15 Sites Like Zillow You Should Try To Search For Rent, Buy or List Properties

Zillow is a popular online real estate business and one of the well-built platforms to search for rent, buy or list properties. The company started operation in 2006 and currently records over 36 million monthly visitors. Impressive, isn’t it?

This real estate company’s modus operandi is like a search engine, where you can search for things online. It should also impress you to know that over 120 million houses across the USA have been listed on this platform since inception. The platform also has an intuitive and well-detailed interface that makes it easier for buyers who are not even tech-savvy.

But still, there are other sites like Zillow out there that you could try out. Let’s look at each of them one after the other.

15 Sites Like Zillow To Search For Rent, Buy or List Properties

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1. Trulia

Trulia is similar to Zillow in every aspect. Both platforms come designed to help people find their dream homes. Sometimes, finding a home can be a chore. This circumstance is even more demanding when you have a full-time job at hand.

So if you don’t want to waste your gas, energy and time, the best option would be to head straight to a site like Trulia. The platform records over 23 million visitors monthly. And to show you how big Zillow is, they acquired Trulia in 2015.

2. Yahoo Homes

As long as you have started visitor the internet, you will undoubtedly know the name ‘Yahoo.” It’s a platform that lets you find houses of choice with ease. The platform also receives over 20 million visitors, and this number increased every day.

Yahoo Homes can make buyers and sellers develop an interest in online real estate websites. Whether you are seeking a home with cutting edge facilities or one that lacks the required amenities, then you will find answers to your challenges on these Zillow alternatives.

3. Realtor

Are you seeking a house to rent or buy? Or you are a seller looking for an opportunity to rent or have your property valued and sold? You have come to another Zillow alternative. This platform will meet your needs. It also has a sizable amount of traffic to ensure you find a suitable buyer in no time.

Realtor records 18 million visitors monthly. You can also get tons of idea and support from this blog if your interest is home improvement. What’s more, the site provides a guide on how wannabe sellers can get their properties listed on the platform, which makes it a lot easier to use.

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4. RedFin

RedFin is another top alternative like Zillow you will find online. The platform claims to offer the lowest listing fee online and provides an easy way for Americans to find their dream home in the country. The company came into existence in 2004 and was listed in the USA stock market in 2017.

So with regards to size, RedFin is one of the massive online real estate platforms out there. It also records over 6 million visitors every month. And just recently, the top-ranking national real estate brokerage, Redfin has a venture that allows intended home buyers to purchase properties without representation and save money on a commission fee.

5. ApartmentGuide

The search for a new apartment is a tedious and time-consuming exercise. That’s why some people prefer to use an agent or pay whatever fee they are charged when someone assists them in finding their home of choice. But whether you are moving into a new area or looking for a particular kind of home, ApartmentGuide is your go-to platform for a solution.

You can determine if a property is worth it via review. You can also share your experience about the city or neighbourhood you are living in. There is also an opportunity for interested clients to leave a review for a property he or she knows too well. So if you are ready, sign up immediately and get started. The platform also claims to receive over 3 million visitors monthly.

6. Auction

Would you like to bid for your ideal home, instead of allowing others that showed interest? Then get on the platform, Auction and start placing your bid. You never know you can get lucky and become the highest bidder.

Auction also makes the process easier for everyone to get involved. You will also find details of the opening and expected bid to give you a clue on the required bid. The platform also claims to record over 2 million visitors, which is a significant figure going forward.

7. ZipRealty

ZipRealty is a site like Zillow in every aspect. You will find it much easier to find your dream home or locate an agent on this platform. The platform offers an app that runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. And the significant thing about this is that you can take your home search to wherever you go.

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This platform also makes it easier for curious homeowners to value and know what their property is worth. There are also highly-rated agents on standby to help make your homes search a breeze.

8. Remax

Remax is another online real estate company that understands what it takes to find a home. The platform has an intuitive interface and was at a time one of the biggest real estate company in the United States of America.

Remax currently records over 2 million visitors monthly. You will find homes in different parts of the United States of America and Canada to choose and settle down. So if you are looking for a simple and active real estate brokerage, try Remax.

9. Rent

There are tons of homes out there. But not every home you will find out there is ideal for you. With that in mind, the platform, Rent, was established. The site comes loaded with features that enable you to find access and take an informed decision regarding your desired home.

Rent is a simple but well-built site that gives you the freedom to secure whatever home you want. You can also save your desired property so you can take a look at it later. The site also receives up to 1.5 million visitors monthly.

10. Curbed

If you want to live in any city of your choice in the USA, Curbed is one of the ideal platforms to visit. The site comes loaded with news, and information that will keep you in the know. The process through which you can search for properties is a breeze.

Another impressive thing about Curbed is that it gets a sizeable amount of traffic every month. Over 1.4 million visitors come to the site every month. So, it’s an excellent place to have your property mentioned.

11. Neighborhood Scout

Everyone desires to live in a better home. That’s why platforms like Neighborhood Scout have been moving higher. The site offers diverse opportunities to businesses and individuals to dive into the property business with style.

Also, whether you are a buyer or seller, you will find the Neighborhood Scout useful. Create your account and start exploring the numerous options to rent or sell your property in no time.

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12. BlockShopper

This site is a top-notch news site. But it also doubles as a Zillow alternative. You will find quality information about real estate from this platform. It also allows you to search for properties in a specific area and even a particular street.

BlockShopper is simple to use and established in a way that you won’t struggle to find your dream home. The only worrying thing is that it only displays information for bigger cities. But the good thing is you will find the accommodation you seek with ease.

13. HomeGain

If you are seeking a site that provides accurate market and home evaluation data, you should visit HomeGain. It also gives individuals who are looking for a home, an opportunity to connect with top local real estate agents.

Real estate agents are also encouraged to sign up on this platform. So if you are one of them, then you shouldn’t hesitate. The platform receives a reasonable amount of traffic, which means there are more opportunities for agents.

14. Homesnap

This feature-rich Zillow alternative will make you love searching for properties online. It comes designed with a map-based search feature and tons of property information. The site is similar to Zillion in that it allows users to search for properties with ease.

The mobile app is a unique addition to Homesnap. With it, users can take pictures of their properties, and it will help provide relevant information about the property.

15. NewHomeSource

NewHomeSource is another incredible platform to find or list properties. The site is simple to use, and you will discover diverse cities in the United States of America.

Another improve the thing you will like about this platform is the description provided for each city. You will be away from the setting and lifestyle of the area before renting or buying your property of choice via the NewHomeSource.


These are incredible sites like Zillow. They come designed to let you find your dream home without stress. So now that you know the different Zillow alternatives, nothing should prevent you from renting your property of choice. You can start your search today. You can also choose any of the listed online real estate platforms in this post.

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