13 Best Online Fashion Stores Alternatives Like Zumiez

Zumiez is a top-rated online fashion store, famous not only in American but the world over – and for good reasons too. Upon visiting the website, you will find the latest designs for numerous outings, including top-of-the-line sporting clothes and accessories.

Zumiez produces new apparels for everyday use and popular sports. And upon visiting the website your passion for snowboarding, skateboarding or other action sports, will be rekindled and elevated. But then, our taste for fashion is too big for one platform to satisfy. That is one of the things that drives many to seek a better alternative.

So, if you are looking for the best stores like Zumiez, then you have come to the right place. Check out the incredible alternatives below.

13 Best Online Fashion Stores Alternatives Like Zumiez

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1. Journeys

With millions of visitors recorded monthly, Journeys have risen to become a fan favorite in the online retail fashion world. The store not only operates in over seven countries but has branches scattered across Europe and North America. The platform is well-organized and features an intuitive interface that makes shopping online a breeze.

Do you like skateboarding? If yes, then that is enough reason to visit Journeys online store. You will find the latest skating shoes and accessories, including items for other sports. here And the exciting part is that Journeys offer free shipping for orders above $39.99. Your items will be delivered to your doorsteps without issues. In addition to sporting shoes, Journeys offer tops, dresses and diverse wears for adults and kids. You will also find quality shoes and can shop by shoe sizes.

2. Karmaloop

If you are seeking a site that likes to offer discounts and reward loyal customers, you will enjoy shopping online at Karmaloop. Karmaloop was founded in the year 2000 in the United States, and today, it stands as one of the top-rated online fashion stores – not only in the USA but the world over. You can shop for men and women’s items here. These include bodysuits, dresses, bra, hoodies, leggings, sunglasses, sneakers, tops, and more.

You will find a wide range of items to shop on this platform. And you can order from the comfort of your home and have your item delivered directly to your doorsteps. Karmaloop offers items for teenagers and young adults. Plus, you will also find the latest designers from top brands such as Adidas, Champion, VANS, and more.

3. Active ride shop

On many occasions, you might not find the smallest of items in some premium online fashion stores – though many don’t mind. But Active is entirely different. The store offers a range of quality apparel for young adults who are seeking to lead an active life. You will find all sorts of dresses, shoes and more, on the platform.

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Now, what makes Active a Zumiez alternative? It is not just the extensive clothing of clothing the platform offers but its love for sports. You will find a wide range of sporting gears on Active, including a variety of skating shoes. So, if you are interested in leading an active life, visit Active ride shop.

4. PacSun

PacSun is a top-rated online fashion store and one of the best stores like Zumiez and for numerous reasons. First off, it has a wide range of designers so you will never miss out on anything trendy in the fashion world. You will find sunglasses, dresses, shoes, street wears, hoodies, swimwear, and many more. Plus, if you are seeking trendy clothes or have a taste for them, you will have your needs met at PacSun.

This online fashion store also offers incredible gifts for men and women. You will also find a range of items and price points for the various gift items too. These include gift items under $30 for him or her, to appreciate that special person in your life.

5. CCS

This platform stands out when it comes to accessories for sports, such as snowboarding and skateboarding. So, if you love these sports, visit CCS to acquire the necessary clothes and accessories to get the best of the game. You also do not have to be a professional to have an interest in splashing the cash. The platform offers top quality, and affordable sport wears you can get even with a small budget.

This top-rated America online fashion retailer also has a wide range of apparels for diverse occasions. So you won’t ever break a sweat over what to wear. CCS offers jeans, tank tops, swimwear, jackets, bags and other accessories, too.

6. Tillys

Tillys is a must-visit online fashion brand that has all the bells and whistles other best sites like Zumiez have. It has enjoyed massive success with millions of visitors trooping monthly. Tillys have also built a solid reputation by delivering quality apparels that match the taste of young adults.

Of course, this online fashion retailer has something for youths and trendy fashion attires. Interestingly, the store offers products from top brands, over a hundred of them. This includes brands like Adidas, RVCA, HUF, Jansport and more. You will not only find premium quality apparels when you visit Tillys but other intriguing accessories. You will also find a range of backpacks such as mini backpacks, chest backpack, and others.

7. Evo

Are you madly in love with sports and want to stay active? Then get the right sports gear that will make that sport enjoyable. Evo has a ton of good stuff for sports lovers. And not just any game but special ones like biking, wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. If you are planning to go camping, Evo has tools you would certainly need.

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So, do not forget to stop by this website to check the list of items made available to keep you engaged, happy and safe. For camping, you will find accessories like the sleeping pad, sleeping back, blanket, coolers, cookware, and many more. This platform also has diverse fashion apparels for men, women, and kids.

8. Urban Planet

Urban Planet is one of the online fashion stores you should be happy to visit if you are a young adult or teenager. The store has a wide array of designers that suit the taste of the youths of today. Price of apparels on the platform is also budget-friendly. You will find clothes for men, women, girls, including boys.

This platform also likes rewarding customers. You will even find up to 50% off on certain items. Urban Planet has a firm return policy, which they uphold. Plus, buyers can also ship items to their destination with ease. Just meet the requirement for free shipment to enjoy this benefit.

9. Skate Warehouse

Skate Warehouse, what a cute name that also indicates what the platform stands for and does. It is impossible to go to war without arming oneself to the teeth – and this applies to active sports like skateboarding. Before you skate, it is advisable to wear protective gear and other supporting accessories.

This online store also offers other apparels from top brands in the industry. Plus, there is also free shipment for others that are over $50. While if you purchase items worth over $75, you will automatically receive two days shipment to your location. The company also takes issues of refunds seriously. Customers who wish to return items they purchased are expected to return them in perfect condition.

10. Hot Topic

When you hear names like “Hot Topic” you may think it’s a platform dedicated to news. Hot Topic is not a news outlet but an online fashion retailer. The company started operations in 1989 and has developed into a must-visit fashion house.

If you are looking for one of the best sites like Zumiez, you can’t go wrong with this one. It offers apparels for all sizes. And if you are a fan of heavy metal or hard rock, you will find whatever accessory you seek here. There is also an extensive collection of t-shirts and other styles of clothes on this platform. You will also find items that will transform the look of your home on this platform, too.

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11. Volcom

Here is one fashion retailer that supports and promotes sustainability. From the first day it opened for business, Volcom has been using organic materials non-stop. The site is also everything like Zumiez. It offers top quality apparels and skateboarding accessories for those that love and participate in sports.

You will find snow jackets for men, women, boys, and girls on this platform. Other clothing such as skirts, tops, pants, hoodies, t-shirts and more are available on this platform. Volcom also receives thousands of visitors daily and has built a solid reputation in the online fashion retail industry, which is an industry many believe is already saturated.

12. Surfdome

Surfdome allows you to purchase quality apparels and accessories to enjoy your action sports. You will find top skating accessories, including outdoor wear and footwear of all kinds. But if you want a different style of clothing, you will still have your needs met. The site does offer diverse clothing such as bikinis, chinos, nightwear, jeans, hoodies, boxer shorts, including jewelry.

So, if you are looking for a place to buy clothing and accessories for surfboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding, Surfdome is the place to be. From waterproof jackets, ski socks to snow boats, everything you need is right here for you.

13. Vans

Vans stand as one of the oldest online fashion brands on this list, and one with a solid reputation in the business. It started as a shoe company and expanded to other items, such as clothes and various accessories. Their products also tend to be durable and budget-friendly.

You can shop for men, women and kids clothes and accessories on the website without stress. The platform does have an intuitive interface that is super easy to navigate. Vans also offer new arrivals, which everyone can access. So be the first to know and wear the latest apparels in town by taking advantage of what Vans is offering.


These are among the best sites like Zumiez, and there is no doubt about that. They offer quality apparels at affordable prices and styles that would match the young and old. Plus, if you have a passion for action sports, then you will surely not regret visiting any of the platforms above on this list. So what Zumiez alternative have you visited? If none, then take time to do so. Most of them offer free shipping worldwide for orders above a certain fee. You can take advantage of that to land your dream apparels or accessories.

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