11 Best and Reliable TextSheet Alternatives in 2022

If you are one of those seeking the best TextSheet Alternatives, keep in mind that you are in the right place. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of educational platforms designed to help students in diverse ways.

Most of these platforms enable students to do their assignments, obtain valuable information, knowledge, and tips to make progress in their academic life. But TextSheet was just awesome. It was dubbed the go-to platform for students seeking to do their assignments, projects, and many more! So, when news of their shut down broke out, it gave many a heartache. The reason the platform was brought down is due to copyright issues, anyway.

11 Best TextSheet Alternatives

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However, we have been able to handpick the best alternatives to TextSheet out there, which you will love. Just keep reading to see for yourself!

1. SparkNotes

Do you need help with William Shakespeare or other subjects? If yes, then SparkNotes is the one for you. This popular TextSheet alternative is one of a kind. The platform has also grown so popular over the years, helping students to solve difficult academic problems.

This educational tool is a wise choice for English literature and a host of subjects such as science, biology, mathematics, history, biology, and others. You will also get information in a well-organized manner.

For instance, instead of furnishing students with bulky answers the way they are in textbooks, SparkNotes makes things simple. It provides simple summaries, so students can get the main point, and not beat around the bush. SparkNotes also tests your understanding via letting you take quick and short quizzes after each topic. But there are more advanced quizzes you can take, anyways.

2. Studylibit

Studylibit is just as the name signifies. It is a tool designed to help you study and understand difficult subjects, which is not something new in the academic world. However, if you are just entering this platform for the first time, you might find it a bit confusing. Studylibit has a lot of features, which you will find to be beneficial if only you can take out time to understand the website.

This platform makes it easier for students to study different subjects. It features a flashcard category, where you will find topics like social sciences, business, technology, foreign language, math, engineering, and other popular subjects.

Additionally, Studylibit is entirely free to access. You do not have to pay to access any of the features. It also provides other extra services such as grammar and spell-checks. Isn’t it amazing!?

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3. Slader

Don’t let that physics, math, calculus, algebra, or geometry problem trouble your mind. Visit Slader and get the solution you need. The good thing is, you can download and use this app seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. You can also get answers to questions in different subjects on this app. For the records, Slader also has an attractive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.

On Slader, you not only get answers to challenging questions but understand them completely. You can also get answers to questions on textbooks by merely entering the original ISBN of that particular textbook in the app or website.

You don’t need to sign up or register to start using this educational tool. Just visit the site and input your desired questions. If you have the app, you can do the same thing too.

4. Coursera

Coursera is another TextSheet alternative where a lot of learning is taking place. The platform has over 40 million active users and counting. It is also one of the educational tools out there that are well-organized and come loaded with numerous courses. Plus, you can even learn new skills that are out of your field of study or would help fetch you money by the time you get out of school.

Coursera is an educational platform that is all about helping those interested in building employable skills. It claims to also collaborate with over 190 companies and top universities across the globe.

This educational platform is also free to join. Just click on the login button and create your account. That’s it. And rest assured that one thing Coursera isn’t lacking is content. There are over 3600 courses on the platform. So you can see that the platform is well-loaded to the teeth.

5. Quora

If you haven’t visited Quora in your entire life, you need to do so right away. You will be amazed at the things you might learn or know after spending time on this platform. For the records, Quora is a bit different from other TextSheet alternatives mentioned here. But it can be an excellent resource for students if used that way.

This platform is more of a Q&A type. That is, you ask questions, and people provide answers to the best of their knowledge. However, most of the solutions are usually from experts. That is people who have vast experience and expertise in that particular field. So, you can post your questions on the platform and wait for people to respond to them.

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6. WebMath

Many students are afraid of mathematics. And given the opportunity, most students can even decide not to offer math in school or replace it with another subject. But math is an important subject that everyone must take and pass in school. Otherwise, you won’t be going anywhere. However, mathematics should not be as tricky as most students see it. If you have help or the right educational tool, you can scale through in flying colors.

Luckily, WebMath is one of the educational tools in that category. It’s a tool that will help you solve math problems and enhance your knowledge of the subject. All you ever need to do is enter the questions in the Google search console when you visit WebMath, and wait a while for the answers to pop-up.

7. CrazyForStudy

As the name implies, CrazyForStudy is a platform that increases your desire to study harder. It gives you access to solutions for over 50 million textbooks. Another thing that makes this platform unique is that all the solutions or answers are available in clear and easy-to-understand formats.

CrazyForStudy calls itself the “academic search engine” to students, and it sure is. It has everything that can transform your academic life for good. Just enter the ISBN of the textbook, name of the proposed textbook, or the specific question for which you need answers.

No matter how settled or independent that you think you are, you may need help as a student sometimes. And interestingly, CrazyForStudy has made provisions for that. You can visit the “Assignment Help” section and request for help online. An expert in your field will be there to provide the solution or help you seek.

8. CourseHero

CourseHero stands as another high-quality and content-rich TextSheet alternative. It gives you access to quality materials on various courses, which amounts to over 30 million courses. If you have problems with any subject, CourseHero can find help for you. You can find a subject tutor to help you solve various assignments and gain a better understanding of multiple courses.

However, CourseHero is not free, have that in mind. The monthly subscription costs $9.95 per month, but the platform is rich in content. You will receive the chance to practice and prepare on various topics on this platform. Additionally, CourseHero lets you gain free access to study documents when you upload a document in the library.

9. Chegg

Chegg is an online education platform with over 3million active subscribers. The company is based in the United States of America and provides loads of academic services to students worldwide. These include physical and digital textbook rental service, among others. You can also find an online tutor on this platform to teach and help you understand difficult subjects. But know that these services are not for free. You have to pay a token to access them.

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What makes Chegg unique is how its questions and answers section works. You will get video explanations of solutions to various problems, which are quite detailed. This platform also offers some incredible opportunities to those seeking to become tutors. You can join Chegg if you are an expert in your field, become a tutor, and earn some good money.

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a platform that calls itself a not-for-profit educational resource. What this simply means is that it is not after generating revenue but helping students and teachers alike. Notwithstanding, you can also make donations if you find the platform useful.

Being not-for-profit hasn’t limited the effectiveness and usefulness of Khan Academy in any way. The platform is entirely free to access and gives students a chance to understand difficult subjects. So, if you have challenges with math, sciences, and other subjects, you will find Khan Academy useful. And if you are a teacher, you can make learning more engaging and interesting for your students via this platform.

11. PaperHelp

PaperHelp might not be exactly as TextSheet, but it’s an educational tool designed to make things easier for students at all levels. It’s an academic writing platform that helps students get past their academic writing challenges.

Essay writing can sometimes be more challenging even for the most intelligent students in a class. There are specific rules you must follow, and only a well-written paper gets high marks.

PaperHelp promises to help out with academic writing. The platform also serves both high schools, college, university, Master’s degree, and Ph.D. students. All you are going to do is visit the platform, place your order, track the progress, and receive your paper at the agreed time.


You requested the best TextSheet alternatives, and here they are! If you are a student struggling with certain subjects, whether mathematics, sciences, calculus, and others, these platforms will make things much easier for you.

However, you need to have in mind that not all of them are free. You might be required to pay a token or perform specific actions to gain free access. But are these platforms worth your penny? Yes, they do. You can check them out and see for yourself.

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