15 Best Etsy Alternatives – Sites Like Etsy For Buying and Selling Things Online

While we are busy looking for the best sites like Etsy, let’s not forget in a hurry that the platform is still a wise choice. Etsy is among the go-to online stores for all things handmade. But because our appetite for handmade items is too large, the urge to go beyond the realm of Etsy keeps warranting the search for alternatives.

And really, there are tons of Etsy alternatives out there. Many are still springing up as we speak. So, to help you make an informed decision without wasting time, we have put together a list of sites that are similar to Etsy. You can check them out below.

15 Alternative Sites Like Etsy

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1. Bonanza

Bonanza has an eye-catching slogan. But that’s not the only thing about this platform that turns heads. If you are an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the popularity of this platform to grow your business. It allows free listings and there is no monthly fee, whatsoever.
Bonanza also records massive traffic monthly, which is the bedrock of its success over the years. It receives over 930,000 visitors every month, a figure most Etsy alternatives cannot match. Its slogan is simple; “Find everything but the ordinary.” So, whether you are seeking to buy or sell homemade items, visit Bonanza, and you will be glad you did.

2. ArtFire

ArtFire is another platform with an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to sell homemade and vintage items. You can sell anything you want, such as craft supplies, wedding, home, children, jewelry, and any sellable handmade item.

ArtFire also claims to receive an estimated 700,000 visitors monthly. So you can see that the site is enormous and has great marketing potentials. And upon uploading your items, the website ensures search engines automatically index them. But it’s not a free site. Users, particularly those who wish to sell on ArtFire, are required to pay a monthly subscription fee.

3. Luulla

If you are seeking a promising but straightforward platform to sell your handmade products, you can count on Luulla. It comes designed with features that make it easier for businesses and buyers to trade. In addition to the US dollars, Luulla also supports payment in 24 different currencies. So customers do not have to go through the hassle of changing their currencies to another before buying items.

Luulla is open to collectors, artists, and handmade crafters who are looking for the opportunity to sell their creations. The platform also has a wonderful and straightforward shipping arrangement, which makes it easier for goods are shipped out at the stipulated time. Again, there is also a monthly subscription fee that businesses are required to pay to gain access to sell on the platform.

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4. Big Cartel

Big Cartel is another site like Etsy that’s worth visiting. It’s one of the few platforms that have witnessed meteoric growth even in the wake of a turbulent economy. The platform also records an estimated 930,000 visitors every month, which is a figure that shows there is an opportunity for beginners using the platform, to excel.

Big Cartel also offers free and paid listing options. But the free option only allows businesses to upload limited products. If you wish to add more, you can opt for platinum, diamond, or titanium packages.

5. Zibbet

Zibbet is the ideal artisan marketplace for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and makers. The site isn’t as popular as Etsy, but it has shown that it has the potential to become the future Etsy in a not too distant time. It is also a breeze to navigate. And you will find several handmade items of choice to buy here.

However, uploading items on Zibbet is a breeze. But the site does offer different packages to interested businesses. They have a free package, but you can only upload limited products. The premium packages allow you to upload as many products that you seek.

6. Cargoh

Are you a DIY designer or looking for quality homemade items to acquire for your property? If yes, then don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Cargoh. The platform looks lovely and well organized. It also offers tons of features that every seller would love.

First, Cargoh offers free access. In other words, you don’t have to pay to list your product or buy stuff on the platform. So listing products on Cargoh is free. The only thing you need to do is to register and submit your application. Once your application gets accepted, then you can start using the platform to sell your homemade products. The platform also receives over 7,000 unique visitors monthly.

7. Folksy

What a great slogan, “a product with love.” And indeed, everything about Folksy is lovable. The platform has quite an elaborate blog, which has great content. The blog is one of the reasons for the platform’s ever-increasing traffic. The site currently records over 37,000 visitors, which is a significant figure considering the high competition for the top spot.

Folksy also has a clean interface, which can make buyers enjoy every single minute spent navigating through the site. This platform is also home of British craft. So, keep in mind that all fees paid on the website are in pounds sterling.

8. Storenvy

It’s impossible to list the best sites like Etsy without including Storenvy. Among the numerous alternatives, Storenvy has built a solid reputation and made a name in this highly competitive niche. The site currently records over 65,000 monthly visitors, which is a remarkable achievement.

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But there is something unique about this platform. It gives sellers a chance to sell their products without spending a dime. For clarity purpose, everything about this site is free. There is no monthly fee, listing fee, neither do you have to pay any commission. Storenvy makes money from its thriving printing service. And that’s where it gets funds to run the platform.

9. iCraft

Anyone can tell from the name what iCraft is. Its slogan is “creativity without borders,” and it’s acting according to its name. If you have handmade products to sell, then iCraft is a great destination. Or are you seeking quality handmade item to present as a gift to a loved one? You will never regret visiting this platform.

But keep in mind that this platform isn’t entirely free. The only free option gives sellers the right to list a maximum of 5 products. Interested sellers are also required to pay a CAD 25 as registration fee to use the site.

10. Not On The High Street

Oh, what a slogan! It’s called “one basket, hundreds of shop.” And really, the platform is living up to its name as the mother of all handmade shops in existence. The site is well-organized to make it easier for buyers who are in a hurry to save time and also choose the ideal product.

But know that you have to pay a one-time fee of 550 pounds before you can start selling on this platform. There is no listing fee, but the commission is 25 percent. This site also receives over 24,000 monthly visitors, which is an indication of its marketing potentials.

11. Ruby Lane

The items on display make this Etsy alternative an excellent choice for handmade products. You will find everything vintage and handmade, ranging from jewelry, fine art, antiques, and many more. The platform might seem new in the market but guess what; it has been available for over a decade.

Ruby Lane is also a platform you can trust whether you are a seller or buyer. Sellers are also required to pay a fee to have the opportunity to sell on the platform. There are other requirements one needs to meet before trading on the platform. One is that a seller shouldn’t have had any customer complaint and must have at least ten products to sell. You can visit the site to check other requirements if you are interested in trading here.

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12. Handmade Catalog

Handmade Catalogue is another incredible platform created to help artisans of varied skill level to market their work with ease. But before you start selling here, there are many criteria you must meet. Don’t worry; the requirements are not that difficult to meet.

Sellers are also expected to pay a monthly amount which varies. You can visit the platform to know what the requirement is before you can start selling on the platform. But in terms of support and market potentials, Handmade Catalog has got you covered.

13. eCrater

If you are seeking opportunities to showcase your products online but limited on budget, eCrater can help provide the solution you seek. The platform lets you create a unique e-commerce store so you can showcase your product in the most appealing way.

Everything is also easy. You don’t need to have coding skills to get your website created via eCrater. You also don’t need to pay a dime, unless your buyer comes directly from the main site.

14. Café Press

Do you have artworks crafted by you that you wish to sell? Café Press is looking for talents like you. You can visit today and create a personal shop. No coding skills? No worries. Just go straight to be platform and build your shop.

Building shops on Café Press is free. But you have to pay commissions when you start getting sales. The platform also allows you to add over 250 products. So there is no restriction whatsoever on this site.

15. Aftcra

Have quality handmade products to sell? Use Aftcra. The only thing of concern is that this platform is only open to USA sellers. Meaning you cannot use the platform if you are not in this region. ’It’s not appealing, but that’s their policy.

You can also use the platform for free, list your products, and watch them get sold. You will only pay a commission when you make sales. But keep in mind that products listed on the platform expire after six months, though you can relist them.


So these are incredible sites like Etsy. They are platform created to give those who put in many hours to create handmade products without a machine, to advertise and sell their crafts online. And as you can see, some of the platforms are free to use, while some require you to pay a certain registration fee, including others to get started. But the good thing is that these platforms are structured to help you sell your products to a broader audience. So if you are a craftsman, you can try them out.

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