What is Cloud Hosting and 13 Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers

Cloud hosting is a form of service used to host websites, manage databases and accommodate domain names. Otherwise stated, it pulls all computing resources from a wide range of underlying networks of physical web servers onto virtual servers. It also makes unlimited number of machines to act as a single system.

Cloud hosting uses the utility model of computing given that it is usable as a service instead of a product. Users can benefit from cloud hosting up to the level of their needs and will only pay for what is used. In cloud hosting, the network of severs used is usually great in scope and frequently pulled from various data centers in different locations. The increased appeal towards cloud hosting is due to how it uses offsite server resources that can effortlessly scale to handle peak loads.

Due to its helpful and convenient functionality, it has continued to gain popularity with more and more cloud hosting services being availed in the market. Here are the top 13 best cloud hosting service providers.

13 Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers

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  1. Webhostingpad


Webhostingpad is a 2005 establishment providing a series of unlimited web hosting solutions. It is graded as one of the best providers of cloud hosting services. The hosting services provided also allows business to have unlimited domains and sub-domains under the same account. The number of domains a user can have is only limited by the available disk space.

Webhostingpad services provide a package of up to 20 GB of dedicated disk space and up to 100 GB of bandwidth. However, as much as the features may be unlimited, Webhostingpad services cannot cater for the creation of many accounts as it offers the smallest amount of disk space in the entire cloud hosting packages.

Despite of this, it works just fine and can be integrated with a number of popular applications such as Joomla and WordPress. The package also comes with the provision of eCommerce features access like the shopping cart. The security features together with SSL certificate and anti-spam are topnotch as well and guarantees smooth operations.

Website link: Webhostingpad

  1. HostGator


HostGator offers customizable web services which can be upgraded as needed. Their solutions are tailored to meet the needs of different industries and have resources that can support large and small websites. The service comes with tons of storage as well as high levels of scalability.

It has strong security features, a shared SSL certificate and the possibility of attaching two IP addresses, but has the limitation of the disk space that can be used. Backups are automated and run on weekly basis. This together with its flexibility makes it one of the top-ranked cloud hosting service providers.

With HostGator cloud hosting package, unlimited number of domains and sub-domains can be created. It provides a package of up to 25GB of dedicated disk space and up to 500GB of bandwidth.

Website link: HostGator

  1. iPage


iPage avails instant hosting deployment and customizable configurations that can be upgraded based on needs. The services are availed with the specifications for conforming to the needs of various business organizational or individual needs. The hosting services provided allows users to have unlimited domains, databases, sub-domains and FTP accounts and these availabilities are only limited by the available disk space.

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iPage basic hosting package provides 40 GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth. The service also includes a cPanel control which provides administrators root access. Extra security features are made possible by SiteLock. It can also be incorporated with WordPress.

Website link: iPage

  1. MediaTemple


MediaTemple is a 1998 establishment providing a series of unlimited web hosting solutions. It focuses on developers, creative agencies and web designers. It allows users to have unlimited domains and sub-domains under the same account. It has high levels of flexibility, reliability and scalability.

The service is never down as it has a 99.999% uptime. MediaTemple services provide a package of up to 64GB of RAM and up to 100GB of bandwidth. Its security features alongside speed and software-managed solutions with enhanced ease-of-use are of the highest quality.

Website link: MediaTemple

  1. DreamHost


DreamHost is a top cloud web service provider with a package inclusive of unlimited features, which makes it perfect option for those seeking effective and efficient cloud hosting services. With its scalability and flexibility features, users can scale their websites needs as it gains more traffic and application support requirements.

Its long years of operation make it one of the most sought after cloud hosting services. It supports a wide category of website needs from small websites like personal blogs and small business sites to big enterprise sites. It provides a package of up to 30GB of dedicated disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

It also has the option of creating unlimited number of domains and sub-domains. The only limitation is the amount of disk space one can afford for the hosting service. It has added security features, making cloud hosting very secure and free of common breaches.

Website link: DreamHost

  1. inMotion Hosting


inMotion Hosting caters for various features with regards to web hosting and in moving a domain from another host. It allows access to multiple servers and eliminates the security and scalability concerns that are mostly experienced in the cloud hosting market. With inMotion Hosting, users are provided with three different cloud hosting packages, which gives the flexibility of opting for a plan that can suit individual or enterprise-specific needs.

The plan also allows for the creation of unlimited domains and sub-domains. The limitation of the features is determined by the amount of disk space and bandwidth included in the hosting service. inMotion provides a package of up to 60GB of dedicated disk space. Security features is a top priority which is aligned to offerings for site backup and restoration. It can as well be integrated with a number of popular applications such as Joomla and WordPress.

Website link: inMotion Hosting

  1. GoDaddy


Just like the other cloud hosting services, GoDaady comes with unlimited offers and a variety of cloud hosting plans suited for both small and large enterprises. Its scalability and flexibility ensures that the web services can be expanded as the business grows. It is a renowned cloud hosting service provider because it has the option of users choosing one of their services out of the five packages available.

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The basic/primary package starts at an offering 40 GB of dedicated disk space and 1TB of bandwidth. There is no cap on the number of domains and sub-domains that can be supported with the package. However, it is limited by the amount of disk space bought.  As the needs expand, scalability options are availed.

So, you can add more disk space and bandwidth as the business grows. Backups can be manually set up and up to five backups can be provided, which makes system restore simple and affordable in the event of data loss.

Website link: GoDaddy

  1. Arvixe VPS Class


Arvixe VPS Class provides considerable amounts of disk space and bandwidth. With their excellent customer support and myriad of unlimited features, it qualifies as a leading choice in cloud hosting services. Since 2003, Arvixe VPS Class has been providing wonderful cloud hosting services with a range of packages both for beginning and advanced users.

The flexibility and quality in their plans makes them to be on the list of top cloud hosting service providers. It offers six different cloud hosting packages that can run on Microsoft and Linux servers to meet the needs of various enterprises/individuals including small businesses. Email accounts and MySQL support is unlimited as well as the creation of domains and sub-domains within a single account. It remarkably allows for 50 GB of dedicated disk space, 1.5 GB of dedicated memory and unlimited bandwidth.

Collectively, these features ensure that the database is cushioned against crashes and slow activity during high traffic. Other unique features encompass heightened security, two IP address, and two CPU cores solely reserved for the hosting environment. As such, the hosting service is versatile enough to handle the operational needs.

Website link: Arvixe

  1. JustHost


JustHost offers VPS solutions with a combination of essential tools that create scalable cloud resources. These are the components making it highly recommended in the cloud hosting services market. Its standard package grants sustainable ways of managing hosting needs including the most basic offering customed to suit the needs of small businesses.

One of its most incredible features is its WordPress and eCommerce compatibility. Other features included are multi-account management and root access. The majority of its service features are unlimited except for the MySQL database which is capped at 25 for every account.

Disk space and bandwidth limitation is as well determined by the purchased cloud hosting plan. On average, the hosting service provides 30 GB of disk space and 2GB of dedicated memory for the website’s requirements. Security features are to-notch, especially to ensure safe eCommerce hosting.

Website link: JustHost

  1. BlueHost


BlueHost joins the list of top cloud hosting services as a result of its comprehensive set of security features. For individuals and small businesses, BlueHost proves to be very reliable. Most of their services are limited, but it offers room to expand and upgrade. In this sense, it is easy for business to grow as their website demands expand. Their array of services allow for a measurable amount of flexibility and scalability.

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The company doesn’t establish any limits for MySQL databases, domains or sub-domains that can be created. The disk space and bandwidth provided are average and with the most basic provisions, one can get 30GB of disk space and 1TB of bandwidth. It’s a secure cloud hosting platform and can be easily optimized for WordPress compatibility. Other features include the support of eCommerce solutions, back up support, SSL certificate and server restoration capabilities.

Website link: BlueHost

  1. GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks has a myriad of features and grants its users a very secure cloud hosting environment. The service provider has been in the industry since 2008 and has proved to be an excellent provider of special mission critical solutions so as to guarantee an environmentally responsive cloud hosting.

The provisions by the company are highly flexible with the basic package awarding 25 GB of dedicated disk space and 1TB bandwidth. Addition of unlimited number of domains and sub-domains is allowed for a single account. Special features include site backup and restoration, and heightened security features.

Website link: GreenGeeks

  1. HostMonster


HostMonster uses a simple-to-use site creator application that can set up a complex site in a matter of minutes. It database limitations can however negatively impact the progress of some business activities. Nonetheless, it’s a good choice in terms of offering starter and intermediary users with suitable and flexible cloud hosting services.

It is mostly geared towards smaller websites and its basic features are 50 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and five email accounts. The major drawback is that it can hinder the growth and expansion of the business in the long-run as it does not provide for scalability. Still, it has a strong provision for up to 20 MySQL database with a limit of 1,000 tables for each one of them. The MySQL databases can however not go beyond a disk space of 3 GB.

Website link: HostMonster

  1. NetworkSolutions


NetworkSolutions joins the list of top cloud hosting services due to the number of users it supports. As of January 2009, NetworkSolutions was managing more than 6.5 million domain names. Assortments of services are provided which include website configuration, database management, web hosting and online marketing. The service has high flexibility and users can choose solutions suited for their specific needs.

As much as NetworkSolutions offer a decent product, it has major drawback in terms of costs compared to the other available offerings in the market. For instance, additional security features, space and add-ons cost extra. Up to 100 domains and 2,000GB of monthly data transfer can be managed.

Website link: NetworkSolutions

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