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Guest Post

We’re currently accepting article submissions as well as recurring content submissions on our site related to topics technology, computing, internet marketing, cloud computing, SAAS, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, latest softwares and/or list based posts. Any posts related to gambling, smuggling, poker, pornographic, sexual, violence and other similar categories will not be accepted at all. If that sounds interesting to you and you’re looking to submit a guest post article to get published on our site, kindly keep reading.

Why Stack Tunnel?

Stack Tunnel was started in the summer of June 2016. We have 200+ quality posts published to date. You can join hands with them if you think you can also write a captivating article.

How long should your article be?

At the very minimum, your article should be between 1,000 – 1,500 words so that you can cover it in-depth. You do not need to provide us images. We will add it ourselves. There are numerous categories to choose from. So you can select any category of your choice.

Requirements for your guest post

  • Please provide your document in word (.docx) format or as a Google doc.
  • Please use proper heading tags such as h1, h2, h3 etc. The first heading should be h1. The next main heading should be h2 again The sub-heading h3 and so on. Whenever it makes sense, please use bullet lists.
  • Must be at least 1000 words.
  • Feel free to link the post to relevant articles on Stack Tunnel.
  • Your article must be informational; not promotional. If you’d like to submit a promotional article (i.e. sponsored post), contact us on contact[at]stacktunnel.com.
  • You can include only one dofollow link in the content to a page on your site. Please link to a related, helpful article on your site and do so contextually so that it helps our readers. If the content is promotional in any way, all links will be nofollow.
  • Please take the time to find related articles on my site and link to them in the content.
  • Reference everything with outbound links (dofollow). We’re all about providing as much beneficial resources for our readers as possible.
  • Write for the audience and not search engines.
  • Stack Tunnel reserves the right to reject submissions. In the event we reject your submission, we’re happy to give you the opportunity to improve the article and resubmit it.

How to Pitch Your Topics

I’d appreciate if you could pitch a few ideas before start working on the article. If you think you have something unique to offer in the field of technology and computing or latest upcoming technologies, kindly pitch your topic ideas at contact[at]stacktunnel.com or use this form to contact us. We’ll then be in contact via email and will take it from there.