7 Best Apps for Your New iPhone

A new iPhone is always good news. Who doesn’t like to catch up with Apple’s latest and greatest technology? Once you’ve logged into iCloud and tweaked your preferences, it’s now time to start finding the right apps. That’s why we’ve put together this list of iPhone essentials that will help you make the most out of your new phone.

1) Forget Mail: Check out Microsoft Outlook

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Many hardcore Apple fans have a difficult time using Microsoft products—except Office for some reason. Let’s face it; Apple’s default email client is just not good. It’s clunky, disorganized, and seems over ten years out of date. Instead, download Microsoft’s Outlook app. It is packed with hundreds of useful features. It’s also easy to use and great for people with Gmail, Yahoo, and a wide variety of different email accounts. Its interface is fast and clean, and way more reliable than Apple Mail.

2) Skip Apple Map: Google Maps

Any tech savvy person shudders at the thought of using Apple Maps. Apple Maps has had many amazing fails, including the driving off the bridge icon design. Now they’ve certainly improved over the last few years, but nobody can compete with the ultimate king of maps, Google. Google Maps works in nearly every country on the planet, includes additional information like transit times, and makes it easy for you to share and save locations across platforms.

3) Secure Your Connection with a VPN

Everything you do online leaves a footprint. With data breaches occurring so frequently, it’s essential that you protect your network connection. There’s no better way to do this than with a VPN. VPNs or virtual private networks anonymize and encrypt your internet connection making it almost impossible for hackers and other prying eyes to track your information ( read more).

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What’s more, they provide additional benefits like getting around network blocks and geo-restricted content. In addition, with a fast VPN, you don’t notice any differences in internet speed. In some cases, certain sites may even load quicker.

4) Get Real Weather: Dark Sky

Even the most dedicated iPhone users will admit the default weather app has the forecast correct maybe 50% of the time. It’s not your phone’s fault—it’s only as good as the information it receives from the Weather Channel. Dark Sky, however, is a leap into the future.

It doesn’t just offer hourly forecasts but can give you detailed descriptions down to the minutes. With this kind of accuracy, Dark Sky ensures you are always prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.

5) XE Currency Exchange

For frequent international travelers, keeping track of different currencies can be difficult. Not only that, currency values change quickly. With XE Currency Exchange, you can always stay up to date so you know exactly how much money you’re getting. It also features advanced tools such as charts over time and rate difference calculators that can assist you in determining what can help you make more informed currency exchange decisions.

6) Sleep Cycle: Alarm Clark

Sleep Cycle is the simplest, most affordable, and comprehensive sleep tracking tool. All you have to do is place your iPhone next to your bedside, and it will track your sleep habits from there. Over time you gain invaluable insight into your sleep patterns, how your habits change over time, and helpful suggestions for what you can do to improve your sleep.

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Another great tool is its alarm clock, which will wake you up during the ideal part of your sleep cycle reducing grogginess. Whether you sleep well every night or struggle with insomnia, it’s a powerful tool that can be the key to unlocking a better night’s sleep.

7) NPR One

NPR One is more than just an NPR station. You can keep up with the latest news as well as select local stations from around the US. However, it also is your one-stop shop for podcasts featuring a massive collection from not only its own catalog but across a variety of platforms like Stitcher and PRX.

The app is smart too, and remembers what you like and don’t like making recommendations accordingly. If you are looking to discover your next favorite podcast, then be sure to check out NPR One.

Bonus: 1BlockerX

1Blocker has long been one of the best ad blockers for iOS. The latest edition 1BlockerX kicks things up to the next level. The app works within Safari content blocker UI to block content in advance creating a faster, streamlined experience. Overall, it includes over 115,000 blocker rules, easy customization, and other tools that far exceed its competitors.

Get the Most Out of Your Phone with These Great Apps

Any long term iPhone user will tell you that while Apple does make a few good apps, the best part of an iPhone is the hardware and OS. If you really want to make the most of your new phone, you need to find the right apps. So download one of these suggested above. They include everything you need from a much better email client like Microsoft Outlook to

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a fast VPN to protect your data online and more. Best of all, they’re all very affordable meaning you can get a fantastic phone experience without damaging your wallet. What could be better than that?

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