. It has a sizeable number of players, which goes to show how much the game is loved across the globe.

This game offers players a chance to hang out with other people, chat and make news friend in a virtual world. It’s also a game available for different age groups and has strict restrictions. It’s open to people from 13 to 25 years of age. Each age group has a virtual world, suitable for people of that age. IMVU also supports multiple languages. So irrespective of where you come from, you can chat and make friends on IMVU.

9. Movie Star Planet

People love and respect celebrities! Be it a movie star, athlete or singer, celebrities are special people in society. So, ask yourself, do you fancy the idea of becoming a movie star? Do you want to see what being a movie star feels like? If yes, then play Movie Star Planet. It’s one of the few virtual world simulation games that will inspire you.

In this game, you will be on a planet, filled with a myriad of movie stars like yourself. Plus, you won’t be engaging in any combat. Movie Star Planet offers you a unique opportunity to meet new people, chat and make friends. Its gameplay, visual appeal and storyline are brilliant. You will also love the diverse customization options the game offers.

10. Avakin Life

Avakin Life is the game of the century. It’s a must-play RPG and simulation game that will keep you glued to your device. It’s a game designed to give players a chance to live the life they so desire. You get to meet new people, socialize and make friends.

In this game, you will get the chance to build and decorate a personal house, including your avatar and dressing. You can purchase dresses with your cash, and dress up in any way you want. Avakin Life is simple, but it also comes packed with diverse customization opportunities that players would love.

11. Socio Town

Socio Town is a game that doesn’t require much interpretation. Looking at the name, you will understand it’s another game that gives people that freedom to interact with others, and many more! You can make yourself productive in this game if you want to grow position-wise.

So get ready to accept jobs, work and earn. And as you continue working and growing your life, you should consider doing the same to your apartment. Socio Town is a vibrant and exciting game. It features stunning graphics and offers diverse activities. Activities in this game include bug catching, fishing and a host of others.

12. There

For individuals who are above 18 years of age, the game “There” is one game you should be playing. Though there’s a $10 subscription fee you have to pay, still the game is worth every penny. So, if you are seeking a social interaction game you can play without spending a penny, this is not the right one for you.

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There do offer players exciting customization options, which make it more appealing to play. You can customize everything, from the house, furniture, cars, skin colour, eyes, hair; name it! Do whatever pleases you with your avatar. Create something that stands out from the crowd.

13. Life Quest 2: Mettopoville

If you need a game that perfectly combines social networking, life simulation, MMORG and strategy, then play Life Quest 2. It involves a 12 step life journey, filled with loads of fun and opportunities. You will start as a teen and build everything from scratch.

In this game, you are going to start from scratch — this including building your career, wealth and social status. You will build wealth, starting from nothing to something. You also have to acquire a property, attend classes like everyone, and pursue your dream career, job, and love. To earn cash, all that’s required of you is to complete challenging quests.

14. Active Worlds

Active Worlds (AW) offers you a gigantic 3D universe, with various options to explore. The game has been on the internet for over a decade and has undergone several transformations to become what it is today. It’s a game ideal for the young and old.

Other players designed everything you will find on this platform. So, don’t be afraid to showcase your creativity as well. You also have all you need to start building, such as already made objected known as models. Upon visiting the official site of Active Worlds, you will find the help you seek to understand how to go about the game.

15. Garry’s Mod

Have you ever played a video game without a particular aim or goal? Well, here’s one for you. Garry’s Mod has no pre-defined objective that you must complete. Instead, you are allowed to create your destiny, not the developers deciding for you.

But you won’t be left alone. Everything you need to enjoy this game to the fullest has been made available to you. You can create whatever you want from scratch — all the objects and tools you need to accomplish that has been made available. You can build a house, car, and catapult, just name it! You can also choose to create them offline or join tons of players across the globe online.


So, here is the list of 15 top games like Second Life. They are games designed to keep you entertained for as long as you desire. Second Life is a must-play game. But there comes a time when your insatiable appetite for fun will drive you to seek other alternatives. We had all found ourselves in this position when we desired more! So, if you are seeking games that can sustain the excitement you got from Second Life, then you can choose from this list.

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