15 Best Geological Apps For Android & iOS Users

Finding the best geological apps for Android and iOS devices is a wise decision for students, academicians, and non-students. In the past, you can only get information regarding the universe from encyclopedias and atlases. But now, things have changed

The latest geology apps provide information about the universe and make geology enjoyable. You will learn about various geological expeditions, new researches, geological terms, and other findings.

If you are a student, the information that this app offers can help you to prepare well to ace your paper. And even if you are not a student, you will still be able to have meaningful discussions with your peers about the universe and all things geology. Here are the best geological apps for mobile devices.

15 Best Geological Apps For Android & iOS Users

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1. Google Earth

Google Earth

Whatever Google puts its hands to turns to gold. And the Google Earth is one of such. Google Earth is one of the numerous free apps made available by the tech giant, Google. The app is complete and a must-have for individuals who enjoy traveling a lot.

This app is not only free and easy to navigate. It also runs on iOS and Android devices. You can use it to get a stunning view of cities and historical landmarks in 3D. Plus even if you travel to a new location, you will always find your way back with this app on your phone.

2. Geological Timescale

Geological Timescale

The Geological Timescale is another top geological app on this list. It runs on Android and iOS devices seamlessly. The geological time scale is something that scientists, paleontologists, geologists, and earth scientists commonly uses.

The app provides useful information and helps to describe not only the timing but correlation between events, which may have previously occurred at some point in the earth’s history. And impressively, you can even use the app offline, too.

3. Earthquake


Earthquake, of late, has become a natural disaster of great concern to governments and geological bodies. Also, when moving to a new area, you may want to have access to in-depth information regarding the previous earthquake that has occurred in the city and the latest news as well.

The Earthquake app provides you with information about quakes around the globe. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. Plus it is simple to understand and use. In addition to that, you will find a map that has various color and sizes and information on events that have happened in different locations.

4. Weather & Radar

Weather & Radar

Are you an outdoor person? If yes, then the Weather and Radar app is one of the best geological apps you should have on your mobile phone. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. Plus it is also free to use. It provides at least 14 hours weather report to keep you in the know.

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The Weather and Radar app will give the accurate weather report of any location, whether within the United States or other parts of the globe. You will have information about all things weather such as whether the sun is going to come out today, rain, snow, or if a thunderstorm is on its way. So, if you are seeking a geological app for weather, get the free Weather & Radar app right away.

5. Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Don’t miss your flight due to a poor decision about the weather on your part. Stay accurate with one of the highly sought after geological apps for weather reports. The Weather Forecast app, as the name implies, brings precise information and warnings about the weather, irrespective of one’s location. Plus the app is also completely free and runs on Android devices.

With this app, you will have reports such as current relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, dew point, visibility distance, wind direction and speed, and a whole lot regarding the weather condition. And another impressive thing about this app is that it works in any location.

6. Compass


Does having a compass installed on your phone appeals to you? If yes, try the Compass app. It is one of the best geological apps out there and can help you figure out your current location or where you are headed. The app also runs on devices that don’t support GPS or network location.

This device also runs on Android and iOS devices. And you don’t have to worry about accuracy when using it on your mobile device. You can adjust the sensor of your phone to get an accurate reading. If you also want the app to function optimally, make sure your phone isn’t close to a magnetic field and let your phone be flat. Its display should also face the sky.

7. iGeology


Do you know the geological process our planet went through to become what it is today? Let the iGeology app walk you through the process and give you in-depth knowledge regarding the geological process of the earth formation from beginning to the end. This app is not only for geological students and professionals in the field.

It is also for those who have a strong passion for earth science. You will learn about different animals, climate, and geology. It also runs on Android and OS devices seamlessly, too.

8. Field Geologist

Field Geologist

As the name implies, the Field Geologist is an app designed to let you take measurements in the field. Another incredible thing about this app is that you can take measurements anywhere, even without internet service. The app also runs on any Android device.

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The Field Geologist app is well designed and provides a great deal of datasheet. For instance, the rock description section is well detailed and great for fieldwork. The app is also free to use, but in-app purchases are also available. And this gives you access to all the incredible features the app offers.

9. Smart Geology

Smart Geology

The Smart Geology, aka “mineral guide,” is a must-have for geologists. It runs on Android devices and provides quite a lot of information that field professionals and geological students will find useful. The mineral classification of this app is incredible. You will even find groups and subgroups among each classification.

Another thing that makes this app unique is the picture quality. You can even match any of the minerals you come across with what you have on the app with just one look at the picture. The app also comes with a detailed geological dictionary. Plus there is an option for you to change the language to your preferred choice.

10. Rockd


You don’t have to be a geologist to know more about rocks. If you live in a rocky environment or visiting one, you can learn more about the place. But before you embark on such a trip, get yourself a powerful app like the Rockd. The app lets you learn more about rocks and also know more about your past and previous location.

Rockd is also a great app for the collection and management of geospatial data. And after your fieldwork, you can add your observations offline to increase your knowledge base and for later reference. The app is simple to use and runs on Android devices.

11. Physical Geology Quiz

Physical Geology Quiz

Do you think you know much about geology? How much do you know about topics such as earthquakes, minerals, the earth’s properties, geology terminology, mantle and core of the planet, and so on? Get ready to test your knowledge with this incredible app.

This geology quiz app will give you access to numerous questions organized into different topics. And once you are done answering or during the process, you can check the answer for each question. The app is also available for iOS devices, and you can access the questions offline.

12. Geology and Geophysics Quiz

Geology and Geophysics Quiz

The Geology and Geophysics Quiz app is another top app that can test your knowledge to see how much you know about geology. You can also access the questions offline. The app is also free to use and runs on Android devices too.

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The Geology and Geophysics Quiz app has three difficulty levels. The first is simple, time, and third is the hard option, which is more complicated. This quiz app also gives you access to the competition, as you can view the scores of other users from around the world. But if you want to get into the list of the best, you have to work harder.

13. Theodolite


This app is one of the first AR app developed for taking geological measurements. The app is useful for land measurements, navigation, sightseeing, outdoor sports. It can also help you to find your way back if you ever get lost.

The Theodolite app is also multi-functional and ranks as one of the best geological apps for iOS devices. It provides access to various tools such as navigator, inclinometer, map, viewfinder, compass, GPS, and others.

14. LunarMap Lite

LunarMap Lite

Do you want to view the surface of the moon as if you were close to it? Try the LunarMap Lite, and you will have all you seek. With this app, you can zoom to view the far and near side of the moon. What’s more, this app gives you access to diverse information from prominent scientists.

The app also gives you access to the United States geological survey map. You will also have access to unique color-coded maps from NASA and USGS, among tons of other features that will enhance your passion for astronomy. And the app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

15. Geology Dictionary

Geology Dictionary

Are you a geology student? If yes, then you must have figured out the importance of having a geology dictionary on hand. The Geology Dictionary app is an incredible tool that will enhance your knowledge of this field. You will find diverse geological terms which you need to know to understand different subjects while studying.

Even if you are not a student, you can still benefit a lot by using this app. You will learn new geological terms so that you can be better informed about your surroundings.


Ignite your love, passion, and knowledge of geology with the best geological apps for Android and iOS devices. The good thing about these apps is that they are not only for students but provides information and tools that everyone can use.

But then, if you are a student, you can benefit when you use these apps. And being that you can have them installed on your mobile phone makes them exciting to use. So, which of the geological apps are you currently using? Let’s hear your thought about it!

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