13 Innovative Cloud Computing Companies to Look Out For in 2022

While there are many established cloud computing companies, there is also an impressive onset of new cloud computing companies. A 2017 quarterly roundup of the years cloud computing market shows that there have been significant advancements with a number of new companies joining the list of top cloud service providers. As much as most of the new companies in the market are small compared to the established brands, they promise a tremendous success growth rate in the future.

To be sure, some of the companies that started small are already making it to the list of top cloud service providers. From data management to mobile collaboration, cloud service startups look for novel ways of dealing with classic enterprise challenges. More especially, they are extending access and service delivery.

Here are the top 13 innovative cloud companies you should look out for in 2020.

13 Innovative Cloud Computing Companies to Look Out For in 2022

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  1. Infinite IO

Infinite IO holds a record of high capital ventures as a new entrant into the cloud market. It promises to rock the cloud space in the future which makes it a definite firm to watch out for in 2017. According to Infinite IO, data storage is a classic problem in many enterprises. For this reason, Infinite IO promises to come up with an effective means of storing big data volumes in the cloud at fairer prices compared to its market peers.

Infinite IO gives businesses the chance to free up their expensive private storage for a low cost storage with high scalability and efficiency for frequently accessed data which makes it a company to definitely look out for in 2017.

  1. CloudBolt

CloudBolt is a new cloud company that seeks to build a private cloud with a public cloud experience. It’s a must watch cloud company in 2017 as it offers a novel service delivery system in the market. The CloudBolt Software has the power of converting private infrastructure into an enterprise-class PaaS or IaaS environment.  This provision also comes with efficient service delivery, scalability, an easy to manage tool that servers equally as the public offerings.

  1. CoreOS

CoreOS is a new cloud provider that manages and controls the cloud as well as beta-metal services with a single platform. As such, it suits the single platform targeted operations. What’s more, it utilizes Linux instrumentation for application and service management across independent private data center and within the cloud systems.

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One fundamental benefit of CoreOS is its capacity of auto-updating one server operating system while automatically allowing for error free process by shifting operations to other services. The CoreOS is offers as SaaS model and once apps are incorporated in the system, CoreOS manages the rest of the operations.

  1. Springpath

Springpath is another new cloud provider entrant in the domains of private cloud architecture. The cloud company utilizes software-only approach to private cloud solutions and has been proven to offer cost-efficient way of attaining hyper-convergence manageability and scalability. It typically grants solutions which are only found in public cloud offerings. For this reason, it may score highly in private cloud offerings as more services may arise in this area come 2017.

  1. Velostrata

Velostrata focuses on creating novel ways by which business can incorporate cloud, especially the non-traditional ways so as to speed up the operations. Velostrata has a technology that aids in streamlining the transfer of data into and out of the cloud. It lessens the perceived costs and security concerns of getting back data once it’s moved into the cloud by simplifying the process.

It also has a tool that can analyze data to ensure efficient movement into public cloud environments like Google Cloud Platform and AWS. Velostrata simply takes away tedious decision making process of transferring data into and out of the cloud by identify the most suitable way of data hosting.

  1. ThousandEyes

Businesses experience problems from time to time with regards to application performance. However, with the ThousandEyes cloud company, there is a great future as the startup promises to ensure that applications are working smoothly for the success of the business. If your business heavily depends on Internet-facing content, then the assurance that the data and applications are performing optimally is important.

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With the ThousandEyes offering an impressive cloud-based solution for this by tracking application performance from more than 100 locations worldwide, it’s a company to look out for in 2017.

  1. Zscaler

Zscaler is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the best cloud security vendors available. As a new cloud company, Zscaler promises heightened security levels which can significantly reduce the constant security threats experienced within cloud systems.

It protects enterprises against threats coming to or from the Internet, as well as hybrid and public cloud with the use of SaaS model. As more and more companies or organizations become more conscious about their cloud security systems, Zscaler offer solutions that can make it a big fish in 2017’s cloud computing market.

  1. Ravello Systems

Ravello systems is another new cloud company that has attained tremendous mileage in the cloud market. It was recently acquired by Oracle Company which even increases its chances of getting bigger and bigger. Ravello Systems creates a distributed hypervisor architecture known as HVX, which has the capability of encapsulating a multi-VM application into a single package.

With this in place, the system has the ability to be transferred onto any cloud environment and run without modification by leveraging nested virtualization. As a result, it can support multiple application services that don’t need too much memory. The system is available as SaaS.

  1. ProtectWise

Protectwise offers the same service as Zscaler. This means its offering is security based, which is referred to as a “network DVR.” Essentially, the Protectwise service records and transmits all the traffic and server activities to its cloud service. Once the data is within the Protectwise cloud system, it runs a number of security checks including correlated analysis and deep-packet scrutiny.

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The cloud security is therefore improved with Protectivewise services since it has the ability to perform inspections to resolve and discover any breaches that would often go unnoticed.

  1. Platform9

Platform9 is a new cloud company that is changing how private infrastructures is deployed and managed. The platform is founded on OpenStack while also allowing for other popular platforms such as Docker, KVM and VMware to run concurrently. Once Platform9 is set up, it also comes with the benefits of a self-positioned data center.

  1. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a new cloud company that offers cloud services on an IaaS basis. It specifically focuses on developers and its provision is on a global scale through its public cloud infrastructure offering. It is very effective and efficient an attribute connected to its low I/O latency, less than a minute provisioning time, private networking, and an API that assures developers control over their virtual private servers. This makes it a company to look out for in 2017.

  1. Bracket Computing

Bracket Computing provides single software construct for enterprise data, applications, networking and security. This means, it enables enterprise data, applications, networking and security to perform as a single platform. Bracket Computing aim of giving businesses a virtual and secure infrastructure which can extend private and public clouds, and on-premise data centers.

  1. Looker

Looker, which offers self-service big data for enterprises, is destined to climb the ladder in the cloud computing market come 2017. It makes use of self-service big data analytics software which makes it easy for data analyzers to do research and evaluations. Looker is yet to claim a fair share of the cloud market by competing with established providers like the Microsoft BI.

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