15 Amazing Sites (Alternatives) Like Buzzfeed For Viral Content, News and Videos

The thirst to find more sites like Buzzfeed is understandable. Why not, the site offers an impressive dose of entertainment for everyone. From viral contents, news, videos, and even quizzes, Buzzfeed is the go-to platform.

Since its inception in 2006, Buzzfeed has always demonstrated why it’s a top site for millennials and even older folks. But our thirst for news is far bigger than what one platform can handle. So there is a need to find other Buzzfeed alternatives to quench this thirst. That’s why we took out time to handpick these incredible platforms like Buzzfeed. Read on!

15 Amazing and Interesting Sites Like Buzzfeed

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 1. Upworthy

Though Buzzfeed started way earlier than Upworthy, the latter has grown in popularity quickly. It’s surprising to find a platform established in 2012 rake in so much traffic. But Upworthy has managed to pull such a stunt and is undoubtedly heading for the top.

As of the time of writing, over 50 million views are said to be visiting the platform every month. Yes, you heard right, monthly basis. The Upworthy also provides top-quality viral contents (videos and articles) that are similar to Buzzfeed. Plus it’s among the top viral platforms where you can find exciting and shareable contents in the form that you most desire.

2. Wired

The name fits this Buzzfeed alternative. Wired is another popular viral platform, thanks to its rich reservoir of content. From science to security, business, culture, and even mind-blowing ideas, the platform Wired has them all.

But this site does not only offer contents online. News is also made available to their ever-growing readers, in print media. The simplicity of the platform is noteworthy. Their contents are also top-notch, something much expected from a top-rated platform. So if you are looking for a Buzzfeed alternative to read thought-provoking contents, try Wired.

3.The Verge

The Verge is a colorful, highly attractive and well-structured site. It gives you access to the latest news around the globe, such as science, technology-related and many more! The site was established in 2011 and is ran by Vox Media.

The journalists at The Verge have so much fate in technology. And they are not afraid to display it. They believe technology will massively shape lives in the nearest future. Hence they are out to examine how this could happen. With hard work, consistency, and a knack for excellence, The Verge has been a go-to platform that could even compete or replace Buzzfeed in the nearest future.

4. Digg

Digg is a well-known social networking site. It was launched in 2004, so it’s two years older than the now popular Buzzfeed. The platform is open to users across the web. Anyone can submit top stories, news, and gossips from across the web.

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The platform gives its users so much freedom. Users can place comments, vote for contents, and even share top stories on their social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Digg is a lovable aggregator website. It enables you to find links to top stories ranging from trending political issues, among others, particularly other credible platforms.

5. Viral Nova

This list of top 15 amazing sites like Buzzfeed will not be complete without Viral Nova. The site has a neat interface, and other features make it attractive. Plus it is super easy to search for and read contents. Contents are also categorized according to their niches, which contains a plethora of the latest trending news. So if you are seeking trending contents in science, life, culture, entertainment or politics, Viral Nova is one of the best sites to visit.

Founded in 2013, Viral Nova has gained massive popularity since its inception. Some of the oldest Buzzfeed alternatives might not be able to match the number of readers that visit this site every month. As of the time of forming this list, the website was recording over 70 million users monthly. Well, that’s massive.

6. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz is similar to Buzzfeed in diverse ways. It gives you access to top-rated contents such as viral news, entertainment, articles, quizzes, and others. The contents on this site are in different languages, not just English.

PlayBuzz also claims to be a top publishing platform for brands, publishers, and content creators. You can even create quizzes and share to friends on other social media platforms. So it’s fun all the way whenever you visit this site. And that’s because you not only get the chance to consume contents but also contribute.

7. TopBuzz

TopBuzz is a familiar name in this list. It’s one of the Buzzfeed alternatives that most people know and may have used. The site is popular not because it has “Buzz” in its name. It has helped and still helping content creators to reach out to a broader audience.

This site also has it all. From funny to food, lifestyle, auto, and even entertainment, you will find all you need here. There is also an opportunity for users to earn money via this platform. So if you are a content creator, consider giving it a go. You will find both videos and texts on this platform as well.

8. Funny or Die

This platform started a year before Buzzfeed. And if you want to laugh and crack your rib, Funny or Die is a platform you should visit. You will find contents, particularly videos that will make your day. But why is it similar to Buzzfeed? Well, it focuses on entertainment like Buzzfeed. You will also find viral videos and other forms of contents here.

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Funny or Die also gives you access to tons of celebrity videos. And it doesn’t just provide videos to users. You will find funny images and articles that will crack your ribs. The users also upload most of the contents while some are entirely original.

9. Cracked

There is no way one would discuss the best sites like Buzzfeed and not name Cracked. Cracked is one of the finest and one-time America’s only humor sites on the internet. There are claims that this platform receives over 300 million visitors or readers per month. Wow, that’s huge.

You will find captivating articles, infographics, and videos on this site. Writers are also given a chance to have their work published on Cracked, too. So, if you strongly believe that you are funny, brave and can churn out highly captivating copies, then get on Cracked. You get paid whenever your article is accepted and published.

10. Imgur

Do you want to discover and experience the magic of the internet? Try to pay a visit to Imgur. This platform is well loaded with the good stuff. It gives readers access to tons of videos on different genres. Imgur believes in sharing original contents. Hence the site categorically states that whatever you see on other sites was first shared on Imgur.

Imgur was founded in 2009, so Buzzfeed is way older. It’s practically an image sharing platform where users get the chance to share contents online. So, have viral content to share? Visit this platform!

11. BoingBoing

We take a look at another popular blog, the BoingBoing. It has a name that’s not easy to forget and offers quality contents too. This platform is dedicated to techies. But you can still get some entertainment even if you are not a tech geek.

Everything about this platform is quality. The site is neat and super easy to navigate. BoingBoing has their editors that take care of contents and help to ensure readers never have cause to complain. Users also have the opportunity to share their contents on this platform too.

12. Gawker

If you are looking for the latest news and gossips from around the world, head straight to Gawker. Whether its politics, Hollywood gossips, culture, book reviews; Gawker offers them in abundance. The first thing you will love about this platform is its simplicity. You will find everything you seek without wasting time searching through the numerous contents.

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More than ten posts are being published daily on Gawker. So you will always find fresh contents to keep you busy throughout the day. And most of the contents you will find are from other blogs, while some are original.

13. 9GAG

9GAG is not a new name when it comes to best humor sites. It’s been around for over a decade. What fascinates people about this platform is how organized it is. Plus it comes loaded with tons of funny contents that will make you laugh and crack your rib.

It’s one of the most popular Hong Kong-based platforms and also serve as a social media site. Users can share contents online from other blogs to keep people entertained. So it’s one of the go-to websites for viral contents.


Break is another top humor platform that offers quality entertainment. You will find funny video clips, articles, and pictures that will blow your mind away. The contents you will find on this platform are shared into different categories for easy access. And, no matter what you seek, Break has them.

This platform came into in 1998, and being that it has survived all these years is a positive sign. In addition to video clips and articles, you will also have access to flash games on this platform too.

15. Fark

Launched in 1999, Fark is a community platform where news generated is from the users. You can share links to popular news and stories to be featured on Fark. The platform receives tons of submissions daily. Over 100 links are reportedly turned in from users and are displayed on the platform for all to read.

Contents on Fark are into different categories for easy accessibility. These consist of food, business, politics, and sports. You also have the privilege of joining discussions on Fark, which are on different topics.


So there are the 15 amazing sites like Buzzfeed. Have you tried any of them in the past? Well, these platforms offer that keeps you entertained and occupied. In other words, there is never a dull moment when you land on any of these sites, given the quality of contents available. And, whether you are a content creator or looking to read the latest news around the world, you will find the platforms on this list interesting.

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