13 Great Cloud Apps and Services for Small Businesses

Many small businesses in the contemporary market are migrating to the cloud at astonishing rates. The reasons are so obvious, especially the ability to access cheap and flawless integration solutions for previously expensive IT infrastructure in a quest to stay competitive. The cloud simply offers an innovative breed of swift business resources that revolutionizes the way small enterprises conduct business.

Every aspect of small business operations from data storage, accounting, email marketing, and HR can be integrated and enhanced by cloud support applications. However, there are many alternatives subject to verification of service delivery for each and every business aspect which at times makes it quite difficult to pick the correct cloud application. In order to make the task easy, here are 13 cloud apps and services highly recommended for small businesses.

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13 Great Cloud Apps and Services for Small Businesses

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  1. Evernote

Evernote is a cloud computing application that supports storage and takes care of notes that would require substantial editing. Evernote is chiefly used for note taking, organizing and storage. Businesses can access their Evernote account over the internet and have their notes or documents automatically synchronized with a main copy within the Evernote’s server. This design makes it easier for users to access and edit their data across multiple operating system platforms and devices, and they can at the same time edit and input data with internet connection.

The application can run on iOS, Windows and Android which makes it perfect for document and notes management for small businesses. It also offers free service but users are allowed to upgrade to Premium or Business account. Premium and Business account holders are awarded faster word recognition in images, higher storage capacity, PDF annotation, and enhanced security.

  1. SpiderOak

SpiderOak is a cloud-based server application that carters for online backup, collaboration tool and file hosting sharing that makes it possible for users to share and synchronize data. SpiderOak is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac computer operating systems as well as mobile platforms such as iOS, N900, and Android. SpiderOak gives small business increased security as it offers users client-side encryption key creation and encrypted cloud storage.

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This means SpiderOak provides one of the best data storage and encryption solutions for small business as even hackers or SpiderOak employees are unable to access users’ information. It also allows users to collaborate privately by syncing folders and files across multiple devices as well as automatic de-duplication of data.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is at a high position among cloud apps owing to its ease-of-use, multifarious, and simple features for conducting business online. The fact that it pairs cloud solutions with a variety of online office tools enabling business or teams to work remotely as partners makes it so handy. Google Drive’s offering for safe, secure and simple cloud storage and data backup makes it a clear winner for small businesses. Its interactivity with Google Docs and other essential business solutions is also a plus.

  1. Box

Box is an online content management and file sharing service for businesses. It is good for small businesses since it changes the way files and contents are shared and managed across the business network and it also helps in building custom apps. It provides file hosting and cloud storage, and its benefit is that apps are available for Max OS, Windows, and other numerous mobile platforms. For this reason, Box enables the availability of files and documents online and they can be accessed remotely from all devices. It also offers a great way of collaboration because files and documents can be shared and updated by everyone in a team.

  1. Fairsail HR Management System

Fairsail is cloud service application that offers end to end modern approach to HR for mid-sized organizations. It connects information technology and human resource management via HR software. For small business seeking a great HR solution that can fit their business requirements, Fairsail provides a comprehensive system that has the power to support growth by boosting HR productivity and increasing workforce visibility.

It’s one of the best qqfor transforming acquisition, supervision, engagement, and development of people by availing the updated human resource information system. The use of this system frees up some of the business valuable time associated with HR management and permits the focus to shift to other fundamental areas.

  1. Quickbooks

Quickbooks online is a highly useful accounting software package. Put differently, Quickbooks is a cloud-based accounting application. It is a perfect tool for small businesses as it has prominent features specifically designed for invoicing and accounting SaaS (Software as a Service) that grants users the possibility of keeping financial books in an organized and efficient manner.

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Quickbooks can help with functions namely setting budgets, doing payrolls, creating invoices, monitoring cash flow, creating business reports, accepting business payments and creating VAT returns. It can also capture digitized pictures and convert them as receipts, and can easily import any data from related software. Its User Interface is as well very intuitive and its flexible features make it an attractive online accounting application for small businesses.

  1. Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation

The Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation software just as its name suggests, is a cloud-based tool that makes marketing easy – in other words, it automates marketing. Various small businesses are consistently looking for ways to improve sales and increase their number of leads while saving sales and marketing teams’ time.

Well, Salesforce Pardot provides small business with an opportunity to automate lead tracking through valuable marketing campaigns, and at the same time assisting in uniting business functions to spearhead efficiency and revenue generation. The software creates a hassle-free way of directing customers down the path to purchase.

  1. Salesforce1 Mobile App

Salesforce1 Mobile App is cloud-based software application that is useful for CRM purposes. There are very costly major cloud-based CRM vendors in the market, but Salesforce1 Mobile App offers a cheap and impressive way of planning the daily schedules by keeping track of all sale opportunities from a mobile device. Once installed from the Salesforce AppExchange, the application software can be customized to meet various business needs in a cost-effective manner. Users can view report dashboards and service case details, and can effortlessly collaborate with business teams in terms of file sharing/editing and even close business deals on the mobile device.

  1. InsightSquared Analytics

Small businesses that seek to get deep financial, sales and marketing insights for their business can use InsightSquared Analytics. It is a cloud-based service tool that offers an extraordinary marketing campaign attribution and lead reporting. It does away with the challenge of obtaining reliable marketing, Finance, Sales and Support reports. What’s more, the reports have deep insights that are delivered just within two days and it also offers staffing solutions.

  1. MozyPro

MozyPro is a cloud backup service provider that let users schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups. It grants an excellent backup service with automatic backup protection and it’s affordable as well. As a small business, MozyPro gives the confidence of data loss disaster recovery without the having to invest in costly backup infrastructure and IT skills. The Mozy Sync service can also help in situations whereby one needs to work away from the office. The files stored and backed up in the MozyPro cloud are accessible on Windows and Mac OS, and on iOS or Android devices based on the agreement with the IT admin. However, MozyPro doesn’t offer the option of file sharing with others.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is based on cloud software that provides Adobe’s popular products. If you are a small business heavily dependent on Adobe products, then it is the best solution in the market. The notable Adobe products include photography software, image manipulation and touch-up tools. So, if your business needs to collaborate on creative products, Adobe Creative Cloud can save lots of valuable time and at the same time solving compatibility issues.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that keeps track of website traffic. The Google Analytics premium service can be used to review online campaigns and goals intended to report lead generation, sales and page viewership. Google Analytics is particularly essential for small businesses that operate from a website or involved in e-commerce. In the current era of analytical tools, Google Analytics provides one of the greatest premium services.

  1. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a free and powerful cloud-based service for creating Microsoft SQL database without the need of complex skills. It is mainly used for data analysis and it proves very instrumental because it transforms what is usually a very expensive and complex task into an easy task. For custom packages and the ability to analyze more data, Microsoft Power BI offers an upgrade at a small subscription fee.

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