15 Best Couple Game Apps For Android and iOS

Do you know how essential the best couple game apps for Android and iOS is to your relationship? Well, it’s hard to say, until you start using one. You see, what keeps relationship bonds stronger is communication. There are tons of messaging and game apps out there. But not all can provide the privacy and fun couples should have.

We handpicked these top couple game apps for mobile devices because of the entertainment and features they offer. With these apps, you and your partner can play games online, laugh together, create unforgettable memories, and take on different challenges.

So, whether you are married or dating, you and your partner can try out these couple game apps for mobile devices.

15 Best Couple Game Apps for Android and iOS

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1. Happy Couple

Happy couples stick together. They adore each other and work together to keep the relationship alive. What better way to ensure you and your partner stay happy than with apps that takes care of the entertainment aspect of your union?

This Happy Couple app is more of a quiz app. It lets you get into your partner’s mind. The idea is to know what your partner thinks about you, and how much they know about you. All it takes is for both of you to answer five short and straightforward questions daily. That’s all you need. The app delivers ten new questions daily for you and your partner. It also runs seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms.

2. Desire – Couple Game

Are you a couple? Do you think you are genuinely in love with your other half? Wait till you start playing Desire. This game brings out the creativity and adventurous sides you and your partner have. It does emphasize intimacy and romance but in a new and fun way.

If you are in a shaky relationship, Desire can turn things around. It’s neither rocket science nor magic. It involves the little things you and your partner do each day. This app can make your date nights much sexier and fun. You might wake up every day, feeling excited and ready to face the world. The app also runs on Android and iOS devices seamlessly.

3. Sexy Dice

Do you want to spice and liven up your romantic evenings and do what only couples do? If yes, then this naughty dice game will suit you and your partner. The game is not that difficult to understand or play. But it comes loaded with tons of activities to keep you and your other half happy.

To start playing, touch your device’s screen to get the dice rolling. You can also shake if you want. But you and your partner must agree to do whatever you find written there. The first is usually for action; second is for the body part. The third is for bonuses. But you and your partner can customize the app to suit your taste. The app also runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

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4. Romantic Couple Dress Up Game

This game is all about you and your partner falling in love. The first date is also always an exceptional day. You dress your best, smile your best and display your best self. Now Emily and Ken (You and your partner) have fallen in love.

How can you make their date the best? The first is to dress either of them up appropriately. Ensure you make them wear their best dresses that would turn heads. This dress up game for couples is for you and your partner. Impressively, it also runs on Android and iOS devices.

5. Feeld

Are you single or a couple looking to interact? Feeld has got something special for you. Feeld is not a gaming app. Instead, it lets you interact and enjoy a superior dating experience. It’s one of the best apps for singles looking to mingle. Couples can also interact on Feeld.

One thing that makes Feeld unique is privacy. Whatever romantic affair you have or messages shared on Feeld stays between you and your partner. The app also runs on Android and iOS platforms, too.

6. Intimacy Game for Couples

Are you legally married? We bring you one of the best games for couples on the planet. It’s free but offers in-app purchase. The premium version let you have access to other features. The Sex Game for Couples app is easy. It also comes loaded with fun-filled activities that will blow you and your partner’s mind away.

This game puts you and your partner under an obligation to do naughty things. You can also tweak the app by unique dirty dares by yourself to make the app nastier and more engaging. This game also runs on Android and iOS devices too.

7. Indian Wedding Honeymoon Part 3

Like every other tribe, Indian marriages are special. Marriages, according to the Hindu beliefs, are made in heaven. So keep in mind that the relationship you and your partner share is a special one. The Indian Wedding Honeymoon game makes it all the more special.

This app helps couples prepare for their first day together. Here, the bride has to cook for the groom’s family and serves them food by herself. It’s a unique bonding app for couples. It will also make planning honeymoon trips a breeze for you and your partner, too.

8. Romance Club

Have you ever thought of being the main character in your favorite love story? Try Romance Club, and you will be astonished. Or better still, if you are a couple, this game will cause you to view love in another perspective. As the main character, you will get a chance to fall in love, date, or even romance cute guys and girls.

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The game is fun-filled. It shows you a different side to love and life. You will get a chance to immerse yourself in love, adventure, or enter into the fantasy world. It’s all a thing of choice. The game is also available for iOS and Android users.

9. 50 First Date Questions

Asking reasonable questions during a date is a wise thing. It sets the stage for you and your partner to build a bond. But there are questions you shouldn’t ask. But how would you know which one to ask or not to ask? Anyway, let’s leave that for the relationship experts. Here, we bring you the 50 First Date Questions app to use.

If you have trouble starting conversations on a date, you will find this app useful. It’s more like a game between you and your partner. And either of you can start. The first person asks a question, while the other replies, and vice versa.

10. 5 Second Guess

Intimacy alone doesn’t strengthen relationship bonds. The interaction, respect, and fun partners have, can contribute. The 5 Second Guess is one of the best couple game apps out there. But besides you and your better half, everyone in your family can get involved.

The rules of this game are straightforward. Players are meant to name three things. That’s what the questions usually demands. But you must answer the question under 5 seconds to score points. At the end of the game, the player with the highest point becomes the winner.

11. Would You Rather?

This game is about love and intimacy. It is also one of the viral games you can enjoy with your partner or date. Want to know your date more? Keep playing. The questions raised by this game will help understand your partner’s preferences and weird taste. These things also strengthen the bonds between partners.

But it’s not just about you and your other half. This trivia game also lets you share hot questions on your social media accounts to get your friends engaged. You will find numerous responses in such a case. And there is nothing more intriguing than seeing other people’s reaction.

12. How Much Do You Know Me?

This game is suitable for couples and those in platonic relationships. It helps you figure out how much you truly know that one person you call your friend or partner. How Much Do You Know Me is also simple to use and straightforward app.

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The game involves answering a series of questions. For instance, you have to answer personal questions about your partner or friend. The person also has to respond to the questions once you are done answering. The higher the coincidences, the greater your score! Try this app. You would love it!

13. Fingle

Do you want your partner to get close? Consider playing Fingle together. It’s a game that let your fingers and theirs get close. You know the rest of the story with such closeness. But it’s not only the over 130 finger-bending levels or stunning graphics that put you and your partner in the mood.

This app lets you two lovebirds listen to music straight from the ’70s while enjoying the challenge. Fingle is just the best game for individuals looking to break the ice in a relationship. If you want to start a romantic evening, Fingle also fits the bill.

14. Between

Spice up your relationship with “Between!” It’s a messenger app built for lovebirds. You and your partner can chat more romantically and introduce fun to your daily conversations. And as the name implies, messages, photos, videos or secretes shared between you both are encrypted. What this means is that no one can see them except the two of you.

Even when you change your mobile devices, you can still have access to messages. Plus they will also stay hidden. Between also allows you and your partners to chat with emoticons and GIFs for better expression of feelings. You can also check each other’s schedules (special dates) on this app. And oh, there’s a feature that offers a countdown to that particular date. It keeps you and your partner in the know.

15. Couplete

Couples that plan together sticks together! And, Couplete is one app that can make that happen. It serves as a wish list for couples. You and your partner can play together via this app. Another impressive thing is that it serves as a life log. In this case, memories and moments shared can remain stored for life.

So, if you are looking for a well-built app to keep track of your relationship, then try Couplete. It even allows you and your partner to share a calendar to keep tabs on scheduled appointments, dates, birthdays, and many more!


We are in a century where technology has revolutionized everything. There are also apps for everything these days, including relationships. So take advantage of them to make your relationship better. Check out our best couple game apps for Android and iOS devices. These apps add fun, engagement, liveliness, and can spice up your intimate life. So, which of the relationship apps have you tried? Please share a comment to help others to make a choice.

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