15 Best Sites Like Aliexpress – Alternatives to Aliexpress {2022}

Are you looking for the best sites like Aliexpress? If yes, then you are lucky to be here. But first, let’s see why Aliexpress is one of the best online marketplaces in China and the rest of the world.

Aliexpress has sincerely transformed the way people online shoppers purchase items and has also built their confidence too. Even if you are shipping from China to other places, you won’t have any reason to fear because their Buyer Protection will cover you when something unpleasant happens to your order.

You will also find top quality products on Aliexpress at budget-friendly rates too.

But there are things about Aliexpress that forces many to look for other alternatives. Selling on this online marketplace is impossible if you don’t live in mainland China. On the other hand, moving goods from China to other distant places is on the high side.

But if you are serious about shopping online and can’t stand the challenges that Aliexpress poses, then check out the 15 great sites like Aliexpress that we have put together to make things easier for you.

15 Best Sites Like Aliexpress

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1. eBay


Every avid online shopper knows that eBay ranks as one of the best online marketplaces in the world, and has all the features Aliexpress has. One impressive thing about this platform is that shoppers have the privilege to write a review after purchasing an item. And this can help others to decide whether to buy or not.

Also, eBay has buyer protection like Aliexpress. So, if your goods get lost or damaged on the way, you shouldn’t worry about anything. And regarding payments, you can make secure payments on the platform via PayPal. You will also find similar items and deals that Aliexpress offers when you visit eBay.

2. Newegg


Looking at the name “Newegg” you may think that this site is for agricultural products. But it is not. It’s an online marketplace filled with top quality products in different categories, ranging from software, health, sports, computer systems, electronics, apparels and others too numerous to mention.

Signing up for a premier account on Newegg gives you access to various offers on the platform. You will enjoy 3-days shipping too. Another thing that makes Newegg a perfect Aliexpress alternative is that they offer a wide selection of electronic brand. Shipping is also a bit faster too.

3. Amazon


Amazon is an Aliexpress American alternative. It’s the largest online marketplace in the world and offers millions of quality products in different categories. Amazon also offers free shipping for some items and to various locations too. When you search for a product on the site, you will discover if the product ships to your area or not.

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Products on Amazon are quite more expensive than the ones on Aliexpress quite a bit. But if you genuinely are looking for quality items to splash the cash on, Amazon doesn’t disappoint. Buyer reviews can also help you decide whether to purchase an item or not.

4. MiniInTheBox


If you are looking for small-sized electronics slapped with factory-direct prices, MiniInTheBox is one of the best platforms or Aliexpress alternatives you should visit. Just as its name, you will find tons of small electronic products on this platform ranging from cell phones, LED and lighting, and others like men’s clothing, jewelry, pets, toys and other categories of items.

MiniInTheBox also has a 30-day money back guarantee which is something many similar platforms don’t offer. Another impressive thing is that they provide fast shipping services, and have local warehouses scattered across Europe and North America.

5. GeekBuying


GeekBuying is another great China-based online marketplace like Aliexpress. But the platform is a bit smaller than Aliexpress regarding product category. GeekBuying was primarily for the purchase of tech products and accessories and was founded by tech enthusiasts as well.

This online marketplace is also growing fast. So don’t be surprised when it starts competing with the likes of Amazon and Aliexpress in the nearest future. Besides tech products, GeekBuying also offers other items like Sports, outdoor, bags, shoes, home, garden and others. The site is also user-friendly and provides free shipping for buyers that are close to their warehouses in Hong Kong, Europe, U. S and mainland China.

6. DinoDirect


The name of this platform says it all. Like Aliexpress, DinoDirect is an online market place where consumers can purchase products at wholesale prices. It’s also a Chinese website but can ship products to various locations at pocket-friendly prices. In other words, their shipping fees are incredibly lower than many other China-based online marketplaces.

DinoDirect also boasts of having other 314,000 items in various categories. The website is also easy to navigate, and you will find any product you are looking for in just a minute. Just type the keywords for instance “Led flashlights”, and products in this category will display on the website.

7. DealExtreme


DX, as it’s fondly called, has millions of customers scattered across different countries. It’s one of China’s highly sought after online marketplaces and operates like Aliexpress, where consumers can purchase products at wholesale prices.

DealExtreme also offers attractive deals where you can buy products on the cheap and have them sent to your doorsteps. The platform also boasts of providing over 320,000 products online. They also have one of the best customer support and warranty services.

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8. Walmart


Walmart is the American version of Aliexpress. Its one of the platforms that display quality products in different categories. And the impressive thing is that you can get these items at every day low prices. There is also a special discount that awaits you when you pick up products directly from Walmart’s physical stores scattered across different places.

You will also find millions of products, including everyday items on Walmart. Plus it’s effortless to search for products on this website too. You can also take advantage of the platform’s free shipping services for others above 35 dollars.

9. Overstock


If you are looking for items in categories like kitchen, jewelry, décor, rug, outdoor, apparel and others too numerous to mention, pay a visit to Overstock. The platform has tons of items in various categories that will make any online shopper elated. Overstock is also one of the Aliexpress alternatives where customer satisfaction is the business’s culture.

However, one of the impressive features of this platform is its Worldstock line. The best about this feature is that products are sourced from local artisans, sold and monies given back to those who made the items. And this is an encouragement for the low-income artisan trying to cash in on his or her skills.

10. DHgate


DHgate is a prominent site like Aliexpress. It has everything avid online shoppers, particularly ladies would want. You will find tons of items on this platform offered at factory prices. And this implies that one can purchase numerous items even on a tight budget.

DHgate is also safe for online shopping like Aliexpress. You will even find Buyer Protection boldly written on the website. What’s more? The platform also offers refunds and allows buyers to make secure payments online.

11. Tiny Deal

Tiny Deal

Tiny Deal is one of the fastest growing global online wholesale and retail platforms based on China. It offers different items and mouthwatering deals like Aliexpress too. Product categories include Samsung and Apple accessories, home and garden, wearable tech, health, beauty and other everyday things.

Tiny Deal has an impressive interface that makes navigation so easy. You can even search for products by typing the keyword or product model. The platform also offers free shipping and tons of electronic items too.

12. TomTop


TomTop is another Aliexpress alternative that is gaining popularity by the day. As a new customer, you can even have access to 200 free points and coupons that will cause you to purchase items on a cheap. Registering on the platform is also quite easy. And you can sign up for email newsletters to receive regular updates about new arrivals and deals.

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TomTop also has strong guarantee and return policies in place too. Another thing that will impress you about this online marketplace is the list of products they have on display. You will find smart devices, computer, sports, apparels, toys, home, garden, health and a host of other items on TomTop.

13. NewFrog


Forget the name, sincerely; NewFrog is an Aliexpress alternative both regarding the design of the platform and deals offered. You will find products in almost all the categories you can think of such as electrical, computers, networking, health, shoes and other items you didn’t imagine would be on such a platform.

NewFrog also has a great customer service support team that makes online shopping more interesting. They respond to request or complaint in lightening speed. There is also an option for you to track your order via this platform too.

14. Tmart


One impressing thing about this Aliexpress alternative called Tmart is that they sell almost everything. From home improvement to electronics, you will find every single thing you are looking for on Tmart.

The platform also offers free shipping on orders to different locations. But do not forget to check on their return and shipping policies to know more. Tmart is a well-organized online platform. And another fantastic feature is that products are offered at manufacturer’s prices also.

15. FastTech


The name of this online marketplace will make you think you will find only electronics items here. But then, they have stunning electronic gadgets ranging from Apple accessories, consumer electronics, computer and even E-cigarettes. You will also find other non-electronic items here too.

FastTech also offers customers the privilege to change the language option of the website to their local language. These include French, Spanish, Dutch, among others. And like Aliexpress, you will also like the way products are displayed on FastTech, and discount prices offered for each item.


These are trustworthy online stores like Aliexpress that offers similar items and makes online shopping effortless. Another impressive thing about the majority of these Aliexpress alternatives is that you can buy items at factory prices. So, products might be a bit cheaper, unless when you factor the shipping fee into the overall expenses. But then, the platforms on this list are worth checking out. You will undoubtedly find top products and attractive prices. So start exploring!

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