15 Best Alternatives To Plex Media Server That You Should Try in 2022

The rate at which people consume media content these days has increased tremendously. Tons of music and video streaming apps enter the market now and then. But despite that, media server apps still stands out from the crowd. This software can link up multimedia files stored in one’s computer to home theatre or mobile device in the home.

Impressively, there are diverse best Plex alternatives that perform precisely or more than Plex itself. They are software designed to let you enjoy multimedia content to the fullest.

15 Best Plex Alternatives You Should Try

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So without wasting much time, let’s check out the top Plex alternatives that are out there.

1. Mezzmo

Mezzmo stands as one of the best alternatives to Plex for several reasons. This software can stream media files of all formats, letting you enjoy movies to your heart’s content. Impressively, it even supports the streaming of multimedia contents to home-based UPnP and DNLA devices, making it superior to a couple of other media server apps.

If you also need software that runs seamlessly on every conventional device, Mezzmo is a wise choice. Be it a Blu-ray player, TV, game consoles, media players, home theatre, and even Smartphones, Mezzmo would work fine. The software is also a breeze to configure.

Also, upon installation, Mezzmo automatically organizes all your videos, music, and media files saved to your computer. The software also has an impressive multi-user capability and metadata that looks enticing.

2. MediaPortal

This open-source Plex alternative can turn your computer system into a complete media solution within seconds. That’s why it is rated highly by media app server users across the globe. Once installed, it will automatically showcase all your media files such as TV shows, movies, music, and photos for easy access.

MediaPortal is also available for free. But yet, it does possess unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. This highly-rated software lets you stream media files straight from your mobile device on your TV. And that’s not all. It also allows you to record live TV and watch content with ease.

In addition to being super easy to use, MediaPortal also provides tons of multimedia organizing tools that you will find useful. It also runs seamlessly on Windows, web, and Android operating systems.

3. Kodi

Another Plex alternative that has set a high standard for the media server app niche is Kodi. And impressively, it functions as a media player solution to Microsoft Console, Xbox. You will find all the features of an excellent media center in Kodi.

And in addition to helping you to sort your media files, Kodi features an intuitive interface that lets you enjoy playing media content. Also, its interface supports diverse formats and technologies such as audio, video, and images.

Kodi also supports a vast array of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Raspberry Pi, and others. This software is also free to use and offers features like complete customization, Add-Ons support, among others.

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4. Streamio

If you fancy open-source media server apps, then you will like Streamio. Streamio is an open-source software that is super easy to use. And like many other apps on this list, it helps to keep media files well-organized automatically.

Streamio also supports video-on-demand services. These include Amazon Prime and Netflix. Interestingly this software allows the combination of different providers with its interface. Plus with the fantastic calendar function, you will have access to the updates of shows and new releases without stress.

Another mind-blowing thing about this app is the fact that it is entirely free to access. In addition to that, it also stands tall in comparison with other Plex alternatives out there. Streamio supports many platforms. And keep in mind that this software is only designed to support video contents.

5. Emby

Emby is another outstanding alternative to Plex. Besides being partially free to use (premium version gives you full access), this application will help to simplify how you handle media contents. The configuration of its server does not depend on the system with which you access the web interface. Instead, it automatically recognizes all DNLA-capable devices.

The Emby server will automatically open when you successfully install the software on your computer. Plus upon visiting the interface, you can configure the settings as you wish. Furthermore, you can create a different user profile on this software with unique access authorization. And as a consequence, others can only access whatever you want them to view.

6. Universal Media Server

Owing to broad device compatibility, Universal Media Server stands out as a superior media server. It supports DLNA and UPnP devices. And as a consequence, you can stream your favorite media content from any device you wish. And thanks to its multiple versions, Universal Media Server runs seamlessly on platforms like Android, Windows, macOS, and many others. You will also receive regular updates from the media center by the developing team for free.

Universal Media Center has an optional web interface which you will enjoy if you use the plugins. The plugins are useful in integrating a link to SoundCloud. However, some users of this software have reported that it is nor easy to use for a newbie as they find connecting it with other devices difficult.

7. Tversity

Tversity is a proprietary media center that allows users DLNA/UPnP technology on a subscription plan. With this technology, users can access media files on their computer using other devices. Interestingly, Tversity transcodes the media content in real-time when the media format is incompatible.

The indexing of your audio, video, and image files occurs automatically in the background while you enjoy playing media content. The free version of Tversity supports only a few formats and codecs. Additionally, there is no real-time transcoding of the media content on the free plan. Also, the Tversity server application is only available for windows.

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OSMC works just like Kodi. Therefore, it is an excellent pick if you want something similar to Kodi. It is an open-source media management tool. It has a superior user interface design. The interface is attractive and easy to navigate.

With OSMC, you can create an excellent file collection quickly. Thanks to the DLNA, SMB, FTP, and UPnP technology, you can easily access your file on any device. Interestingly, OSMC has an App Store.

You can download TV shows and music on the App Store. You would love it as it is suitable for fun lovers. OSMC promises out-of-the-box music and video streaming experience.

9. MediaGoblin

MediaGoblin does not have many features like Plex or Kodi. However, it is an excellent alternative to Plex. It is instrumental in managing and sharing media conveniently. It supports a wide range of media content. The media content may include audio files, video, and 3D models.

The compatibility of MediaGoblin with many devices is a feature you would want to compromise. The features allow you to access and enjoy music, video, or books on the go. It is a neat media management tool.

MediaGoblin is as good as Plex as per user interface. Users can add a new media type on any device. The authentication provider ensures that you can access the full functionality.

10. Streama

Streama is a smart pick for lovers of Netflix. It also spots a fantastic user interface. However, streama has a player system similar to that of Netflix. Plus, it gives Plex a run for its money when it comes to organizing media content.

You can use Streama on Windows, Linux, and Android devices. With the Episode Browser, users can follow episodes conveniently. When you open this file, it shows all the files you have opened in recent times.

Streama allows users to continue playing a video or audio file from the last time you closed it. Also, it works with plugins so users can customize the dashboard.

11. Ampache

You can rely on Ampache as a file manager and a media server app. It has a simple user interface you can easily use. It allows you to export your music as a massive collection. You can also design the arrangement as you like.

Ampache allows you to access your media content on any smart device. You can also control the files on another device. On the bases of convenience and flexibility, it beats Plex hands down.

Ampache allows you to stream your media files on the web. You can do this with the HTML5 player. That implies that you can still access your files without a TV. Ampache is compatible with many operating systems.

12. JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center is a fantastic media software. It can serve as an excellent alternative to Plex. You will find it useful whether you are interested in keeping your audio or syncing it with a specific demand.

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This software has efficient editing tools. With these tools, you can manage your files as Plax. JRiver Media Center also supports DLNA. That implies that you stream from any smart device. Interestingly, you have absolute privacy for your data.

Like many tools, JRiver Media center is available on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It has an excellent user interface that promises security. This software has both a free and premium version.

13. Windows Media Services

Windows Media Services is probably the best media center for lovers of the Microsoft brand. It helps in managing your media files in whichever way you want it. You will find it good enough to generate streaming media.

Unlike other alternatives, it supports fee media formats. Therefore, it is an essential media management tool. It has a simple user interface that is easy to use.

You will enjoy Window Media Services since it doesn’t have high-end features. It is very compatible with Microsoft Windows. You will have to download this tool if you are interested in it.

14. Serviio

With Serviio, you can never get it wrong. It perfectly organizes media content. Serviio also offers users a quality streaming experience. You can play or view media files like music, video, and images on smart TV sets, game consoles, and smartphones.

We are adding Serviio to the list because of its versatility. Interestingly, it supports Alexa skills. The implication of this is that you can stream media on a smart virtual assistant.

Serviio transcodes media content well. Your media management tasks will be comfortable with its free media app. However, Serviio is not entirely free. You will have to pay $25 to access its premium features.

15. Media Portal

Media Portal may be the best media center for you if you love flexibility. This app functions as a versatile entertainment software. It is useful in playing media files and monitoring media files.

Media Portal is one of the best if you want to keep your files in sync with your needs. It is compatible with tons of media formats. It also promises an excellent streaming experience. You can customize the way you manage your file plugins.

Media Portal accesses media content locally. It supports social media organizing tools without any sluggishness. Interestingly, it is available on Windows, Android, and web.


An excellent media center should help you in organizing all your media content well. It should make the process of sorting and playing the files a breeze. Also, it should not just permit playback on the original device. It should also ease playing through external devices.

All of this software allows you to have these qualities. Because personal interest varies, we cannot say one is the best for you. However, you have a variety of mind-blowing options to make from the list.

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