11 Best Tornado Alert Apps For Android and iOS

Nothing compares to having the best tornado alert apps for Android and iOS. No one wants to be caught up in a devastating natural disaster like the tornado. Properties worth a fortune are destroyed, families rendered homeless, and farmlands become useless when cities get hit by this natural disaster.

But the good thing is that there are advanced apps for mobile devices that offers tornado alerts. These apps will tell you if and when a tornado might strike a particular region so you can avoid the disaster. You and your family can also avoid that area. And you can also warn people you care about too. So without much ado, here are the 11 top-quality tornado alert apps designed to run seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

11 Best Tornado Alert Apps For Android and iOS

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1. Weather & Radar

Are you eager to get accurate weather reports often? If yes, then get the Weather & Radar app. It not only offers accurate reports. It also provides reports that you will find useful when planning your daily routine or when going hiking. You will get a detailed report of possible rainfall, sunshine duration, lightning strike, hail, snow, or if a thunderstorm is approaching your location.

So, it’s a complete app for those who want to be in the know regarding weather conditions. The 14-day weather outlook is also a remarkable addition to this app. And this will help you to plan your movements for the entire two weeks correctly. The app also runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. Plus it provides an accurate weather report of the USA and other countries of the world.

2. Weather Forecast

This weather tool provides a detailed report about the weather, too. It also gives you access to the current weather forecast so you will remain in the know. The reports provided are for different countries. They include a report on visibility distance, atmospheric pressure, dew point, unit precipitation, wind speed and many more. You can use the report offered by this incredible app to plan your daily movement, including your travel schedule. That’s because it gives an accurate description of weather conditions, irrespective of where you are going.

But make no mistake; this Weather app is entirely free to use. But you have to be ready for the ads. They are not too many ads, though, but most people would prefer not having any around. Besides that, this app provides accurate time and weather report. It also runs on Android devices, too. So, if you are seeking an app that can provide you with a real-time weather report, you can consider this app.

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3. Today Weather

Today Weather is one of the best apps on the market. The good thing is you can access it for free. There is also an in-app purchase option. But the premium option makes it possible to remove the ads. This app also provides an accurate weather report, one that you can rely on for your daily movements. It also runs seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms.

You will have accurate information on temperature, wind speed and direction, dew point, air pressure, and even humidity. What’s more, upon the opening of the app, you will find stunning pictures that correspond to the current weather and day you are in. Another thing this app does is that you can take pictures and share with your friends, together with information regarding the weather.

4. Weather Up

Talk about a stunning and well-built tornado alert app and Weather Up comes to mind. On this incredible app, each weather condition is represented by highly attractive icons that are super easy to understand. You can also get forecast information on an hourly basis or a 10-days report so you can plan. The Event Forecast option supported by this app is unique.

This Event Forecast will enable you to have an idea of the weather condition for the period set aside for your event. So this app is suitable for people who are planning to host an event. With the weather forecast offered, you can pick a suitable date for your upcoming event. So, if you are looking for a simple, powerful and beautiful tornado alert application, then Weather Up fits the bill. You can even choose the icon style on this app to personalize the app. However, this app also runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

5. Hello Weather

Hello Weather is an app that’s more than a pretty face. It delivers weather reports that you can count on to make decisions. You will find all the weather information you seek on this app. Be it reports on a tornado, rainfall, sunshine, snow, name it; this app provides every piece of information in one screen.

Hello Weather does not only perform well. It does have numerous features that make it more attractive to use. You will come across stunning color themes that will lighten up your mood while providing relevant information. The app also features a unique night mode. It also features a clean layout and easy-to-read weather graphs. But keep in mind that estimates on real-time precipitation only applies to countries like Ireland, USA and the U.K. The app also runs on Android and iOS platforms.

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6. 1Weather

This app is another stunning weather tool for Android and iOS platforms. In addition to being highly attractive, the app also provides in-depth weather report that you will certainly find useful. Hence, it is suitable for casual and serious users. In other words, if your activities or job is affected by the weather to a large extent, then you will find 1Weather useful.

1Weather also let you get information for your current location with ease. Just track and view the weather report for the “My Location” option. And it will grant you access to the weather forecast for that location. You can also choose to add any place you want with ease. You can also get 12 weeks precision cast for U.S. location, provided by the famous meteorologist, Gary Lezak.

 7. Forecast Bar

This app runs seamlessly on iOS devices and provides interesting weather report. We say interesting because the weather reports provided by this app are accurate and useful. In addition to that, the app is highly customizable. You can choose your theme, be it the light or dark theme. Or allow the Forecast Bar to choose for you automatically.

This app offers you access to 14-days weather report with ease. So, it’s a great app designed to let you make proper plans with regards to a future event or outing. What’s more, the 14-days weather forecast is not only delivered in the English language. They are simplified to make everyone understand through interpretations in 40 different languages. But the app isn’t free, although first-time users have one week trial period to use the premium option before making a purchase.

8. Arcus Weather

This tornado alert app provides an accurate report by using the Forecast.io API. The impressive thing about this API is that it aggregates several weather data sources and combines them with the help of statistical analysis to provide accurate reports. The app is also free and runs on Android devices. So you should expect ads while using this tornado alert application on your device.

Arcus provides minute-by-minute weather reports to keep you in the know. It also features a radar map which is only available for the USA alone. But the app is quite easy to use and comes loaded with features that make it enjoyable to use.

9. Weawow Weather & Widget

Are you looking for corresponding weather reports, such as today weather, tomorrow weather, live weather or weekly weather? Weawow has got you covered. This app comes designed to make it super easy for users to get whatever weather information they seek. You will find information on wind speed, highest and lowest temperatures, U.V. index, cloud cover, and atmospheric pressure.

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This app also offers access to numerous widgets, which you can customize. In other words, you can change the local time, background, colour, and even the font size. This app also provided weather reports of diverse countries and cities throughout the world.

10. Tornado – American Red Cross

There is no better app to prepare for a tornado than this Tornado app from the American Red Cross. It features interactive quizzes and information about a tornado, which will help to make your mind towards a possible impact by this devastating natural disaster. The app also features step-by-step advice, designed to enlighten you about tornadoes.

This app also proves useful in diverse ways. With the information at your disposal from this app, you will be able to warn your family members. You will also receive a loud siren from the NOAA regarding tornado alerts in different locations. You will also get notification whenever the threat is over. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

11. My Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings

Want access to the best tools to track natural disasters like tornadoes, tropical storm, cyclones and other weather conditions? Try My Hurricane Tracker. This app comes designed with an intuitive interface that is so easy to navigate. The reports made available are also super easy to understand.

My Hurricane Tracker also features push notification that provides weather warnings or whenever a storm is forming. You can also track specific hurricanes to follow their buildup and any other changes. And images of radar, sea temperatures and satellites are updated regularly on this app.


So these are the best tornado alert apps for Android and iOS. They are apps that will notify you of possible tornado disasters so you can get prepared. You can also use them to monitor other weather conditions like wind speed and direction, humidity, air pressure, rainfall and many more. The weather reports from these apps can help you plan your travels, too. So they are quite useful for everyone.

However, we have provided a long list of apps for tornado alerts. Now it is your turn to make a choice. You can go through the list and make your choice right away.

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