14 Best Free Online HTML Editors For Developers

There are many reasons why you may need to use an HTML editor for work or personal purposes. HTML editors are the best way to edit HTML code on websites, which also includes WYSIWYG editing. There are so many different web languages, but HTML development has really taken off during the past four or five years.

There are so many advanced tools you can use to create and edit web pages and customize them to your liking. These wizards and editors will not only help you get the job done for your site, but they will also help you learn the HTML language and how to read it. And having more knowledge about HTML is the only way to become more proficient at creating and editing sites in the future.

But no matter how much knowledge a person may have about web development, editing and HTML, they will require a high quality HTML editor if they want to get the job done in the right way. These editors are the only way you can perform the many functions necessary to get a site running properly. Trying to edit HTML code without an editor can cause a lot of problems, because you may not have any idea whether your code is going to work when the site goes online. Using a high quality HTML editor can alleviate most of these issues.

In the past, it was necessary to buy and download the software you needed in order to edit web pages and HTML. But now there are so many free tools available that paying for the privilege of editing HTML is no longer necessary. Not only are there free downloadable software available, but many online and cloud HTML editors are also present. Here is a detailed look at some of the options you will have at your disposal for HTML editing.

14 Best Free Online HTML Editors For Developers

  1. HyperDev
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Even though HyperDev is still in the developmental stage, it is a fantastic option for those who want to edit code online without having to buy or download any software. You do not even need to create a free account with the site to use their software. Using their system, you can see both the front-end and the back-end of your code.

  1. W3Schools HTML Executor

W3Schools gives you the option of using their very basic, but powerful HTML executor. If you have seen any of their coded samples over the past few years, you will notice this editor is the same as the one used for those examples. They do have an ad at the top of the screen, but it does not interfere with your coding at all.

  1. Dabblet

Dabblet is great for anyone who wants to compile code through HTML, CSS or js. It is 100 percent free to use and you do not even have to make an account. One of the enjoyable things about using this editor is how you can change the layout depending on your personal preferences or style of coding. It is also possible to save your projects through GitHub or via anonymous gist. Keyboard shortcuts work with the editor.

  1. HTML Edit

Many experts recommend HTML Edit as the number one choice for anyone who wants to use an online editor without having to pay any money. It has a very snappy website, the instant preview feature is very handy, and it even supports HTML 5. It is also possible to resize the coding and preview area depending on what you need. There are no ads on the site either.

  1. Code Anywhere

Code Anywhere is very different from the other options, because it allows you to use a hugely powerful IDE that contains many bells and whistles. It is one of the most thorough and intense online editors, which means it is great for professionals who know what they are doing. It has auto save features, auto highlight capabilities, code folding, code beautifying and much more. You can also use pair programming with the site, but you have to sign up to use that feature.

  1. CSSDesk HTML Editor
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The CSSDesk HTML Editor is fantastic for anyone who wants a simple and fast-loading editor online. It is completely free, but you will see ads on the top or the sides while you are working. But these ads are not intrusive and you can remove them by registering for a free account with CSSDesk. You can use full-screen previews with the editor.

  1. Coding Ground

There are many different online HTML editors available at Coding Ground, depending on what you want to use. They have an online HTML 5 editor, which is very responsive and easy to use. They even have a project pane you can use if you want to manage the different jobs you are doing simultaneously. Think of it as a desktop service but through a browser tab.

  1. HTML Instant

As the name tells us, it is one of the easiest and most rapid HTML editors you will find on the internet. The ads are there to support the site’s creators, but you can minimize them with one click and they will not return during your session. The HTML elements are very easy to add, because the site features a visual toolbar on the side. There is also a Chrome extension you can install.

  1. JS Bin

Having been around since 2008, JS Bin is one of the oldest and most popular free, online HTML editors. It can allow you to use HTML, CSS and js preprocessors. The editor is made in a way so you get plenty of wide space on your screen for coding. It is also possible to close sections you are not using, so you have even more room to get your work done. You can take out projects from JS Bin using .html or gist.

  1. JS Fiddle
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Stack overflow community members really enjoy using JS Fiddle, because it offers many great features relevant to coding demos. It is organized in a way that makes it easy to use the HTML, CSS and Java sections as and when you want. The code is not only easy to add through JS Fiddle, but you can validate and beautify it if you want as well.

  1. Codepen

Many call Codepen their favorite editor to use online, because it has a clean design that makes coding extremely straightforward. You can see your web page as you are typing your code on the right side, which is really helpful when trying to fix errors or add new elements to a site.

  1. Best Online WYSIWYG HTML Editor

The Best Online WSIWYG HTML Editor is a little simplistic, because it does not have the bells and whistles of some other editors, but it is still really useful if you do not have the ability to use one of the more advanced HTML editors available online. It is also a great tool for people who are first starting with coding, because it is simpler to understand than something like Codepen.

  1. Online HTML Editor

The online HTML editor is great for creating snippets of HTML or entire websites, depending on what you prefer. There are no charges to use the service, while there are also some tutorials and sample codes available for people who do not have much experience with coding.

  1. Real Time HTML Editor

Even though the site looks extremely basic and uninspiring, the Real Time HTML Editor from TimsFreeStuff is extremely useful in a pinch. It not only allows you to add your HTML code at the top, but it shows the web page changes in real time so you can see if you are making any mistakes.

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