6 Awesome Tech Tools Every Music Lover Needs

There’s really nothing casual about being a big-time music fan. You’re either a stickler about audio quality or you’re not. You either have big opinions on certain genres and artists, or you don’t. If you’d consider yourself a die-hard concert goer, a purist when it comes to production, or an artist yourself, check out these 6 tech tools every music lover needs.

A stellar music library

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There’s no debating this one. Every music fan needs to have a music library and playlists that are perfectly balanced with their favorite classics and modern artists. If you’ve already asked your friends what they think is the best music streaming service, you’ve probably heard some strong opinions on the matter.

But now that the most popular streaming services are offering competitive pricing, they’re pretty much all on the same playing field, so it really comes down to personal preference. Not sure where to start? Sign up for a free music streaming trial to give one or two options a try before you sign up for a subscription.

When you’re trying out different music streaming services, ask yourself these questions to help you choose the right one for your listening style:

  • How much is the monthly fee?
  • Can I create my own playlists?
  • Does the service have an algorithm that recommends music?
  • Are there underground or up-and-coming artists on the platform?
  • Can I stream music offline?

Speakers that create an experience

Listening to music should always be an immersive experience, whether you’re seeing it live or just listening from your living room. There are a few options to consider when shopping for a set of speakers. Do a quick search of the best laptop speakers and you’ll find Bluetooth and wired speakers that can stream music from your computer or even your smartphone (with the right connection, of course).

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Or, if you’re looking for something to really max-out your volume, you can opt for floor-standing speakers to take the centerstage of any space. No matter what style speakers you choose, make sure to do your research before making a purchase. Consult other music fans and read reviews to see what they think!

For private or on-the-go listening

If you’re a true music lover, chances are you’ve got to have a soundtrack for every moment in the day. Whether you’re at the gym, at work, or just relaxing, having a set of high-quality headphones is a must-have for every music fan. Thanks to developments in audio tech, finding a pair of headphones in your style preference is simple. Choose Bluetooth headphones to get rid of that tangling cord, earbuds for casual on-the-go listening, or ear cups to cancel out external noise.

Don’t let a good song get away

Remember the days when you’d hear a danceable pop hit or a moving love song that you’d never heard before? You’d rush to write down the lyrics before you forgot so that you could promptly run home and search the depths of the internet to identify the song title in hopes of listening to it over and over again. Or, even more frustrating, it’s the song that got away.

If you’re constantly in search of new music, you need to arm yourself with a music identification app like Shazam to make sure your playlists never go stale!


A moment in the spotlight

Looking for your own moment in the spotlight? It could be time to invest in your own karaoke software to finally give you the platform to belt out Bohemian Rhapsody or Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Every karaoke star started from humble shower beginnings, after all.

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Or if you’re serious about your music career beyond your local karaoke bar, you may want to look into developing your music production skills. No matter where your talent lies in the music industry, you’ll notice that the most successful musicians and producers out there have experience in just about every element of the industry. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at a variety of instruments or production jobs!

Intel on live shows

Is live music the obvious choice for any Friday night among your social circle? If so, you’ll need to know all of the details on ticket releases and newly scheduled tours to keep your social calendar thriving. Stay updated on live shows with online music calendars and newsletters—or, stop by your local venue to see what’s coming up!


Whether you’re an artist yourself or just an enthusiastic fan, follow these tips to ensure your music experience is always the best it can be!

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