Top 11 Cloud Computing Certifications of 2022

Data storage, access and manipulation have never been easier than it is today. A person in India can create plans (data) accessible to his manager in America and which can be authorized and sanctioned by another higher official in Germany. This facility to coordinate and cooperate even when separated by thousands of miles are a result of the application of Internet and more specifically today with the advent and emergence of Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing refers to a internet based computing system that provides computer processing resources to other devices on demand. This model involves a company relying on the server (computer) of another Cloud company to store its data. The data so stored in the server by that specific company is accessible to all those authorized regardless of their physical position (unless such access is possible only through physical presence at a place).


The only requirement will be a internet connection. This model has been in vogue for quite some years now with many companies using this model to facilitate even more business models like Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) etc. A prominent example of a company using this model for SaaS is Salesforce. The importance of Cloud Computing in today’s world cannot be thus understated with more and more companies trying to make use of this model. As such they employ many Cloud Computing professionals. These professionals are expected to possess experience, skill and just as importantly a Cloud Computing Certification. Here are the Top 11 Cloud Computing Certifications of 2022 available to these professionals:

  1. CCC Certifications

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The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) providing various Cloud Certifications is an international organisation dedicated to increase cloud readiness across the globe. The CCC provides certifications for all key IT roles and is an independent vendor neutral certification authority. The members of this organisation includes various cloud service providers, users, training providers etc making its certification very valuable.

  1. Cisco CCNP/CCNA Cloud

Cisco CCNA Cloud Certification is one of many career certifications that Cisco offers. Cisco is a global leader in IT and Networking that develops and sells high end technology services and products along with networking hardware and telecommunication equipments. Cisco offer two levels of certifications CCNP for the Professional Level and CCNA for the Associate level. Both of these certifications involve completing theoretical exams. Cisco provides applicants with different training methods which also includes Cisco Press publications along with classroom and online courses.

  1. Microsoft Cloud MCSE

Microsoft is a brand name that requires no formal introduction. One of the giants in the technology industry Microsoft offers its certification known as Microsoft Certified Solution Expert. These certifications exists in multiple categories from server to desktop etc and also includes Cloud. The other certifications offered are Microsoft Certified Solution Associate and Solution Developer. All these certifications require the candidates to pass one or more exams to obtain the certification.

  1. AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a subsidiary of and is named after the technology that it provides. The company provides cloud computing services on demand to multiple stakeholders including Governments, other companies etc. To increase the quality in the field of cloud computing the company in 2013 started its Certification program known as Amazon Certified Solution Architect – Associate. The exam includes a detailed exploration of a person’s design and other technical abilities and is one of the most trusted certifications available.

  1. CompTIA Cloud Essentials and Cloud+

Provided by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), CompTIA Cloud Essentials is a speciality level certification released by the association in 2011 and is a wholly cloud focused certification. Another certification is Cloud + released in October of 2013 focusing on both Cloud Computing and Virtualisation. The association is one of the top IT Trade Associations and its courses have been accredited by ANSI from time to time.

  1. (ISC)2 CCSP

Another non profit organisation offering cloud certification is The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 . It is a specialist in information security education and certification and is considered as the world’s largest IT security organisation. Certified Cloud Security Profession is one of the top certification provided by the organisation even though it is most prominently known for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional. The certification has to be maintained by the certified professionals through a Continuous Professional Education (CPE) credit system and CPE credits have to be earned by attending conferences and similar events, writing reviews etc.

  1. CCSK

CCSK or Certification of Cloud Security Knowledge is a certification offered by Cloud Security Alliance which is a non profit organisation that works for the security of Cloud Computing Systems. This certification released in 2010 was the organisation’s first and focuses on training professionals in taking adequate steps to ensure the safety of sensitive information uploaded onto the cloud. The Certification is considered to be one of the best cloud computing certification available and has been obtained by many professionals.

  1. Google Certification

The tech giant Google through its Google Cloud Platform also provides certifications that can set a person apart from the rest. The certifications are either Professional level or Associate level. The professional level exclusive cloud certification it offers is Cloud Architect.

  1. IBM Certified Solutions Architect

International Business Machines Corporation popularly known as IBM is one company that has contributed immensely to the field of computer technology. The company offers its professional cloud certification program known as Certified Solution Architect. The certification aims to impart knowledge and opportunity to those who are skilled in designing, planning and creating a Cloud Infrastructure. The certification like that of all other companies requires the candidate to pass a test showcasing their skill.

  1. SalesForce Certification

SalesForces is a SaaS provider and is one of the biggest company in the SaaS. The company is one of many that inherently relies heavily on the efficiency of Cloud System development and security. As such it provides many cloud certifications that have come to be widely accepted. The certifications extent to Administrators, App Builders, Architects etc all of which are key roles in any cloud platform.

  1. VCP6 – Cloud

VMware Certified Professional 6- Cloud is a well known cloud certification granted by VMware which is a subsidiary of tech giant Dell. The company provides 2 broad paths leading upto earning the certification and requires one to complete a test that deeply analyses the level of knowledge and ability of a participant.

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