13 Incredible Sites Like Wattpad To Find Interesting Books to Read

So you are here to find creative sites like Wattpad? Well, anyone in the writing niche will easily understand why. Wattpad has one of the largest eBook communities in the world. And just so we don’t forget what the platform is, Wattpad is a place where interested readers can find books to read, and writers can write and publish their work with freedom.

Tons of promising undiscovered writers use this platform to publish their work and get found. The platform also connects writers from different parts of the world. So it’s a huge platform and a must-visit for avid eBook writers and readers. But the appetite most readers have is to book for one platform to satisfy. Hence the quest to find top websites for sharing stories like Wattpad.

So to save you enough time and energy, here are 13 incredible websites like Wattpad for you.

13 Incredible Sites Like Wattpad

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1. Booksie

The first on this list is Booksie. It’s a platform where promising writers who are low on budget, visit. The platform helps get writers started. The only major thing you need to focus on is the quality of your book or writing and not publicity. Booksie let writers publish their write-up at no cost. You can post, share, and even promote your work with ease on the platform.

So if you are seeking a reliable platform to share your poems, stories, or novel, try Booksie. Also, if you like to compete, there is a short contest open for everyone. Show how good you are in what you do. Let the world see and appreciate your effort. The platform is also accessible to readers looking to get their hands on the latest books in diverse genres.

2. CritiqueCircle

Here is another fantastic platform that gives writers a chance. As the name implies, CritiqueCircle gives both publishers and critiques a chance to cohabit. The site came into existence in 2003, and currently has over 4000 active members. And thousands of stories and over half a million critiques have been posted on the platform.

But certain things differentiate this platform from a couple of others. It’s their strict policies and eye for top quality. That’s why upon registration, there are certain things one cannot start doing immediately. You have to be patient for any of the moderators to look into your application and approve it. Users also need to pay “3 credits” to publish their books. But critiques get acknowledged for reviewing someone else’s work.

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3. eFiction

We are now going to discuss the software called eFiction. It’s one tool that has made significant progress since inception. The eFiction is an open-source program, so no one is forced into paying before gaining access to the platform.

This platform is a software program that comes designed to let users install original or non-original archive on a website. The good thing about this platform that also makes it more attractive is the user-interface. It’s so simple, and the software is user-friendly too.

4. Mibba

Mibba is another incredible Wattpad alternative for writers. What set the platform apart is that it is suitable for teen, particularly budding writers. It offers writers a grammar handbook, which can help them write without grammar errors. Even if you are not a native speaker, Mibba provides resources that will guide you to start writing perfect copies.

You can write stories, poems, articles, or book reviews on this platform. It’s a creative writing platform that offers everyone a chance to write and have tons of audience read their work in the shortest possible time.

5. The Young Writers Society

The name alone will give you a clue on what this platform is all about. It’s a writer’s platform. But this platform focuses more attention on preparing newbie writers, particularly teens, looking to dive into the literary world and unleash their full potentials.

It is a platform that prepares writers for future publications in a bigger or more global stage. The Young Writers Society came into existence in 2004 and has continued to grow in the area of popularity, achieving its primary objectives along the line. Membership is open to teen authors within the ages of 13 to 25.

6. Scribophile

Scribophile claims to be one of the friendliest writing workshops online and have the record to back it up. It’s a platform that gives everyone a chance to publish their work online. But you must earn Karma points, which you will invariably use to publish your book or article on the platform.

The thing is the Karma points are not bought. You earn them by critiquing other author’s work. You can also earn Karma points whenever people like your work. And the longer your critiques, the higher your score. So if you are a budding author, Scribophile is an excellent place to start your journey. You will have tons of beta readers read your work, learn how to publish, and also learn a thing or two from feedback offered by readers and other authors.

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7. Writing.com

Not every writing platform is dedicated to amateur writers. Some only focus on already made authors. Writing.com is for unrecognized authors who are seeking a platform that will promote their voice. The site also offers budding authors a unique opportunity to learn and improve their trade.

Impressively, Writing.com has an ever-increasing writers’ community, with over 1.3 million writers currently onboard. It offers numerous functions and mouthwatering benefits such as the opportunity to track your submissions, tutorials with regards to writing, survey forms, and contests.

8. FanFiction

Are you seeking an opportunity to unleash your creativity and imagination? Are you a fiction writer seeking a community filled with like minds? FanFiction is for you. This platform has a growing population of fiction writers. All that is required of you is to sign up and start exploring.

This platform offers a community that encompasses different genres and interests. These include anime, movies, games, comics, cartoons, books, plays and TV. You can join any group of choice and start sharing your views. Want to learn about new books from authors like yourself? Or want to learn about recent updates on a particular book you have been reading? Click on the “Just In” icon.

9. Penana

Do you have captivating stories to share or looking for interesting ones to read and while away time? Penana is your ideal platform. It’s a platform where avid readers and writers congregate. Registration on Penana is free, and you can start publishing your stories or read whatever stories you deem fit right from the start.

This platform also features contests for writers, who have what it takes to compete. So if you are interested, visit the contests section on the left-hand corner of the site’s interface and search for active contests you can join. Each story has its duration displayed for interested readers to know how long they have to dedicate.

10. Commaful

Commaful is another fast-rising Wattpad alternative and one dedicated to fiction readers and writers. You will find a plethora of short stories to read. The platform also has an app that runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

Everything you need as a writer or reader is right here on this platform. Just visit the platform and see for yourself. It also has diverse sections. These include romance, thriller, poetry, thriller, fiction, humor, and fanfiction. Readers and writers also have the option to share stories across various social media platforms.

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11. Mirakee

Mirakee is another fantastic creative writing platform, connecting poets, writers, and readers around the globe. The site is just a simple but well-structured micro-blogging platform that offers writers a chance to have their articles published and accessed by tons of readers.

Mirakee also features an app which runs on Android and iOS devices. So whether you are a writer or interested reader, having the app installed on your device will make a lot of sense. Writers can also produce anything they want. These include stories, poems, or even quotes. Just ensure you are good at what you do, and the sky would be your starting point when you get on Mirakee.

12. Orton

Every author understands how challenging publishing a book or finding an audience for their work can be. So it’s easy to see writers willingly accept opportunities to have their work published online, even though they are not receiving anything in return. Fame and reward would undoubtedly come. And that’s what Orton, the writer’s palace, is here to offer.

This platform gives interested writers a chance to write at will. In other words, writers are free to write and publish their work on the platform as often as they can. Readers, on the other hand, will find something new to keep themselves occupied. Orton is a feature-rich platform that makes writing and reading books fun. Visit and see for yourself.

13. Bhooks

Bhooks claims to have features that many Wattpad alternatives don’t have. And when you check out the site, you will undoubtedly be convinced that it’s true. One of the highlighted features is that readers can easily download texts to a plethora of devices such as ePub, Mobi, and other formats.

Downloading of text is also automatic. Bhooks also offers a superior SEO (search engine optimization) option that will benefit you as a writer. Your published work will get found quickly in search results. The site also offers other features that make reading and writing books more enjoyable.


Are you a writer seeking a suitable platform to have your work published? Whether you are a budding or established writer, you will find these creative sites like Wattpad useful. They come designed to let writers publish their work with ease. You will also find the right audience and get helpful feedback for your work. Readers will also find interesting books to read on these platforms too.

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