7 Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checking Tools

The importance of good language is known to all, whether it is with regards to spoken language or when it is written. The ability to put forth well written works is something that comes with practice and great understanding of the language. The predicament of where to put punctuation and where not to put them plagues most amateur writers.

The grammatical integrity of the sentence is also something that has to be given due regard to by any writer. This is so because language is interpretable from different angles and these interpretations may vary from the use of certain words or by careful placement of punctuation. It might seem absurd but a single misplaced comma might cost you a lot as in the case of Roger Communications and Bell Aliant.

A single comma in the document cost Roger a million Canadian dollars. This is why it is good to have a helping hand when you are not sure of your punctuation and use of language. There are many programs and tools that engage in providing this assistance and the top 7 online grammar and punctuation checking tools are as follows :

1. Grammarly

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Grammarly is a free grammar checking software that can be added as an extension to Google Chrome and MS Word. The software once added ensures that your sentence structure complies with the rules of grammar and along with this also highlights all spelling errors that you have committed.

The program developers claims that the software can identify and fix over 250 types of errors some of which MS Word isn’t even capable of identifying. The error identification system is very advanced and can identify errors starting from a small typo to a complicated grammatical error. These errors are highlighted by the software and the software will also point out why it is wrong.

This becomes important because it allows a user to rectify past errors and helps in preventing the same errors again. Thus this software also provides a learning experience to its users. Grammarly works across various platforms once it is installed in Chrome, from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and more. The core engine of the software has been developed by leading linguists across the world.

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These experts have contributed immensely to the algorithm on the basis of which the entire program runs. The system incorporates within it a total of more than 250 advanced grammar rules. The contextual spell check along with vocabulary enhancement features are also distinguishing factors of this program. The software apart from its free version also has a premium version with some extra features.

2. WhiteSmoke


Whitesmoke is a leading spell check software with many features designed to make writing more efficient and to make it error free. The features provided are broadly five ; Grammar Checker which uses advanced error identifying algorithms to detect even the most minute error. The sentence checker, incorporated with grammar checker, ensures that the sentence made are short, proper and makes sense.

The Spell Checker which is used to identify and rectify the spelling errors. The Style Checker which ensures that the way in which the content flows is apt and engaging, by ensuring that the tense do not switch here and there, the content does not become monotonous with long sentences etc. This style checker suggests sentence restructuring, shortening etc to prevent all of these problems with the writing styles.

The Punctuation Checker ensures that no comma, hyphen or semi-colon goes out of place to change the meaning of the sentence. The Translator allows for the effective translation of the work to almost 55 languages. The software apart from pointing out these errors also provides details as to why and how it is an error, allowing for a learning experience.

3. GingerSoftware


Ginger is a leading brand that provides services with reference to Grammar, Sentence Rephrasing etc. Ginger Grammar checker is a very efficient online tool that can be used to create properly worded documents. The software has the capability to use the context of the sentences to identify and correct grammar mistakes, spelling errors and misused words. The core engine is driven by a patent pending technology which provides this high level of precision and accuracy.

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Even the most complicated and difficult errors to identify is capable of being identified by this software. The Grammar Checker identifies all types of grammatical mistakes from ones involving subject verb agreement to consecutive nouns and more. The other features provided by the developers include Sentence Rephraser, Translation, Dictionary, Text Reader and Personal Reader all of which are very advanced and highly efficient within their sphere of work.

4. AftertheDeadline


After the Deadline developed by the developers of WordPress is a free Spell, Style and Grammar checking software that is used as an add on extension through multiple platforms and is available on WordPress too. The software is an Open Source program and can be reprogrammed to meet the specific needs of the user. Hence this program has great potential for advanced usage and can be improved by the end-users who specifically knows the kind of errors they want solved.

The program combines artificial intelligence and natural language to identify errors. The technology is available for free use under the GNU General Public License and can be accessed easily. The features of the software includes contextual spell checking, advanced style checking and also intelligent grammar checking.

5. LanguageTool


Language Tool is an Open Source program very similar to After the Deadline. Being an open source program it provides a great degree of flexibility and customisation to the user along with a powerful engine to find and identify errors. It is in essence a proof reading program for English, German and twenty-three other languages.

It can be added as an extension to web browsers and can also function as a stand-alone desktop program. As with all open source programs it has a very strong forum for communication and development tips. The features include all the standard grammar check, style and spell check mentioned in detail above.

6. PaperRater


Paper Rater is a free online plagiarism checking and grammar checking app with a very user friendly approach and interface. The Plagiarism Checker that comes along with the program is very efficient and accurate and runs on a very advanced engine. The Grammar checker is based on a patented cloud system using multiple machine learning and stats models and has all the standard identification and relaying capabilities.

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The proof reader within the program provides real time results. The scoring system within the software is also a distinguishing factor which marks the user on the basis of his writing. The lesser the number of errors, the higher the score. The scoring is based on the type of words used, the sentence structure used etc. This gives the user the extra push to get better score by writing better and more efficiently. Apart from this the software also provides modules and feedback for the user to learn from his mistakes and improve his writing.

7. GrammaBase


Grammarbase is a comprehensive grammar and punctuation checker capable of providing efficient and accurate service to its users. The software provides features that can ensure grammatical integrity of the sentence,and can check and rectify errors with regard to punctuations and style. The features also includes a plagiarism checker. The software also has the capability of performing contextual spell checks.

The software uses advanced mechanics that is capable of identifying errors better than the most diligent expert human proof-reader. The software is completely free and the proof reading is done within a very short span of time. It is very easy to use with a very simple interface and only requires the copy-pasting of the content to be proof-read into the website textbox. With a simple click on the Check option after pasting the content, results will be generated quickly and accurately.

Though there are number of tools available in the market to correct grammatical and punctuation mistakes, these are few of them that are used by many of the users. Please let us know in the comments below if you are aware of any other such useful tool.

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