15 Sites Like Pinterest You Will Simply Love To Pin Images in 2022

Pinterest is a unique social image bookmarking platform that has grown so popular. It is accessible to everyone, and you can even create a new account in a few minutes, share your visual contents, or get access to mind-blowing information. Looking for home ideas, recipes, creative ideas, or planning a travel adventure and need insight regarding where you are heading? Visit Pinterest to get ideas or relevant information.

A lot is happening on this social platform that will entice you. And since pictures they say, says a thousand words, Pinterest will for a long time remain relevant. But there comes a time when you might get tired need an alternative.

However, there are tons of sites like Pinterest out there that offer something similar or even more! And these are fantastic sites that might interest you. Let’s go over them one after the other.

15 Sites Like Pinterest You Will Love Pinning To in 2022

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1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a great Pinterest alternative and a popular social networking cum microblogging site. This platform gives people a chance to interact with one another and also share their thoughts in a unique way. It also has a clean interface, just like Pinterest. Plus you can share images, GIFs, videos or texts with ease too.

When you share stories on Tumblr, others can view and comment on your post. The platform is also not only growing in popularity but integrates well with other social media platforms.

2. Trippy

Well, let’s not forget that many sites like Pinterest have come and gone. So, the ones that dared to remain against all the odds deserves some accolades. Trippy is one of those social networking platforms. Trippy came into existence in 2011 with the sole aim to help make travel adventures of users worthwhile.

With this social networking platform, you won’t be completely ignorant when you visit a new place for the first time. It is a platform that allows users to ask travel-related questions. Destination experts or people who have been to such locations can provide the needed answers. But among many solutions offered, the “most liked” ones automatically move to the top for others to see.

3. Craftgawker

This platform is for the staunch DIYers. From woodworking, crafts, upcycle, home accessories to knitting, you will find everything DIY on Craftgawker.  The platform comes loaded with many creative ideas, which are also super easy to learn and understand. And though this social bookmarking platform might not be as popular as Tumblr and Pinterest, it sure has the potentials to be popular in no distant time.

Another factor that stands Craftgawker out of the crowd is the quality of contents on the site. The platform is well-moderated, and the admins also ensure that only quality contents remain on the site. Hence the visual appeal of materials shared on Craftgawker is top-notch, and a bit higher than the ones you will find on many websites like Pinterest out there.

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4. HomeTalk

Home talk, that’s the name. Strictly home improvement topic that is what you will find and discuss on this platform and nothing else. But, if you want to improve your living space, whether it’s a small or large apartment you are occupying, you can get some incredible DIY ideas from HomeTalk for free.

From painting old couches to creating unique concrete head planters for your precious garden, HomeTalk allows you to learn or share ideas that could help others. You can even post questions to get more ideas from other DIYers. What’s more? The platform receives a reasonable amount of traffic each month and has millions of registered users.

5. Dribble

Do you want to know where the world’s most wanted creatives and designers are? Visit Dribble, and you will be stunned by the talents the world have. Or do you have stunning artworks you would like to showcase to a broader audience? Dribble is still one of the best sites like Pinterest for you!

It is also a great platform where new and experienced designers get inspiration for their work. And if you are a designer, this site will offer you a chance to connect with others in your league. Plus you can even land lucrative design jobs or get feedback from others that will help you improve in what you do.

6. Fancy

The name “Fancy” should give you an idea of what to expect on this site. It’s a platform that brings all the fancy things of life together; both the known and unknown, and let users acquire them with ease. You will find accessories and products for men, women, and kids. Quality images of each item are also displayed on this Pinterest alternative for interested buyers to have a better view of items displayed on the site.

Also, everything acquired from this platform is directly from it and not from third party sources. Furthermore, the platform is accessible via web, iOS, and Android devices. And, you will find almost all the cool things Pinterest has on the site.

7. Foodgawker

Tired of preparing the same meals over and over again? Visit Foodgawker to get more food and recipe ideas. The platform has tons of recipes from different individuals, which you can learn in no time. Foodgawker is also a top quality platform that features hundreds of visual contents.

Another thing that sets this platform apart is the quality of the contents allowed on the site. Unlike other sites like Pinterest, you will only find HD visual contents on Foodgawker. In short, the moderators do not allow anything short of that on the site.

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8. Everplaces

It is best to have accurate information about a new destination before visiting. That way, you won’t regret your trip. Everplaces is the Pinterest alternative for travelers. You will have access to insider information regarding the city or area you plan visiting to help make your journey worthwhile.

This platform gives you access to information about must-see travel destinations, fun to have, food, and best accommodation in terms of comfort and price from other individuals who have been to those places or live there. On the homepage, you will find favorite places to visit, a suggestion you also shouldn’t overlook even if you already have a destination in mind to visit.

9. Dudepins

Are you eager to learn more about men’s stuff? If yes, then Dudepins is the ideal platform for you. It is everything like Pinterest. The only difference is that Dudepins is entirely for the male folks. So, ladies, you might not find what you need here. But if you want to get more idea about men’s things, particularly for your partner, Dudepins has got some great ideas you could use.

The platform also comes loaded with quality visual contents and is well-organized too. But what’s most important is the quality information it has. From how to spot a fake BBQ to car talk, Dudepins is a platform every male folk should consider visiting.

10. We Heart It

This Pinterest alternative is a platform that gives you access to quality images, videos, and articles of things you cherish. It is a social media platform that let young people express themselves too. We Heart It is an image-based social platform aimed at teenagers or college students. It features inspiring visual contents of things that fascinate young people, such as fashion, beauty, music, travel, and more.

The only significant difference between Pinterest and We Heart It is that the latter lacks the pinning feature. But then, it is still well-organized and contains top quality visual contents too.

11. Indulgy

Indulgy might not be as popular as Pinterest. But it is no doubt a promising platform that has what it takes to indulge anyone. This visual pinboard gives you access to quality images. Plus you can also share cool stuff on the platform too.

The site also has a clean interface, which is super easy to navigate. The only drawback is that it is not as rich in content as Pinterest. But you will undoubtedly find useful information on the platform.

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12. 500px

Founded in 2009, 500px has grown to become a popular online photography network for creatives to share their work and get paid for it. But if you don’t have content to share, you can still access images on the platform.

500px also boasts of having over 15 million photographers from around the world. Plus it also has millions of different unique images that will blow your mind away. So, if you’re looking for a Pinterest alternative that has quality images, 500px is one of the ideal platforms for you.

13. Designspiration

As the name implies, Designspiration is a top quality website that gives you access to incredible graphic designs and can help to stimulate your creative spirit. This platform is home to diverse creative designers looking to showcase their talents and has plenty of visual contents for the viewing pleasure of users.

You can also visit Designspiration to gain inspiration for your design project. And, if you have things to share online, this platform is the right place to be. You can have access to cool designs for product packaging, T-shirt, or posters. The quality of images on this platform is another feature that sets it apart.

14. Visualhunt

Visualhunt, as the name implies, is a platform that collects all the top quality and appealing contents for the viewing pleasure of its numerous users. You can also signup and add images on this platform whenever you want. From Dining, bedroom, outdoor to home d├ęcor, the platform has everything in store for you.

The quality of content on this platform is one of the things that make it unique. It also has an extensive and ever-expanding database of visual contents.

15. Imgur

Imgur is another top site like Pinterest that has what it takes to uplift your mood. This platform contains funny memes, GIFs, and images in different categories. You can also explore tags to find visual contents of interest on Imgur.

Also, any trendy image on the internet somehow finds its way to Imgur; that’s why the platform is a favorite destination for those seeking engaging contents. Users can also upload unique contents on Imgur with ease, and whenever they want.


So, these are the sites like Pinterest that have stood the test of time. They are unique platforms, loaded with incredible visual contents that either entertain or provide you with quality information. So, if you are looking for top Pinterest alternatives, you can visit these sites.

However, if you feel there are other sites similar to Pinterest that we didn’t mention, please let us know via comments below. Thank you for stopping by!

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