12 Music Apps That Don’t Need WiFi

Music entertains and can uplift your mood. It is an integral part of our existence. Listening to music during a workout session can give you that extra push and make such physical activities more enjoyable. With the development of feature-rich music apps, the way we listen to and interact with music has taken a different dimension. And now, you can listen to your favorite jams on the go even without WiFi.

There are still many music apps out there that require an internet connection to function optimally. But we have managed to put together a comprehensive list of 12 well-built music apps that work incredibly well without WiFi. Check them out now!

12 Music Apps That Don’t Need WiFi

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1. Groove Music

Groove Music

If you are a staunch music lover, nothing should prevent you from appreciating Microsoft for this gift called Groove Music. A favorite and well-built music app, Groove can operate without interfering with your internet data one bit. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices and runs smoothly on both.

The Microsoft Groove is a complete app that can let you listen to songs whenever you want. Another incredible upgrade is that even if the songs are not on your storage device, you can still have access to your favorite songs. It offers two cloud-based storage services ( Microsoft One Drive and the popular DropBox). And you can play from the storages directly and save your music files at will. A trial might convince you to have it installed on your device.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google isn’t just the heavyweight of search engines. Majority of their apps have also performed beyond expectation and given other developers a run for their money. Anything Google touches, as far as technology is concerned, turns to gold and the Google Play Music app is an excellent example of what the company can offer. One of the features is that you save songs directly to a cloud-based library for free, and Google automatically saves songs they think you may like to let you enjoy good vibes without wasting time and energy.

Whether free or paid user, you can still access tons of radio services via this app. You also get the chance to choose the music category, language, mood, and have access to an extensive collection of playlists in every section. Interestingly, Google has an extensive collection of good music in all the genres to keep you entertained. You can be sure that there will never be a dull moment with this offline music app from Google.

3. Pandora


Pandora is a free music app that let you stream and enjoy music anywhere. But have in mind that user experience can be better when you have access to WiFi, as it enables you to stream your favorite songs with little buffering. Also, the app is available for different devices such as Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone Kindle Fire and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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The Pandora music app can help to recommend songs to you to keep you entertained non-stop. It can also help you find songs done by similar artists and line them up for you to listen to, thus saving you from spending your precious time and energy searching. You will also have the opportunity to bookmark any of your favorite artists to access them whenever there is a need.

4. Spotify Music


Spotify is one of the big names in the music app industry that doesn’t need much introduction. It is one of the most popular music apps designed to offer music lovers a chance to enjoy and stream songs at will without WiFi. With this application, you can create playlists comprising of your favorite songs by choosing songs by their artists or name.

This offline music app comprises of more than 20 million songs in the different genre. So be assured that you will also get the entertainment you seek any time and place after downloading the Spotify app on your device. Interestingly, you can also share your favorite songs with family and friends whenever you want. The app is also available for Android, iOS ( iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows phone and a host of other devices.

5. Wynk Music

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is one of the hottest music apps available that comprise of an extensive collection of local and international songs in almost all genres. You can listen to your favorite tunes without WiFi via this music app too.

The interface of Wynk Music is simple and easy to navigate. Plus, you can even locate your best tracks with ease on this music app. You will have access to some of the best songs in the world in diverse languages from the homepage. Top 100 songs and viral tracks are also accessible on the Wynk Music app. Another unique thing about this app is that you can download any song you like for free and tune in at will to enjoy hot jams from international radio stations.

6. Beats Music

Beat Music

Apart from the fact that it can function without WiFi, one of the things that make Beats Music unique is that you can access and listen to songs in different genres whether old or new. The app is designed to let you focus on a rich playlist comprising of hot jams, but one of the setbacks is that you may encounter difficulty in searching for songs via the app.

Another thing that causes music lovers to have double minds about the app is that it is a complete paid app. However, there is a 30-days trial period you can take advantage of to decide if the app is worth having.  In a world filled with feature-rich free music apps, the edges Beat Music offers might not be enough to convince people to go for it.

7. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is the music app of the century, built to let you enjoy your favorite jams anywhere and anytime, even without WiFi. With this app, you can upload sounds you like, including other artist’s soundtracks, your tracks, mix and so on. And interestingly, irrespective of your mood, the app can help you pick songs that will suit you.

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Search for and locate soundtracks of any song or artist with ease. With SoundCloud, you can keep tabs on your favorite artists from different parts of the world, and receive notification whenever they upload a new sound. This app adds more fun to music streaming and stands as one of the most prominent sound repositories in the online world. The music app can also help to recommend songs to you according to your preferences and listening habits.

8. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app is one of Google’s flagship apps set to replace the famous Google Play Music. It comes with exciting features and interface that takes music streaming to a whole new level. And you can also connect to your favorite jams without WiFi.

This new music streaming service from Google will help you discover new music across the internet from different parts of the world. You will also receive recommendations on a daily basis, offered based on your music taste and context.

Another exciting feature of this music application is that it can help you to automatically download songs it feels you will find interesting and let you enjoy new music even without internet data. You can also find what is trending in your location using the Hotlist.

Also, the premium version will enable you to enjoy songs without Ads interruption, for as long as you want. You can also find albums, live performances, remixes and singles that are in hot demand via the YouTube Music app.

9. Deezer


With over 53 million tracks and counting, Deezer is undoubtedly one of the music apps that can make your love for music soar. Choose music genres you enjoy from the first time you sign up for an account. You can also create your playlist or search for a special one that will be available to you. Personalize the Deezer music app to create a great collection of songs that will keep you engaged throughout the day.

The Deezer music app lets you tune in to a significant number of international radio stations at the touch of a button. You will also have the liberty of downloading your favorite songs even with a poor internet connection and listen to them without WiFi. The app will also enable you to follow artists you like so that you can get the notification whenever a new song is uploaded. Take advantage of the Deezer free trial period for 30 days and upgrade to the premium version to enhance user experience.

10. 8tracks


Enjoy your favorite music with the feature-rich radio app, 8tracks. The app lets you listen to your favorite songs without ad interruption for free, and you can browse through a massive list of popular music, mixes and trending tracks. You can also share mixes you find exciting with other people, and leave comments reflecting what you feel about the songs.

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8tracks is available on iOS, Windows, and Android devices. With this app, you get the chance to explore over 3 million playlists for free. Music lovers like you make these playlists, so there is a high tendency you will love and make them your favorites too. Again, you will receive personalized playlist recommendations, and discover every genre of music, artist, and songs that match your mood. The app is available for iOS, Android, Xbox and Blackberry devices.

11. TuneIn


TuneIn is one of the free music apps that every music lover should have on their devices. If you like radio and fancy the idea of having it installed on your machine, nothing should keep you from getting this music app. The app is free and available for Windows phones, Android and iOS devices such as Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And with the pro version of this app, you can listen and record songs you find interesting on the radio.

TuneIn is designed to give music lovers the privilege to listen to their favorite radio stations on the go. And irrespective of your location, you can listen to local radio stations while traveling. Another exciting thing about the app is that you can enter an artist or a song on the app and discover all the radio stations around that are playing the song. Plus, you will also have access to sports radio stations and podcasts through TuneIn.

12. Shazam


Forget the name Shazam is one of the coolest music apps available. The app can help you identify the names of new and old songs you don’t know, but find fascinating. After listening to songs, it will then tell you everything you need to know about them including their names, and artists.

Shazam doesn’t just unveil details of songs you listen to but tags them. Then you can share the tags with your friends and loved ones at will. Also, on many occasions, you can watch the lyrics of diverse songs scroll by while listening to them via the app.   Shazam is available on Android as well as iOS devices such as Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.


These apps can offer you a whole new experience centered on how you listen to music. Majority of them also come with amazing features that will tempt you to download them on your device without hesitation and start listening to your favorite songs even without WiFi. Also, if you are always on the road, these apps can make your trips more exciting. You will have access to diverse collections of songs irrespective of your location that will uplift your mood.

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