15 Ultimate Alternatives to Bluestacks Android Emulator (2022)

If your quest is to find the best alternatives to Bluestacks to run Android apps on PC, you are in the right place! We have handpicked some of the best Android emulators that perform at the same level or better than Bluestacks. These emulators may also provide a better user experience.

However, Bluestacks isn’t that bad. It’s a free tool that allows Android device users to use any of their apps or play video games on the desktop or notebook monitor. Android developers also require these types of tools to test their newly developed android apps on numerous devices.

But Bluestacks has got some drawbacks. One of them is that the tool is quite slow. So, without much ado, here are 15 Bluestacks alternatives to try out.

15 Best Alternatives to Bluestacks Android Emulator

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1. Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator

The Andy Android Emulator is a free tool that can offer you Android gaming experience you have always wanted. The device is quite simple to set up and run seamlessly on Mac operating systems and Windows 7 & 8. So, say goodbye to limited storage space on your mobile device! Andy Android Emulator gives you access to 20 GB worth of storage space, and being a free tool makes this feature worth mentioning.

This application makes the synchronization between mobile devices and desktop computer possible. It will also let you run all your communication apps on your mobile devices directly on your desktop. These include GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more! Other features include microphone and camera integration, cloud-save in Android, phone as a controller, full Android UI, and others.

2. Android x86

Android x86

The Android-X86 is another incredible Bluestacks alternative to try out. It is an open source project, free to download and use. This tool is also easy to set up. So whether it’s your first time trying to use such a tool, you won’t encounter challenges installing or using it. The emulator comes designed and equipped with features that bring Android devices to the X86 platforms.

The Android x86 also has several features that make the synchronization process between mobile and desktop straightforward. So, if you are tired of the limited screen size of your mobile device, this tool is for you. Continue enjoying your favorite games and apps from your mobile devices on your desktop.

3. GenyMotion


This Bluestacks alternative is another feature-rich tool that will blow your mind away. It is also a free tool and comes loaded with incredible features. GenyMotion also supports advanced features like hardware acceleration and Open Graphics Library (OpenGL). You can access and enjoy all your favorite games and communication apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Spotify, Twitter, and others, on this tool, too.

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If you are an Android developer, you will surely enjoy using this tool. It offers better user experience than most Bluestacks alternative out there. It provides the chance to emulate over 3000 virtual Android device configurations. You will also get the opportunity to simulate every scenario imaginable to determine the compatibility and user-friendliness and experience of your new app.

4. Dolphin


This emulator will let you enjoy Wii and GameCube, two engaging Nintendo video games. So if you are a video game fanatic, this emulator would rekindle your passion for playing games time and time again. Enjoy GameCube and Wii in full HD quality. You will also enjoy other incredible features like networked multiplayer, turbo speed, and more!

One impress thing about this emulator is its clean and user-friendly interface. And this makes it super easy for users, irrespective of one’s knowledge on how to use an emulator.

5. Koplayer


Koplayer is another Bluestacks alternative that comes built on the x86 architecture. The tool is free and brings high quality Android-playing experience to the Windows platform. And unlike other Bluestacks options out there, Koplayer makes use of the cutting edge kernel technology on x86 frameworks, offering better performances and engagements.

With this emulator, you can enjoy all kinds of apps. It is also super easy to configure. So download and install Koplayer on your Windows PC to enjoy superb gaming experience without encountering challenges with graphical quality, speed or critical functioning.

6. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

This Android emulator is a unique tool. One of the flagship features is the fact that the tool lets you play multiple games within the same period. The emulator is based on the Android Marshmallow. It also ranks as one of the most updated emulators you will find out there. So, if you are searching for one of the most optimized and fastest emulators around, Remix OS also fits the bill.

The Remix OS Player runs seamlessly on Windows 10, 8 and 7. It also maps unlimited buttons to control. However, the only major setback of this emulator is that it may not run with most games.

7. Droid4X


Run all apps and games on your PC! That’s what the Droid4X is designed to do. This emulator is feature-rich and free to use. It’s also user-friendly, and ease of installation has led to the increased popularity of the tool too. One of the impressive features of this tool is its adaptability to touch screens. In other words, if you have a touch screen computer, you can use this emulator perfectly.

The quick game configuration is also another top feature of the Droid4X. Irrespective of the game you intend playing, you can configure your keyboard or gamepad to meet your needs. Other features include the ability to record things happening on the emulator screen, personalized controls, and more! But one of the drawbacks of the tool is that it runs on Windows operating systems alone.

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8. Anbox


Anbox is an open source emulator that makes it possible for mobile applications and games to run on the Linux operating system. So literarily, the tool runs only on the Linux operating system. With that in mind, if you are using a Windows operating system, you can check other Bluestacks alternatives out there.

This emulator is also free and allows you to execute and run any Android application you want on your Linux PC. Another thing you will like about this tool is its speed. It is incredibly fast because it lacks an emulator layer.

9. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is another free emulator that you can install on your desktop, laptop, and even tablet with no regrets. It also runs seamlessly on other large screen devices. The tool is super easy to install and its GPL-2.0 compliant. Another remarkable feature of this tool is the prevention of different applications from running in the background.

Phoenix OS also inherits numerous functions and features of the classic personal computer operating systems. Another incredible thing is that it supports millions of Android applications. And you can use the tool in any condition or environment such as education, office, home, and other places.

10. MEmu


If you are looking for an incredibly fast emulator to play video games on PC, try MEmu. The tool provides superb user experience and extreme performance that would make you continue playing nonstop. Another incredible feature is that it supports various systems too. MEmu also runs seamlessly on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

This emulator is free to install and use. But being free doesn’t make it inferior. It is one of the best emulators to play Android video games on PC. Installation is also a breeze, too.

11. Windroy


Windroy is another powerful Bluestacks alternatives, designed to simulate the Android OS on PC. The Android emulator is also running with Windows Kernel. And impressively, you can run any Android application of your choice, including those stunning 3D games out there. The tool is also swift and offers a great user experience.

The Windroy emulator is licensed as a freeware particularly for laptop and PC designed with the Windows 32 bit and 64 bit OS. So, if you are a Linux OS user, this one is not for you! And furthermore, the tool gives Android developers a chance to test different applications to know their performances or some glitches require urgent attention or outright fixing.

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12. ARC Welder

ARC Welder

This emulator is an extension on the Google Chrome. It also can open many doors by unifying the operating system of your Android and computer system. ARC Welder also run on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system.

However, one of the drawbacks of the ARC Welder is that it does not support all Google Play services. But it is a highly useful tool designed to give people a chance to play their favorite Android video games on a bigger screen. The app is also free to use.

13. YouWave


Play, test, or run your Android app on Windows, that’s what YouWave is designed to do. If you have always wanted to use Whatsapp or other communication apps on your PC, this tool will make your day! The tools’ performance is another incredible feature that will stimulate your interest to use it.

YouWave also provides a virtual SD card, is free to download and has an incredible speed too. It is also easy to use and simple to install. The tool also makes it super easy to import and run apps.

14. Leapdroid


This Android emulator, Leapdroid, comes with an OpenGL for Windows PC. The loading speed of this emulator is also a bit faster than most Bluestacks alternatives out there. It offers faster booting and loading of games and applications.

Another impressive thing about this emulator is the user interface. It is compatible with almost every game and application, including the latest Android application. Plus it also supports ARM and x86 applications too.

15. Nox App Player

Nox App Player

This emulator lets you play APK on your PC for free. It also claims to be more stable and faster than Bluestacks. It is an Android Emulator built for the Mac and Windows operating system. Plus it also receives regular updates to ensure that there are no bugs that can affect performance or result in a poor gaming experience.

The Nox App Player also supports various controls such as sketchboard, joystick, and so on. So you have the option to choose the one you find most suitable to enjoy your Android games on a bigger screen.


So these are the best alternatives to Bluestacks. If you are looking for an emulator to play your favorite Android game on a bigger screen, you can have any of these tools installed on your device right away. Impressively, these emulators are quite simple to install and use. You will also enjoy better gaming experience not only because of the opportunity to play on a larger screen but the speed and other incredible features of these tools.

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