13 Most Amazing Prank Websites on the Internet to Troll Your Buddies

We bring you the most amazing prank websites on the internet to make your friends’ adrenalin bump up. As the name implies, these prank platforms are here to offer you all the help you need to prank or troll your buddies.

So, do you want to have fun? If you are ready, just pay a visit to these platforms, and you’ll be amazed at what you will find. It is time to show those your friends how smart you are with some prank moves. Let’s get down to business.

13 Most Amazing Prank Websites on the Internet

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1. Love Calculator Prank

Some of your buddies may have secret lovers or crush that they haven’t told you. They may be doing this to avoid being laughed at, which is a common thing among friends. So, do you want to prank your friends and get them to spill out their little secret? Then Love Calculator Prank can help with that.

All you have to do is get your link and share it with your buddies. Don’t let them know about your intentions; otherwise, the aim will be defeated. When the link gets to your friend, it will request them to supply their names and that of their crush to continue. You just have to relax, and all the details about your friends’ crushes will be at your fingertips. They will believe when you tell them it’s a real love calculator, that’s how you will end up fooling them. 

2. Fake Update

This prank website will leave you confused and in disbelieve. You might even doubt that the updates are real also when others tell you they’re not. That’s how the website Fake Update is. You will find updates of things that are unrealistic but will give those you intend to prank, something to think about.

How about a screen on your computer showing Windows98? Isn’t that hilarious? We haven’t even seen Windows 20, and now a screen is displaying something even higher. Anyway, that’s what a prank can offer. So, if you want to prank your buddies, colleagues, relations, or neighbors, try visiting the website Fake Update to get started.

3. Shit Express

Its payback time for those who have wronged you or pranked you so bad that you had to promise you would hit back. Whether that happened years ago or yesterday is none of your business. It’s your turn to send them a box of shit and watch the awkward look on their faces. This prank will make you laugh and make the recipient very angry in a good way.

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You can send that special person you are aiming to prank, something unique and smelly. Shit Express can make that happen for you. Just package whatever you want in an attractive box filled to the brim with shit and send it to any location at a budget-friendly price.

4. Geek Typer

How would it feel to wear the shoes of a hacker for one day? It’s not going to be an easy one, but since you know how they act, you won’t find it hard to convince others that you’re a hacker. That’s what the Geek Typer can help you to achieve.

This prank website is one of a kind. It has everything that you need to convince people that you are a professional hacker. Upon paying a visit to this platform, you will discover that the platform is top quality and nothing more. So, get ready to prank your friends, so they start seeing you as a top hacker. In short, they will get you in action! That will convince them easily.

5. News of Future

If you believe that you have seen it all, try visiting the News of the Future. You will discover that you are just getting started. This prank website is hilarious and shocking. It will keep your heart racing and make you feel like you are in the 22nd century. As the name implies, it is a News website, only that the reports aren’t real.

How about a report that a hotel was discovered on the moon? Is that even possible? That’s the kind of news you will find on this website. You can send them to your friends to prank them. You will also find weird news like a report contested for the position of a senate in the U.S and won. How hilarious can a prank platform be?

6. Joker Greeting

You will agree with me that everything about the joker is annoying. Even right in the movie, the Joker never wanted those considered as enemies to be happy. Anyway, this website offers you a greeting card to make your friends, relatives, and neighbor happy and sad at the same time. You can send the card their way on special occasions like their birthday, wedding anniversary, and any other celebration.

When the recipients receive the greeting card and open it, the card will start playing non-stop for at least 3+ hours. The only way it can stop is when the recipient hits it hard with a hammer or something else to obliterate it.

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7. Fart Scroll

Everyone farts; it’s our way of release waste from the body. Sometimes, when fart comes out in certain places, you might feel embarrassed. You can prank your friends and cause them to feel embarrassed whenever they scroll through your blog.

You can get the code from the website and set it up on your blog. Whenever your friends scroll through your blog, they will hear farting noises. The sound is so bright and original that people around will think they are the ones farting.

8. Jibjab

The name alone will tell you how hilarious this prank website is. If you are looking to prank your friends and make them laugh till they crack a rib, then Jibjab is a wise choice of a prank website. You can be anything you want to be with this platform.

All you will do is take a selfie and edit however you like. You can cut the head of your selfie off and place it in another funny and weird body. There are tons of GIFs you can put your cut off body or head alone. So get to work, and give your friends something that will make them laugh all day long.

9. Cat Facts

Cat Facts rank as one of the best April fool’s app for obvious reasons. It will make you laugh and laugh to your heart’s content when you find your friends react to your fun cat fats. You can also decide the number of cat facts that should be sent to your buddies, that’s how unique this app can be.

Here’s one fact to show you how hilarious this app can be; did you know that cats dislike milk? The facts from this app will leave you confused. You may even want to question your sanity, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. So, there’s no doubt this is the best prank app of the century!

10. Peter Answers

Peter Answers is another crazy prank website that will leave you confused and surprised at the same time. It’s one of the best sites to prank people and watch them wear a weird look. Upon visiting the site, you won’t think for a second that it has anything to do with pranks. But it sure does!

Your friends can ask questions and find answers. The only thing is the answers might not be what they expect to find from such a simple looking platform, but it will make them laugh and question their sanity for some moment.

11. Simitator – Create Fake Facebook Status

As the name shows, this website allows you to create a status that looks completely real. No matter how intelligent or smart your friends think they are, they would never realize unless they have a thorough look at the status.

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You can also change whatever you want on your status. That’s why the website is considered to be super tricky. You can upload your images, or use emoticons as you wish, all in a bid to prank your dear friends. Of course, for you to achieve that, your status needs to look super real.

12. Great Big Stuff

Pencils, rulers, and markers have specific sizes, right? Now how would you feel finding a marker, baseball bat, or rulers that are bigger than their typical sizes? Surprised, that would be the word! So, if you’re seeking an opportunity to prank your friends, head straight to this website. You will find a plethora of stuff you can use to prank and make your friends, relatives, and neighbors shocked but smiley.

You may end up splashing the cash to ship whatever you are purchasing, down to the recipient. But rest assured that you will achieve the main aim, and that’s to prank him or her. That’s whoever is going to receive the item. So if you are ready, just visit the platform to get started right away.

13. Google Terminal

We have always had this notion that things in the 80s are slower than we have now. That’s because we live in the 21st century, where everything looks sharp and fast. So, how would the search engine giant look in the 80s?

Find out by visiting the Google Terminal platform. But keep in mind that the answers you will find from your search results would be insanely incorrect. Just type in your search quarry and wait for the results to be displayed. Afterward, you can give your conclusion about this prank website.


These 13 most amazing prank websites on the internet are fun to visit. They will make you laugh and crack your rib. You can also use them to prank your friends during, before, or after the April fool period. Make your friends laugh and question their sanity with pranks that will exempt you from the action. Most of the prank websites on this list will make you anonymous. That is those you intend to prank won’t know you are the one doing it. So, if you are ready, start visiting these websites and let the fun begin.

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