15 Alternative Live Streaming Sports Sites Like FirstRowSports

If you want top alternative live streaming sports sites like FirstRowSports, then you have come to the right place for answers? Sports eliminate boredom. They give you reasons to be happy and let you forget about those hurtful moments in your life for a while or eternity.

Advancement in technology has made viewing the myriads of sports played worldwide, a breeze. We can now stream games on mobile devices, at home or on the go. Now, what’s with FirstRowSports? The platform has been a lifesaver for the teeming sports lovers who use occasionally.

Now, the problem is that sometimes things may go wrong with the site, making it impossible for viewers to enjoy their favorite sports. That’s why it is better to have backup plans. For that reason, we have put together a list of 15 FirstRowSports alternatives for sports viewers. Check them out below!

15 Live Streaming Sports Sites Like FirstRowSports

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1. Strikeout

Strikeout sounds like a cool name, right? Now wait till you see the contents on the site. If you are losing interest in sports, this site can rekindle that interest. Strikeout is a top FirstRowSports alternative.

The site is super easy to navigate, and you can locate the content you want with ease. Just enter your preferred team name on the search bar, and whatever you are looking for will pop up without hesitation.

You will surely find your favorite sports on this site because there are a hundred of them here. These include football, table tennis, rugby, soccer, basketball, hockey, and a host of others. You can also share the link of a sport you are watching on social media for your friends to join you to enjoy the great content.

 2. ESPNPlayer

When a popular sports news channel like ESPN offers you a sports streaming platform, you know they are not kidding. Such a platform will surely be one of the best sports streaming sites, if not the best, going by ESPN’s reputation in the world of sports.

Formerly, it was called WatchESPN. Now it’s ESPNPlayer. The site has also metamorphosed into something no sports lover can resist. However, streaming games or access to the platform isn’t free. ESPNPlayer’s monthly and yearly subscriptions are US$13.99 and US$99.99, respectively.

Besides sports streaming, you can watch top films like O.J. Made In America, Ghost of Ole Miss, and many more! We have to give it up for ESPN. They truly have great taste.

3. SportLemon

What’s your favorite sport? Or what sport or upcoming game do you plan to watch this weekend? If you have any and don’t want disappointment, SportLemon is one of the FirstRowSports alternatives you should checkout.

SportLemon doesn’t have a sports streaming video. You will never find such on the site. The best you can find are links to where you can view those contents. This idea is a good one, as it somehow keeps the site safe. Instead, the source of the link will be the primary target.

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A simple and intuitive interface, SportLemon is also sweet to navigate. You will find details of all the upcoming sporting events, such as time, name of opponents or teams, and the sports niche, upon visiting SportLemon.

4. Hotstar

When was the last time you stopped by this superior India-based platform? Well, for your information, it’s now Disney + Hotstar. In addition to sports, you can find other incredible content to watch. These range from popular Indian movies and Disney+ programs for kids.

Therefore, even if you are tired of streaming sports and want something different, Hotstar is still a wise choice. You don’t need to start searching for another site.

Hostar is also a wise choice for Indian crickets. It is a place where cricket enthusiasts gather in their numbers to watch sports. You will also find shot sports videos on different genres of games. Stream the best of the premier league this season.

5. BatManStream

What’s the first thing that crossed your mind, looking at this FirstRowSports alternative? The historical Batman movies, right? Well, far from that! BatManStream is a top of the line sports streaming platform. It boasts a pretty interface and lets you to stream live matches in H.D.

On BatManStream, you can tweet, bookmark contents, and share sporting events you think others might have an interest in. The Batman symbol and picture on the site also looks lovely. Another impressive thing about this site is that it has an app, and you can join a live chat room. You won’t ever feel bored even if there’s no sporting event for that day.

6. MamaHD

Watching live sports in H.D. makes the game more enjoyable. You will be able to pick up every action, movement, and won’t need to strain your pretty little eyes. For that reason, MamaHD has become a fan favorite. As the name implies, MamaHD lets you stream sporting events live and in H.D.

This platform also has a chat box where users can pour out their minds, discuss teams, and become virtual coaches for a few minutes. Basketball, NFL, Moto G.P., football, fight, tennis, and others are present in MamaHD. The site runs on mobile and P.C. devices and is free to access. You can also watch live games and highlights.

7. Laola1

Laola1 is another FirstRowSports alternative that makes you want to bury your head in your device when streaming your favorite sports or to watch your team play. This platform lets you stream content in the highest quality possible.

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There’s a lot of sports genre on Laola1. So, you will surely find your favorite sports to watch on this platform. You can choose between two languages on the platform; English and German language. You can also get information on upcoming events on this platform, so you don’t miss a must-watch game.

8. VIPLeague

Here is another platform that makes streaming sporting events fun. It covers all types of sports in the entire world. So, you will never have a cause to look elsewhere to streaming your favorite sporting event. VIPLeague also has a pretty decent interface, making it easier to search for sports and start streaming.

However, the only complaint you might have about VIPLeague is the ads. Besides that, you won’t find any fault on this site. But the ads are a normal thing for free sports streaming platforms anyway. Without them, it won’t be possible to keep sustaining the platform.

 9. Live T.V.

Are you seeking a platform that lets you stream sports and check live scores with ease? Then Live T.V. is a wise choice for you. The platform is user-friendly, and you can stream any game you have in mind.

Live T.V.’s P2P technology makes it a wise choice for streaming different quality of contents. You can stream contents of varying quality, from medium to high quality. And if you are a fan of sports betting, you will find Live T.V. useful in many ways.

 10. Sportstream

Talk about a top web-based sports streaming platform, and Sportstream comes to mind. The platform may not look all that sophisticated as other sports streaming platforms on this list, but has all the bells and whistles you need to enjoy watching live games, cheering your team.

Sportstream is super simple. That’s the word that describes the platform better. However, it gives you updates on sporting events, including live scores and the opportunity to watch your favorite sports. Another thing you will adore about this platform is that it doesn’t have geographical restrictions. Anyone can access the platform and stream content.

11. Live Football T.V. Streaming H.D.

Have you been missing football matches lately? If yes, then Live Football T.V. Streaming H.D. is the platform for you. You can watch the English premier league, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, F.A. Cup, La Liga matches, Sera A, and others.

Again, Live Football T.V. Streaming H.D. has no geographical restrictions. It was that way as of the time of writing. It lets you stream live football matches, without using much of your data. Thus, if you need a football streaming platform that doesn’t use up much data, get Live Football T.V. Streaming H.D. It’s an app that you can download to your Android and iOS devices with ease.

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12. StreamHunters

Just as the name implies, StreamHunter is a platform that hunts for the best streams the world over. The site might not look as standard as many other FirstRowSports alternatives here. But its simplicity doesn’t take away the fact that it does what’s meant to do.

Another thing you will like about StreamHunters is that it tells what the time is, according to your location. The platform doesn’t have geographical restrictions. Thus, you can stream sports content wherever you are in the world. And if you also have a blog, you can add StreamHunters to your widget with ease.

13. FuboTV

What do you do on days when sports events aren’t available? You stream past games, right? Alright, what about when you get tired of streaming those games? You turn to other channels, right? FuboTV understands these things. Thus, the platform brings sports channels and more to your screen.

On FuboTV, you will have access to a host of premium channels. These include Nat Geo, Fox, and other news and entertainment channels. Sports channels include NBA TV, TUDN, Bein Sports, FS1, and many others. In addition to the numerous channels, FuboTV also boasts an interactive and user-friendly interface. But keep in mind that it’s not free and not available in most regions.

14. Sport365

Sport365 is another quality alternative to FirstRowSports. You can stream all the sporting events on this platform, irrespective of your location. Sport365 boasts a simple interface, where finding your sports of interest would be hassle-free.

In addition to sports streaming, Sports365 offers an impressive collection of H.D. movies. These include T.V. shows and movies, together with their details such as genre, country, and storyline.

15. Freesports

Freesports gives access to numerous games, played around the globe. You can find Freesports on diverse channels such as Freeview H.D., Talk Talk T.V., Freesat, and others. Freesports gives you free live updates on sporting activities taking place around the globe, straight into your mailbox once you sign up for their newsletter.

You can watch numerous sporting events live and in H.D. on Freesports too. Download the Freesports Player app for Android and iOS devices to watch live games on the go.


So these are the top 15 alternative live streaming sports sites like FirstRowSports. They let you stream live games and event access past sporting events and be up-to-date with your favorite teams’ activities. Most of the platforms require some form of payment to access. But if you aren’t comfortable with that, you can try other alternatives on the list.

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