11 Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives To Create Eye-catchy Forms

SurveyMonkey, is there a business that hasn’t tried this tool? If not for the fact that there are tons of best SurveyMonkey alternatives out there, many would still be using the tool to date.

Cute, feature-rich, simple, and pocket-friendly; these are some of the points used to classify SurveyMonkey. It also has a free option, which businesses with tight budgets can try out, too.

So, let’s not write-off SurveyMonkey! BUT, other alternatives exist and most of them are super-duper. Without wasting time, let’s check them out.

11 Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives

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1. MySurveyLab

Every business, whether big or small, understands the power of surveys. Be it online or offline; surveys can help to shape your business. And one SurveyMonkey alternatives that are making waves concerning online surveys is MySurveyLab.

This tool is a cloud-based survey platform. Businesses of all sizes, industries, financial capacity, and needs can use it. You can try out the free version to know if the tool is what you seek before splashing the cash. But one thing is certain; you can build a satisfactory survey with this tool.

MySurveyLab enables you to create online surveys with ease. The process is also not only quick but straightforward. In addition to being super easy and fast, you can automate response collection and get real-time reports with this tool.

2. Survicate

The goal of every business is to develop products or content that clients want. No one enjoys wasting time and money, building something of less value. What’s the point anyways! Survicate claims to be a tool designed to help businesses to get their productions right. It comes designed with all you need to get into your customer’s mind.

Survicate is rich in features. That’s why it is highly rated among other SurveyMonkey alternatives out there. It lets you add a feedback button to your website to get instant feedback from your customers. You also have the option to conduct a mobile app survey straight from your application.

What makes this software a joy to use is that you can run targeted surveys. The tool is also suited to the product team, marketing, and customer success team. Plus, it has easy to create feedback forms via this tool, too.

3. Wispform

People are indeed captivated by beautiful things. Even when you create content, publishing it with captivating images can help to boost engagements. Survey forms aren’t any different. With a beautiful form, you will not struggle to get your targeted audiences to do as you wish.

Wispform is not just an alternative to SurveyMonkey. It is a tool that comes designed to help you create beautiful forms that the eyes cannot resist. The tool also stands as one of the most uncomplicated form builders out there, as you don’t need any specialized knowledge to build forms for surveys.

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Another impressive thing about Wispform is that access is free. You can use it to create forms for a small project, even if you are tight on budget. But if you need to customize and want access to advanced features, then you have to splash the cash. And even if you have to pay, you won’t break the bank.

 4. Wufoo

If you want to create HTML forms but don’t like the idea of writing codes, Wufoo is a wise choice. You can build custom HTML forms without coding skills. It has intuitive and powerful features that let you create beautiful forms that your targeted audiences would not be able to resist.

Wufoo also offers tons of ready-made themes you can use for your form design. They are all cute themes. But if you feel like creating a unique theme for your new form, then you can get on with it. The freedom this survey tool has is that users can customize their forms; however, they wish.

Again, you can have access to the custom branding option. Your form doesn’t have to look like every other form online. Add your company, group, or business logo to create awareness. Create an identity your targeted audience cannot forget via your form.

5. Google Forms

It will be a disservice to Google to list top SurveyMonkey alternatives and not include their survey tool. Google Forms is one of the top tools for surveys out there. It also comes designed with features that make form creation enjoyable.

You can create a new quiz or survey with any device. Be it Android, tablet, or any device you have. Use already-made themes to speed up the form creation process or create yours so your form will stand out from the crowd.

One thing that many people like about Google Forms is the fact that it is free to access. You don’t need to pay a dim. It also has top-notch features you will find in most paid survey software. So get started with your form creation process. Whether you are a student, teacher, or business person, you can use Google Forms. Create forms for quizzes, surveys, and event registration without stress. But remember that you require a Google Account to use this free tool.

6. SmartSurvey

This UK-based survey tool called SmartSurvey is a must-have. It comes packed with features that you might not find in many survey tools out there. But being feature-rich doesn’t mean users will develop a headache while trying to create surveys.

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The tool isn’t that difficult to use. But if you have any problem deploying the features into your forms, the SmartSurvey support team is on standby to help you. They have impressed in the area of support. Their tool is also worth splashing the cash.

You can create forms people can access, irrespective of their languages. There is also no barrier to the device targeted audience can use to access the forms. Anyone, regardless of his or her device, can access your form with ease. Plus, there is room to collaborate with others for survey projects. You can even add and remove users as you wish.

 7. LimeSurvey

Behind the cute name is a powerful tool designed for surveys. And the impressive thing about this tool is that despite being 100% open source, it still has loads of incredible features. Keep in mind that the tool isn’t free to access. But if you can afford it, you will enjoy every bit of LimeSurvey.

From simple questionnaires to a more demanding assessment with quota management and more, LimeSurvey is a wise choice. You can also create engaging graphs and statistics with ease for all the questions collected for the survey.

This tool also lets you invite participants to partake in your survey or respond to your questionnaire. And you can anonymize participants for security reasons and eliminate bias in your work. Another feature of this tool is that you can create a closed or open survey. It could be a survey based on invitation or public where anyone can partake.

8. Getfeedback

A survey can be a powerful tool in the hands of any business. That is why many companies do not mind splashing on survey software. Getfeedback is one of those tools that can give you insightful feedback.

This tool lets you develop attractive and mobile-friendly surveys that suit your business. And the beautiful thing about this software is that it requests for feedback from buyers, right after they have mad purchase.

So, rest assured that you are getting unbiased reviews you can count on to grow your business. You will also find different templates you can use. Plus, the tool is ideal for any survey. Be it marketing or product survey, customer satisfaction survey, employee engagement survey, or others, Getfeedback is a perfect option.

9. SurveyCTO

Quality and security are two things you can never neglect when collecting information from people or analyzing data. Remember, it’s their information and should be kept private. Such information getting into the wrong hand is risky for you and your targeted audience that trusted your business with their data.

That is why premium survey tools like SurveyCTO are highly recommended. It is reliable, secure, and lets you gather quality data offline. So, it is one of the top survey platforms out there ideal for researchers and professionals whose goal is to work offline

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You can gather your data offline using iOS and Android app options. But if you choose to do it online, the tool has a well-built interface designed for that. Then, as for security, you transfer your data securely without any security challenges. This is as a result of data redundancy and multiple layers of encryption, which the app supports.

10. Typeform

Typeform is a platform that suits all business types. It lets you create aesthetically pleasing forms to get information about your products or services. And, you can create a wide array of forms with these tools, too.

Create forms of your choosing. These include employee feedback forms, customer surveys, and even quizzes. The tool is not that complicated to use, compared to other SurveyMonkey alternatives out there.

This software has a beautiful interface; likewise, the form you will be presenting to your targeted audience. You can sign up with the free plan to see what the tool offers. But keep in mind that the professional version provides more. So, if you want access to presume features such as the opportunity to customize your forms to your liking, then go for the premium version.

11. Engageform

If you want to drive social traffic to your website, generate leads and also get feedback from your customers in real-time, Engageform is a wise choice. You can create mobile-friendly polls or surveys within minutes.

This tool is super easy to use and feature-rich. Another thing you will notice is that the admin panel is not as complicated as you would find in other form building tools. It is intuitive and straightforward for beginners to get started in no time.

You can also customize your form to have the appearance you seek. There are tons of visual customization tools you can try out. Just get started with the form creation project and see how cool this tool is.


So these are the best SurveyMonkey alternatives out there. They are tools that can transform your business when put into good use. Feedback from customers can help you address areas that the company is falling short. It can also enable you to create products or improve the existing ones to the standard that customers would enjoy more. So, if you are ready, then get started creating forms. And you can also start with any tool you please. Just start with the free trial before making your decision.

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