13 Interesting Sites Like Bored Panda To Get Rid of Your Boredom

Hey! Are you looking for interesting sites like Bored Panda? Guess the cause of your search is boredom. There is good news for you. We have managed to handpick the top platforms similar to Bored Panda. So, rest assured your boredom will be a thing of the past soon!

The Bored Panda is a cool site built for entertainment. You will find top contents such as articles, pictures, and even videos to feed your eyes. Another exciting thing is that there tons of sites out there that have similar content pattern and idea as Bored Panda. Let’s check them out quickly.

13 Interesting Sites Like Bored Panda

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1. Fubiz

Can you handle an overdose of inspiration? If yes, head straight to Fubiz. This platform will make you forget how boredom feels. It comes loaded with inspiring and highly creative contents that will keep you searching for more! The platform enjoys regular updates of new, fresh and mind-blowing contents. That is why it’s highly addictive.

You will find tons of video clips and pictures on this platform. It represents the art and design world and shows how both niches should entail in this modern day. Its tagline is “Daily dose of inspiration.” And of a truth, it has never failed to offer that since inception.

2. ThisBlogRules

ThisBlogRules! What a name. Does it rule? Well, it does, and you will figure that out upon visiting the platform. It does have tons of contents to keep you engaged and lost in entertainment. Just like Bored Panda, ThisBlogRules is built to eradicate boredom.

You will find fresh contents every day to consume on this platform. Whether funny, informative, creative or thought-provoking contents, you will find them on this blog. There is also room for creative and top-notch writers to share their piece on this blog. So, if you have the magic wand to create outstanding contents, there is an opportunity for you to share them on this blog.

3. Viral Nova

You can tell what this platform entails by looking at the name. Viral Nova it’s called and represents that in all ramifications. The surprising thing is you won’t find most of the stuff on this site elsewhere. Or it might take a while before you start seeing them on other Bored Panda alternatives out there.

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Now guess what, less than 20 individuals manage this platform. It’s hard to believe, though, given the demands of running such blogs. Viral Nova also receives over a million visitors daily. And this tells you how much people have fallen deeply in love with the platform.


Whether you are into art, designs or not, NOTCOT is a platform you cannot resist. It comes loaded with tons of creative media contents, which makes it a suitable ground for graphic designers, artist and other professionals in the niche.

NOTCOT is loaded with contents, and new additions are made each day. Contents are also brought in from other sister sites to NOTCOT. The platform also has an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to navigate.

5. My Modern Met

My Modern Met is another top Bored Panda alternative you can trust to keep you engaged. It’s an art-oriented platform that contains a plethora of incredible masterpieces that will stimulate your imaginative powers. You will find tantalizing artworks, ideas and designs from across the globe on this platform.

My Modern Met is also simple to navigate. You will also gain access to diverse topics of interest too. These include science, architecture, history, art, technology, nature, environment, and many more. Need contents that will spice up your day instantly? Visit the popular post section to find top trending contents.

6. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is a platform that shows that things we consider difficult in this life are simple. If you are looking for tips to hack your health, job or challenging tasks, you’ll be amazed at what you will find at Lifehacker.

It’s a platform that transforms the newbie or novice into an expert hacker. But this time, you aren’t hacking into back accounts but ways to make life easy. So, do you like to learn some new skills? Pay a visit to Lifehacker right away.

7. Cracked

This platform ranks amongst the best sites like Bored Panda. As a humor magazine and fun website, Cracked has been in the game for decades. This platform comes loaded with tons of contents that will make you laugh hard. You will find contents written based on real-life experiences. In other words, you will find tips shared from the personal experiences from diverse users.

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Cracked also features a forum, which is a community that brings like minds together. The interface of this platform also makes it a joy to use. But what will most likely inspire you to keep visiting cracked is the tip of contents it offers. You can visit to seek for yourself.

8. InspireFirst

Sometimes, a simple inspiration might what you require to create that breathtaking design. Seeing the work of others in your niche can also stimulate and bring out your creativity. However, InspireFirst comes established for such a purpose. It’s a platform designed to give those in the creative niche that extra push.

From photography, architecture, fashion design, and other niches, InspireFirst has got the contents that would inspire you. You will also find making money tips and other contents of great value from this platform. Just visit the platform, and you will be amazed.

9. CollegeHumor

Whenever you are seeking the craziest and funnies stuffs on the internet, visit CollegeHumor. You will be amazed at what you will find upon visiting this platform. You will find jokes that will take away every form of grieve. Get access to loads of comics, and contents on politics, life, food and many more! You can also watch some movies here.

The interface is simple and makes navigation quite easy. CollegeHumor is a platform every millennial would love. And if you are a college student, then you have more to gain. Just head to the “Back to School” section to know why.

10. The Oatmeal

So you like comic cartoons. Okay, now here is one platform you shouldn’t miss. The Oatmeal is a den of funny cartoons that will make you laugh. Of course, it’s a webcomic and humor platform so, such is expected.

The Oatmeal was created in 2009 and stands out among comic and humor blogs on the internet. And one area that has made it possible for this platform to stay relevant all these years is the quality of the contents available. Again, it does not only have eye-catching images. But each write-up comes represented in text for easy understanding.

11. Funny or Die

If you are seeking high-quality comedy videos to while away time, then pay a visit to Funny or Die right away. In addition to videos, you will also find funny articles and pictures that will make you happy and put you in high spirit. And these contents features comedians and celebrities from across the globe.

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The Funny or Die platform also started decades ago. But today, it has grown bigger in terms of content size and user-base. So regarding metrics like user-generated contents and visitor size, Funny or Die is a suitable Bored Panda alternative.

12. Metacafe

The unique thing about Metacafe is that it sometimes offers fresh contents you can’t find elsewhere. It has loads of videos, short but funny video clips of different kinds. You can also watch movie trailers on this platform too. Metacafe is for individuals who have enough time to while away and data to crush. Why so? The platform has a load of media contents that can cause you to spend your entire day online.

However, media contents on Metacafe are user-generated. Anyone can also share videos on this platform after watching so that others can enjoy the entertainment as well.

13. YouTube

Hey! Wondering why YouTube came last on this list? You shouldn’t. YouTube is still as popular, big, and a massive video-sharing platform throughout the world. There aren’t any mobile device users these days that don’t know or have access to YouTube.

The contents shared on YouTube are top-notch. You can also find videos of varied length and quality on YouTube. From funny videos to life-changing video tutorials, YouTube has them in abundance for you.


Bored Panda is a top platform for entertainment, no doubt. But there are times when our thirst gets too big for one platform to quench. We know this, and that’s why these interesting websites like Bored Panda where sourced. They are top platforms that come loaded with tons of hilarious contents of varied length. Another impressive thing is that some of the platforms on this list do not only offer entertainment contents. You will also find videos or articles of life-transforming ideas.

So have you tried Bored Panda or other platforms on this list? What was your experience?

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