Great Tips When Using the Internet

Most people use the internet for work or entertainment often, but not everyone makes the most out of it because they lack the experience or do not bother learning certain things.

There are a few ways to improve one’s experience using the World Wide Web. Let’s take a look at those ways.

Try Different Browsers

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You might be set on using a particular browser, and a change will not happen until you encounter problems. For example, if you have a MacBook, Safari is the default internet browser.

Mac users tend to stick to Safari, but there are instances when safari crashes constantly and leaves MacBook owners wondering what they should do. More often than not, switching to another internet browser is the best solution.

Besides, it is not just about performance problems. Using a different browser could also happen because it consumes fewer system resources, offers better privacy and security features, comes with multiple extensions to choose from, or has a more friendly user interface.

Install Ad Blockers


Online advertisements can get pretty aggressive. If you are fed up with random pop-ups when surfing the net, install an ad blocker. Doing so should improve your overall browsing experience a lot.

Other than not encountering annoying ads, you will also improve your security. Sometimes, clicking an online ad could redirect you to a malware-infected landing page.

Avoid Shady Links

Speaking of getting redirected to a malware-infected landing page, you should also keep in mind that links you encounter online might also pose some threat. Even if you receive an URL from someone you know and trust, it is better to ignore a link that looks suspicious.

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Use a VPN

Virtual private networks are quite useful, especially if you have to use public Wi-Fi. More often than not, the internet in hotels, cafes, bars, libraries, and other public locations is free. It is no surprise that such an internet is not secure enough.

Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, remember to connect to public Wi-Fi via a virtual private network for better privacy and security.

It is also worth mentioning that VPNs give access to geo-blocked content. If a website is unavailable for you because of its location, you can switch your IP address such as admin, thanks to a virtual private network and browse the said website.

Fix Wi-Fi Problems

If you are on a laptop, you might find the internet connection at your home pretty lackluster. A Wi-Fi signal might be strong in one room but feel pretty bad in another.

Check whether third-party peripherals are not interfering with the signal. Wireless printers and microwave ovens are examples of such peripherals. If you notice that the Wi-Fi signal improves if you move away from potential interference, you will know where to use the laptop at your house for the most optimal internet connection.

An ethernet cable is worth a shout as well. The cable improves the internet connection, but it would limit a laptop’s portability. Nevertheless, if your laptop is static most of the time, you might find that investing in an ethernet cable is a great choice.

Bookmark Pages

Using a browser’s history to find previously visited pages is one of the options, but you might find that some of the sites are not there.

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If you wish to revisit a website in the future or find a video you want to watch later, why not just bookmark it? You will not have to worry about forgetting the name and having to search for it again. Bookmarking makes things much easier.

Keep the Browser Updated

Similar to how you update your device or software, you should also keep the internet browser up to date. Having the latest version means not missing out on new features as well as security and performance improvements.

Internet browsers usually update automatically, but you should still check now and then to confirm that the version of your internet browser is up to date.

Clear Cache

Temporary cache files exist to improve website loading time. When you visit a site with images, a browser cache stores this information for the future. In other words, the next time you open the same page, it will take less time for it to load.

However, not clearing a browser’s cache for too long will have the opposite effect. Too much information slows down the browser’s performance. As a rule of thumb, you should clear the browser cache at least once every couple of months.

Enable the Dark Mode

When browsing in dark settings, make sure to use the dark mode for your eye health. Not all websites have the feature, meaning that you will likely need to install an extension on your browser, but that should not be a problem since adding a new browser extension does not take a lot of time.

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