Suits Cast Net Worth: Richest Cast Members Salary

“Suits,” the acclaimed legal drama series, captivated audiences with its sharp-witted scripts and compelling portrayal of life within a high-flying New York City law firm. As much as the plotlines and legal battles kept fans engaged, the talented ensemble cast has also drawn attention, particularly regarding their successes and net worth.

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The actors who brought the show’s complex characters to life have experienced varying degrees of financial success following their stints on the series, reflecting their roles in “Suits” and their careers beyond the show.

The cast, which includes names like Gabriel Macht, known for his role as the formidable attorney Harvey Specter, and Patrick J. Adams, who played the genius associate Mike Ross, have their own unique financial footprints.

Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman, portraying Donna Paulsen and Louis Litt respectively, also have noteworthy financial narratives. Meghan Markle‘s portrayal of Rachel Zane, before her departure from acting to join the British Royal Family, signified a different trajectory in terms of public interest and net income.

Gina Torres, who played the managing partner Jessica Pearson, and Amanda Schull, as the tenacious Katrina Bennett, both supplemented the show’s net-worth chart with their own contributions to the industry.

Key Takeaways

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  • The cast of “Suits” has experienced various levels of financial success post-show.
  • Key players have continued to build their net worth through diverse career paths and endeavors.
  • Patrick J. Adams, known for his role as Mike Ross, also has a net worth of $10 million.
  • Sarah Rafferty, who played Donna Paulsen, has a net worth of $10 million
  • Gabriel Macht, who portrayed Harvey Specter, has a net worth of $10 million.
  • Katherine Heigl, who played Samantha Wheeler, has a net worth of $30 million.
  • Gina Torres, the actress behind Jessica Pearson, has an estimated net worth of $15 million.
  • Meghan Markle, known for her role as Rachel Zane, is the richest cast member, with a net worth of $60 million.

Gabriel Macht’s Net Worth

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Gabriel Macht is an American actor best known for his role as Harvey Specter in the television series “Suits.” His performance as a top New York City lawyer has been widely acclaimed, and Macht’s career in acting spans over two decades, solidifying his status in the entertainment industry.

Estimated Net Worth (As of 2024):
$8 million – $10 million

His primary source of income stems from his work in television and film, both as an actor and a producer. Macht’s portrayal of Harvey Specter significantly contributed to his current net worth.

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Wealth Sources:

  • Acting in film and television
  • Producing TV shows

Moreover, Gabriel Macht has augmented his earnings through a career that also includes producing roles.

In addition to his on-screen success, Macht, with his wife, has invested in real estate, further affecting his overall financial profile.


  • Real estate

In summary, Gabriel Macht’s financial standing is reflective of his successful career in the entertainment industry as an actor and producer, combined with smart investing, particularly in the real estate market.

Patrick J. Adams’ Net Worth

Patrick J. Adams, recognized for his portrayal of the smart but fraudulent lawyer Mike Ross on the hit series Suits, has established a significant net worth through his acting career.

As of 2024, his net worth is approximately $10 million. This wealth accumulation is largely attributed to his role in Suits, which undoubtedly boosted his financial standing within the entertainment industry.

Notable Contributions:

  • Adams’ lead role in Suits as Mike Ross
  • Appearances in various other projects including Commander in Chief and Friday Night Lights

In addition to his television career, Adams has been involved in stage productions, expanding his realm of work within the acting community.

Following the addition of Suits to the platform in June 2023, his presence on Netflix further increased his popularity and might have contributed positively to his earnings.

His decision to leave Suits after the seventh season was a personal choice, focusing on family life with his wife, Troian Bellisario, and their children. Despite this departure, Adams has maintained a solid financial portfolio.

Breakdown of Net Worth:

  • Main income source: Acting – Lead role in Suits
  • Other appearances: Television shows and stage performances
  • Personal decisions: Stepping back from Suits after season 7

Current Estimate:

  • $10 million in 2024

It’s worth noting that while his earnings from acting form the bulk of his wealth, his off-screen endeavors and potential investments could also play a role in his overall financial status.

Sarah Rafferty’s Net Worth

Sarah Rafferty, best known for her portrayal of Donna Paulsen on the USA Network series “Suits,” has accumulated a considerable net worth through her acting career.

Estimates of her net worth vary, with some sources suggesting figures between $5 and $10 million. Her character, Donna Paulsen, started as a legal secretary and later became the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, which was a central role in the show.

  • Current Estimated Net Worth: $3 – $10 million
  • Main Income Source: Acting
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Rafferty has also reportedly sold assets, such as her home in West Hollywood, for a sum of $2.46 million, which contributes to her net worth.

Net Worth Over Time:

  • During “Suits”: Substantial earnings from her role
  • Post “Suits”: Continues to add through acting and other projects

Despite the varying estimates, Rafferty’s financial standing in the industry is a testament to her success on “Suits” and her entertainment career.

Rick Hoffman’s Net Worth

Rick Hoffman, known for his remarkable role as Louis Litt on the popular television series Suits, has accumulated substantial wealth over his acting career.

His character on Suits was known for being a complex and intense lawyer, which Hoffman portrayed with depth and fervor. This role contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

While specific figures for 2024 are not disclosed, past reports and the evident success of Suits hint at a respectable net worth for Hoffman. His career did not halt with Suits, as he continued to take on roles that likely augmented his financial status.

Career Highlights Post-Suits:

  • Joined the Showtime series, playing a recurring character with unorthodox methods.

Hoffman’s talent and dedication have positioned him well within the entertainment industry, ensuring he remains a respected actor both on-screen and in terms of net worth.

Meghan Markle’s Net Worth

Before Meghan Markle’s ascension to royal status as the Duchess of Sussex, she was most well-known for her role as Rachel Zane on the TV show “Suits.”

Markle’s portrayal of Rachel, a determined paralegal aiming to become an attorney, contributed to her fame and financial success.

Net Worth: Megan Markle’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million as of 2024. This wealth is attributed not only to her acting career but also to her affiliations and engagements after marrying into the British Royal Family.

  • “Suits” Salary: Details of her earnings per episode of “Suits” are not disclosed; however, it is known that her role significantly boosted her profile.
  • Other Contributions: Prior to her marriage, she also ran a lifestyle blog and had various endorsement deals.
  • Post-“Suits” Earnings: Her net worth has been greatly influenced by her activities and ventures after leaving the show.
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It’s important to note that Markle’s net worth is a blend of her earnings as an actress and the financial benefits she has received due to her marriage to Prince Harry. This includes their deals with platforms like Netflix and Spotify, through which the couple has secured lucrative contracts for producing content.

Gina Torres’ Net Worth

Gina Torres, known for her role as the commanding Jessica Pearson in the hit TV series Suits, has achieved substantial financial success throughout her acting career.

Her net worth has been discussed, especially considering her outstanding performance in Suits and her subsequent leading role in the spinoff series Pearson.

According to various sources, Torres’ financial standing is impressive. She is often cited as one of the wealthiest members of the Suits cast.

Estimated Net Worth: $10 to $15 million

SourceEstimated Net Worth
TheRichest$15 million
TheThings (Suits Cast Ranked From Richest)$15 million
We Got This Covered (Suits Cast, Ranked)$10 to $15 million

A significant portion of her wealth can be attributed to her portrayal of Jessica Pearson across seven seasons of Suits.

Beyond Suits, Torres’ net worth has been bolstered by her diverse acting career, featuring roles in television and film. Her consistent presence on screen over the years has undoubtedly contributed to her financial portfolio.

Amanda Schull’s Net Worth

Amanda Schull, an American actress and former professional ballet dancer, is known for her role as Katrina Bennett on the legal drama series Suits.

Her portrayal of Katrina Bennett showcased her character as a dedicated and skilled associate at the fictional law firm of Pearson Hardman, later Pearson Specter Litt.

Net Worth Estimation:
As of 2022, Schull’s net worth is reported to be around $15 million.

This figure is reflective of her earnings from Suits, as well as her other acting roles and dance career.

Her character on Suits was introduced to viewers as a highly ambitious lawyer with a fierce dedication to her work, which added a significant dimension to the show’s ensemble.

Income Sources:

  • Suits television series
  • Film and other television appearances
  • Ballet performances

Schull’s contributions to Suits had a lasting impact on the series, and her success with the show has translated to financial prosperity.

The cast of Suits, including Schull, have seen varying degrees of financial success from their involvement with the series, and while her net worth is considerable, it is a combined result of her multifaceted career in entertainment.

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