11 Best Legit Paid Surveys Websites To Earn More Money

Earning money in today’s world is certainly not an easy task. You need to add the will power and a good amount of knowledge to get through the world of business and money fetching jobs. However, with the introduction of the internet, the comfort of almost everything has been redefined including the money-making scenario.

What could be better if you could earn money by spending about half an hour on your laptop on the internet and make up a couple of bucks by just sitting at your home enjoying coffee? Sound’s great, doesn’t it? well, we have something for you. You can fill up or participate in the paid surveys websites and fill in the surveys to earn money.

It works like this. You spend about 20-25 minutes on their survey. They pay you money to complete a survey. This is important to the companies as their decision making is largely based upon such surveys. So, we have got the list of the best legitimate paid surveys website that you can try. Check them out below.

11 Best Legit Paid Surveys Websites To Earn More Money

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  1. MySurvey


The number one website in the list of top legitimate paid surveys websites is the MySurvey. Trying out these survey websites can turn out be a little tough since not all of them are trustworthy. But with MySurvey, you are sure to land up on great offers by filling out some interesting surveys. Also, surveys are mostly boring, but on MySurvey, you can look through different kinds of surveys and can find the one that matches your interests. The rewarding services don’t only stop at PayPal or Amazon gift cards, but many others such as gift cards to restaurants and Starbucks etc.

Key Features:

  • Versatile in all aspects.
  • Large variety of survey topics.
  • Minimum withdrawal balance of $10 only.

Website: Mysurvey

  1. Superpayme


Superpayme was started in 2006 and since then has been one of the best legit paid survey websites on the internet. There are many surveys related to day-to-day market research which you easily take up easily. You can try the services and products or the ones that are related to engaging in shopping etc. One good thing about this website is that it pays you right away. You can be sure that there is no scamming involved here on this website. The minimum required age to take up a survey completion program is 11 years and above.

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Key Features:

  • Greatest paying affiliate program.
  • All countries are accepted here.
  • Regular payments proof.

Website: Superpay

  1. Panel Place


Panel Place is another very trusted and amazing website to carry out some amazing surveys. One of the main features of this website is that a large variety of surveys have been included on this site. Thus, you can be very sure that you will find at least one thing that can gather your interest. This is so since it includes surveys from other survey provider companies too. Coming to the payment methods, they carry it out using the regular PayPal account method or even through the gift cards.

Key Features:

  • A Large number of surveys to choose from.
  • Secure payments through PayPal.
  • Available to all the users across the world.

Website: Panelplace

  1. RewardingWays


One of the very popular paid survey websites is the Rewardingways. All the countries are allowed to participate in the surveys on this website, however, USA holds the lead here since most of the surveys are awarded to US residents. If you are a member at Rewardingways, then you will receive paid emails and surveys to complete every day which will be based on your earning features. For the payments methods, Rewardingways takes in the regular payment modes such as PayPal, Skrill, Check etc.

Key Features:

  • Regular paid emails every day.
  • Regular payouts.
  • Open to all countries.

Website: Rewardingways

  1. Toluna


Another one in the popular list of legitimate paid survey websites is the Toluna. You must have heard of it and to know why it is good, you need to start using it. Using Toluna, not only can you earn gift points and cards for yourself by completing surveys, but you can also gift them to your friends or relatives who are not even using Toluna. When comparing products, you can take the help of the ‘Battles’ features on it which helps you to compare between two products. It is a great and fun way to earn money by just sitting at home.

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Key Features:

  • Features the ‘gifties’ option for gifting purposes.
  • Battles option to seek opinions to compare products.
  • Easy and fun to use.

Website: Toluna-group

  1. Instagc


Instagc is another one of the most trusted paid survey websites on the internet. Along with about 6.5 million users relying on this website, this one is committed to serving you in the best way possible. Since customer service is their very first priority, they are committed to performing regular payouts so that you can receive your rewards on time. Along with PayPal, Visa Cards, BitCoin transfers, they also let out gift cards from a number of top brands that can be easily redeemed by you. You can go on completing different kinds of surveys to earn a gift card or cash.

Key Features:

  • Works in collaboration with leading market research companies.
  • Gift cards from retailers and iTunes.
  • Fast reward processing.

Website: Instagc

  1. Opinion Plus


Opinion Plus is one of those websites which not only works towards the completion of surveys and regular rewarding but also emphasizes each individual based upon their opinions. The website is very easy to use. And one of the best things is that you don’t need to wait or look for upcoming surveys by yourself. In fact, they send you regular invites via email. Their payment mode is PayPal which is very fast and effective.

Key Features:

  • Surveys tailored to each individual.
  • Regular invites to users.
  • Best payout rate.

Website: Opinionplus

  1. Offernation


Offernation is also one of the most trusted websites which pay you well to complete a couple of surveys. They have new kinds of surveys each day for everyone. It is open to users from all countries and hands out payments via PayPal, Skrill, Amazon etc.

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Key Features:

  • Pays you the same day you earn cash.
  • No delays in payments.
  • New surveys updated every day.

Website: Offernation

  1. Prize Rebel


For all you users who are new to paid surveys and might be a little afraid to land up on a scam website, you can surely start with Prize Rebel. This is because it is the best option to build a beginner’s trust. They offer daily challenges along with the regular surveys to earn extra points. Mostly they pay via gift cards through PayPal or BitCoin.

Key Features:

  • Last 24 hours payout amount displayed on home screen.
  • Very trustworthy.
  • Extra points through daily challenges.

Website: Prizerebel

  1. Cash Crate


Cash Crate is another very easy to use and reassuring website that pays effectively for completing regular surveys. The home page of this site is itself really appealing and attractive. You can easily earn money on the move by even downloading this on an Android phone.

Key Features:

  • Social interaction centre.
  • Fast payouts.
  • Allows you to earn money on the move.

Website: Cashcrate

  1. Pinecone Research


Coming to maintaining a great reputation among the family of top legit paid surveys websites, Pinecone Research can be sure to keep up with your trust and time effectively. The variety of surveys offered on this site is uncanny and is mostly centered around the user and his/her location. The surveys here are mostly short and easy to fill.

Key Features:

  • Product testing participation available.
  • Vast variety of paid surveys.
  • Shorter survey lengths.

Website: Pineconeresearch

That was all we have. Here is another great article on it. Know of some other great paid survey websites. Please share them with us.

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