Tired of Spammy and Fraud Sites With Soft? Best Clear Freeware Sites

Software companies are coming up with new software every day because we need them for one reason or the other. However, finding the right software can be tedious because there are thousands of them online. These sites have directories to help you find the software that you need.

However, there are fraudulent sites that can introduce viruses into your computer. Well, computer viruses are programmed to harm your PC by formatting the hard drive, deleting files, and damaging other programs. Others flood a traffic network or replicate themselves, making it hard for you to access the internet.

Eventually, your system performance will be disrupted, and you will start experiencing erratic computer behavior, unexplained data loss, and frequent computer crashes. Therefore, that is why you have to use a legal and genuine site for downloading the software. Here is a list of some of these sites that can allow you to download software safely.


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This is among the popular software downloading websites where you can download your preferred software for free. The website is organized since it lists all the software in an orderly manner, which makes it easier to identify the software that you need. The programs are categorized as per the type of operating system that is compatible.

Therefore once you select your category, you will get to see a large collection of software are that is available for download. The good thing about this website is that it has some interface and you are guaranteed of downloading software free from viruses.

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Filehorse is among the best websites where you can download free software that is genuine, and it will not expose you to malware attacks. It has a very neat interface, which makes it easy to search for software for your computer. All the programs have been listed and categorized alongside their reviews to help you get yo know more about the software that you are downloading. The programs are marked with colorful icons that help most users to identify to save on time easily.

Additionally, you can also visit a section where there are popular downloads or the latest software releases so that you can download the latest software in the market. Most of the software on this site is compatible with Mac and Windows.


Rocketfiles .com is an amazing website where you can download free software. The software is categorized to help you identify your most preferred software easily. Additionally, the software listed on this website is genuine since their developer details are provided in the reviews to help you know more about the software.

Once you have selected software, you can download it faster to your computer then install it. Its interface I simple and user-friendly, which makes it appealing and easy to get the software. You will get the latest software reviews and user ratings to help you make a better choice.


Ninite is yet another amazing website with an elegant and clean interface. The software have been well organized to enable you to easily identify the one that suits your needs when you click on the icon of software you will be redirected to see full details about the software. Familiarize yourself with how the software operates.

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After some cross-check, you can now download and install it on your computer. The good thing about Ninite id that it gives you the necessary details about the software so that you can check if your PC meets system requirements.


Windows10portal is also an amazing site that redirects you to rocket files .com to enjoy amazing and free software. On its interface, you will get to see trending software and the latest articles on the software to help you have a wide knowledge of various types of software that are suitable for you.

Additionally, their software reviews are also useful, especially if you are looking for new software for your computer. Windows software is categorized as per trending and newly updated software to help you get the latest version of the software with improved security features.


The sites that I have listed in this article are very helpful anytime you are looking out for free software for your computer. Some other fraudulent sites can harm your computer if you are not keen enough. I know there are other sites that I have not listed here, but for whatever reason, you need to research more on them. Otherwise, the ones I have listed here are the best, and you can comfortably download and install the software.

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