11 Best Beat Making Software For Beginners in 2022

Being able to produce outstanding beats will make you stand out from the crowd. And there are advance beat making software you can take advantage of to take your musical career to the next level.

The best beat making software will inspire you to produce music whenever and wherever inspiration hits you. Plus, you will no longer have to break the bank to bring your idea to life or spend a fortune to book expensive studio time. You will also save money and work at your own pace. Interesting, right?

However, we have managed to put together a list of the best beat making tools that can take your musical career to the next level. These programs are simple to use and can help you create exceptional beats even if you don’t have a studio. Check them out now!

11 Best Beat Making Software

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1. FL Studio

FL Studio

The FL Studio is a feature-rich digital workstation that takes beat making to another level. It is optimized for low CPU load and available for android, windows, iOS, and Mac operating systems. With this software, you can even record live performances and perform numerous tasks.

This software is suitable for beginners and advance beat makers. Plus, it has a very flexible interface and functions well on any screen resolution. Everything you need to produce a killer beat is available on this software. It has a virtual drum pad and piano keyboard that you can configure to suit your needs. The excellent MIDI controls allow you to play instruments and link with ease to sliders.

You can download this software for free from the official website and start making beats on the go. The FL Studio is no doubt one of the complete beat-making software packages that make beat-making more fun. You will find diverse effects on this software, ranging from Compressor, Auto Ducker, Parametric Equalizer, Distortion and more.

2. Reason


If you are looking for that powerful software that can handle every single task from creation, composing and mixing to finishing your music, then Reason is the ideal software for you. This software is integrated with the drum machine, synthesizers, and a host of samples that makes the process of beat making a breeze.

The Reason is also simple to use, thanks to its interface. Other things that make this software unique are the world-class effects, vocoder, REX file loop player, mixer, pattern sequencer and a host of features.

Reason has tons of features that can make it a bit difficult for beginners to use. But once you understand how to use them, you will be proud of the outcome of whatever you create. This comprehensive music program has a real-time sequencer and has no limitation with regards to beat making. With a push of a button, you can polish any sound you create to perfection using the Mclass professional mastering unit.

3. Music Maker

Music Maker

The Music Maker does not only make beat making easy. The beauty of this program is that it will give you the opportunity to turn your musical ideas around. The program is also highly customizable. You can customize to suit your style of music.

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Access one of the world’s best digital mastering tools in this music making program. The Music Maker is designed to give you access to tons of instruments opportunity to create sounds that are out of this world. The program can also run correctly on Windows operating system.

Music Maker runs smoothly on Windows operating system and features unique sound pools designed to let you have access to the best sound for all your productions. Each of them also comes with different loops in diverse music styles such as trap, EDM, vocals, melodies, raps and so on. So, if you want to have access to produce incredible sound, you can try this software.



REAPER is one of the highly loaded digital audio production programs. You will have access to multi-track audio and perform MIDI recording, processing, editing and mixing on this software with ease. The program runs on a wide range of hardware and also supports several plugins and digital formats. You can also modify the software to suit your need.

Unlike other music making programs, REAPER loads faster, and it is highly efficient. It is also tightly coded and features various built-in tools you can use to create new effects with ease. The program is suitable for any level of use and has no limitation with regards to the music making process.

REAPER also supports diverse third-party plugins effects, and you can access tons of virtual instruments on the program as well. Enjoy free updates on bug fixes, latest features, and upgrade of features that are needed to keep you on edge with regards to beat making.

5. DrumFlow


The DrumFlow is a well-built open source beat making program that runs on Windows devices. Using adjustable drums on this program, you can create custom percussion parts and transfer them to the MIDI editor with ease.

This powerful drum sequencer has everything you need to create top of the line beats. Get access to tons of instruments and create an impressive beat effect using one of the best programs in the industry.

The DrumFlow program also comes with a simple interface that makes it easy to use. You can also handle numerous functions on this program with ease from the onset. All you need do is to download the software on your Windows device and start using right away. The only setback with this app is that is works only on Windows operating system. So, if you are a Mac user, you may have to choose a different beat making software.

6. Ableton Live

Ableton Live

If you are searching for creative beat making software to kick-start your music career, then get the Ableton Live beat maker. The program is available for Windows and Mac operating system.

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The Ableton Live software features tons of creative extensions. These extensions which include a virtual analog synthesizer, pitch effect and sequenced delay specially made for rhythmic impact will help you create incredible beats. The pitch hack, for instance, is a multipurpose pitch effect feature that helps in creative sound mangling. The program also features a color limiter, which allows you to add intensity and pressure to beats and breaks.

This digital audio station and music sequencer run on Windows and Mac operating systems. However, the intro of the Ableton Live 10 only offers a total number of 16 audio tracks and MIDI. The intro also provides over 5 gigabytes of sound, eight MIDI as well as twenty-one audio effects which is almost the same thing on the standard version.

7. Ozone 8 Advanced

Ozone 8 Advanced

Mastering is an integral part of any music production process. And once you can find professional software, you can produce a high-quality sound that will impress your listeners. The Ozone 8 Advanced program is a complete mastering suite that comes with a great collection of features that offers you a chance to make your music production outstanding.

This plug-in software features the latest intelligent signal processing and tonal balancing control features. It has twelve mastering processors and diverse elements that let you get to your master of interest faster.

The Ozone 8 Advanced program is the type of music making tool that can inspire you to unleash your creative skills. The EQs on this software is among the most reliable in the industry. The makers of this music making software were also able to come up with a dynamic EQ that changes to suit whatever style of song you are trying to create.

8. Hammerhead Rhythm Station

Hammerhead Rhythm Station

The Hammerhead Rhythm Station is a well-built program, popular in regions like China, India, Taiwan and the USA. The popularity has also started to increase across the globe. Unlike some similar software, Hammerhead doesn’t take up much storage space. You can download and install on your device with ease, and start making music of your choice.

The program runs perfectly on Windows operating system. But have in mind that this drum machine functions well on Windows 95, 98, NT, XP and also Vista. It’s also paid software, but you can have access to a free trial for a specific period. Also, you can have it installed on your device in a matter of minutes. You can make the program to run on Windows 7 but only as an administrator. The software also comes with exciting features that will enable you to create great music you will most likely be proud of, especially discovering how creative you have become.

9. Hydrogen


Hydrogen is one of the highly sorted after open source drum machine. It comes with a high-speed and high-quality graphical interface, which makes it even more user-friendly. And on this software, you can import and export song files when needed.

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Hydrogen features advanced tab tempo and sample editor with superior cut and loop functions. You will also have access to unlimited instrument tracks with features such as mute, volume, solo and pan capabilities.

You can export songs with this software to lilypond, midi, AIFF, Ogg, FLAC and Wav files. Also, you can import and export a variety of drum kits to make music. There is so much you will benefit from using this software. And unlike some beat making software, Hydrogen is a bit more straightforward.

10. ToonTrack EZDrummer 2

ToonTrack EZDrummer 2

The ToonTrack stands as one of the best drum machines out there. The metal edition is designed to reproduce similar sound you can get from heavy metal. The program has a highly comprehensive functionality and a massive library of drum grooves to let you produce the best sound and music anytime.

You can download and install this program on your Windows 7, and Mac operating system. It can also function on newer operating systems of Windows. It is compatible with critical digital audio workstations. You also need 4 gigabytes of hard disk space to install this software on your device.

This software can help you locate and also categorize already made grooves that match your rhythm. However, other drum machines on this list can help you create outstanding beats. But if you want a more natural drumming sound, then the ToonTrack fits the bill.

11. Cubase


Cubase stands as one of the most popularly used digital workstations among top musicians, sound engineers, and producers around the globe. The software has tons of advanced beat-making features that will let you create astonishing beats. All of these combine to make this software one of the most complete and highly sorted after DAW ever produced.

Cubase will remain useful throughout the entire process of your music production. The program will stimulate you to unleash your full creative potentials with its intelligent tools. Be assured that you will get the best at each stage of the production process, from composing, recording, to editing and mixing.

Cubase offers excellent flexibility which let you unleash your creativity and work with ultimate freedom. The program allows you to create music as fast as you want and efficiently as well.


Finding the best beat making software is important to every producer, musician or sound engineering in the industry. By using the right beat-making tool, you can create great sound and music that will not only impress your fans. You will also stand out from the crowd. The fact that you can produce beats on the go makes the software on this list worth the try. You can choose any of them with features that can take your musical career to the next level.

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