13 Best Google Chromecast Alternatives to Buy in 2022

The Chromecast is a portable device designed to let you stream media contents with ease. Using this device, you can stream YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Spotify, and other contents. Your only duty is to plug the device into your TV’s HDMI portal and use your PC or mobile device as a remote control on Chromecast to access the various platforms that contain the contents.

But Chromecast, a Google brand, isn’t all that superior. It also has a couple of drawbacks, so an upgrade is necessary. And impressively, there are other best alternatives to Chromecast out there. Read to know more about them!

13 Best Alternatives to Google Chromecast

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1. Now TV

Now TV

Now TV may not be as popular as Chromecast, but it’s still a device you can trust, and a cheaper Chromecast alternative. Now TV will also provide you with quality entertainment, such as Sky’s shows, Kid’s TV programs, and HD movies.

If you are a sports enthusiast, then get ready to watch your favorite sports to your heart’s content. You will have access to every single Sky produced contents, which includes sports shows. The only thing is that you will require a Sky premium plan to access these services. But worry not because the packages are pocket-friendly. Now TV also comes with its mobile app.

2. Airtame


Airtame is another Chromecast alternative designed for education and business purposes. And there’s more of what this device can offer. It supports numerous features that other HDMI wireless adapters on this list don’t. These include ethernet connection, WPA2, Access Point mode, among others.

In a work environment or school, Airtame can be very useful. If you have a presentation to share in your PC, you can do so conveniently with this excellent device. You can also plug it with ease into the HDMI port of any screen or even a projector. Another incredible thing about Airtame is that it works seamlessly on all platforms.

3. Android TV

Android TV

Android TV is a top ranking Chromecast alternative on the market. Whether you are looking for the slightest opportunity to kick your cable provider to the curb, or maybe you want to stream Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, among others, on your TV, the Android TV is a wise choice. The device brings not only high-quality content but apps and Android games straight to your TV.

In other words, you can listen to your favorite music, watch engaging movies or play great Android games on a bigger screen, and that’s your TV. Android TV also comes with Google Assistant built-in. So, if you are seeking convenience, this device is for you.

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4. MatchStick


Well, MatchStick is a crowd-funded project. And it’s on record that over 17,218 backers pulled their resources together to see the project through. The device is small and portable, and you can plug it into your TV to stream internet contents of choice, play your favorite videos or run diverse applications.

This device would let you enjoy your favorite games on a bigger screen, which you can play to your heart’s content. It’s also simple to use and considered the first HDMI stick that’s based on the Firefox OS. So, if you are seeking a high-quality Chromecast alternative, you will surely enjoy using MatchStick.



Nowadays, it seems almost everyone has got a Chromecast, thanks to software like PiCAST. PiCAST can help to transform your Raspberry Pi into a Google Chromecast. And it functions virtually like this device, too.

The PiCAST is also open-source and can run perfectly well with any platform you throw at it. The only thing which most people might consider as a drawback is that the software does not support Wi-Fi. But it works over ethernet and is also super easy to set up. PiCAST3 is also available for use. And it comes designed in a way that users can add or create any feature they want.

6. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

With remarkable Alexa skills and hundreds of channels, together with numerous apps, the Amazon Fire TV can deliver all the streaming services, as well as subscriptions you seek. The device also comes designed with more storage space for games and apps, which is even higher than what other media sticks have.

As the name implies, Amazon Fire TV is a product of Amazon, a household name in the digital world. The Amazon Fire TV ranked as one of the best Chromecast alternatives is also feature-rich and let you enjoy quality media contents, including games. And with advanced technology such as the Alexa voice remote, you can operate this device without lifting a finger.

7. Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

In Apple TV 4K, you have an advanced Chromecast. Apple is well-known for its incredible tech products, and they are always a step ahead of others, concerning product quality but not the price tag per se.

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However, the Apple TV comes loaded with numerous channels. So, there’s something for all age group. It has Disney, Bloomberg, ESPN, HBO Now, HBO GO, among other channels. Apple TV 4K is also super easy to understand and use. And with this device, you can watch movies to your heart’s content. It let you have access to 4K HDR plus with an immersive sound coming straight from the prestigious Dolby Atoms.

8. Miracast

Apple TV 4K

Miracast is a technology that even non-tech savvy will fall in love with and use conveniently. It’s not that difficult to set up and makes displaying an Android or PC screen on a TV screen a breeze. Miracast is also a wireless display technology that’s suitable for different settings such as home, school or office environment.

This device is also designed to help scan and mirror the screen of an Android device or tab on a smart TV. In other words, whatever is displaying on the screen of your Android device or tab, it will automatically be showing on your TV screen. So, if you are looking for a means to wirelessly share multimedia, such as HD videos and high-quality pictures between Wi-Fi enabled devices even though there is no Wi-Fi network, try Miracast.

9. AllShare Cast

AllShare Cast

AllShare Cast is a unique Chromecast alternative, launched a couple of years ago by Samsung. This device is superior to many Chromecast options out there. And it let you stream photos and videos wirelessly from a particular Samsung device to a smart TV.

However, the unique thing about AllShare is that you can mirror the screen of your Samsung mobile device on your smart TV without the use of Wi-Fi but by using an adaptor and dongle. This device is also suitable for home, education and business purpose. The reason being that it does not only support multimedia files but Docs and Excel. Plus presentation streaming is also possible with this Chromecast alternative.

10. WD TV Media Player

WD TV Media Player

WD TV is a unique device that let you play media files that are already stored on a USB drive with ease. It also comes designed with a particular app which, when installed on your mobile device, transforms it into an automatic remote control. In short, all the media contents in your MacBook Pro can be displayed on your smart TV via this Chromecast alternative.

The WD TV is also a breeze to setup and use. The device can also play all media file formats, such as MOV, MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI, XVID, among others. So, if you are looking to stream the hottest shows and contents without stress, try WD TV. You can also use this remarkable device to record media contents while streaming, too.

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11. CheapCast


The CheapCast is super easy to install and use. It is also great for streaming media files, too. This app also attempts to emulate the Chromecast dongle. And once installed, your Android device will then have the capacity to function as a target for Chromecast-enabled applications, which includes Google Music, YouTube, among others.

The CheapCast transforms Android devices into a Chromecast. And this is great for individuals who would like to find out what using the Chromecast feels like before splashing the cash on the device. The app is also free to download, too.

12. Ditto


First, this wireless presentation software is a unique one. It makes screen mirroring super smooth, giving you the freedom to focus more attention on things that matters. And this is possible as a result of its one-click mirroring option. As a result, you don’t have to spend time searching an entire network to find the perfect display or deal with cords whenever you have a presentation to make.

Other unique features Ditto have, include secure screen transmission, self-hosted mirroring option, cross-platform screen mirroring. It also supports custom branding and design.

13. Kramer VIA GO

Kramer VIA GO

VIA GO is another quality device that offers one of the best wireless screen sharing solutions. This device is built for the corporate environment as well as for schools. And it supports numerous devices, such as MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chromebook.

The VIA GO comes built with a LAN port, and let you stream wirelessly without much hassle. So, it’s a unique presentation device, one that let you enjoy high-quality video stream. It also comes with tons of additional accessories that make collaboration possible.


So, these are the best alternatives to Chromecast out there. And as you have read, they are all incredible devices and software, designed to offer the best and hassle-free wireless screen sharing solutions.

However, you have to choose the device or program that fits your needs. Are you interested in entertainment or planning a presentation at school or work? Just go through the various Chromecast alternatives on this list and make your choice.

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