How Marketing Automation Can Work for Small Businesses


Setting up and running your own small business is no easy feat. With limited budgets, time, and manpower, entrepreneurs often find themselves wearing many hats. Managing inventory, dealing with customers, organizing finances, and developing and promoting new products and promotions all take time out of a small business owner’s day. Spread yourself too thin and … Read more

Why Cloud Computing is Important For a Business?


Prior to cloud computing technology, organizations used to run programs and applications through software downloaded on a physical server and PC. Companies constantly struggle to develop their own data centers, and a handful of companies who had them would need a big IT team and resources for the management. The emergence of cloud computing has … Read more

When Did Cloud Computing Start? (And Related Questions)


Cloud computing is now the perfect method of providing enterprise software — and the chosen choice for firms to develop their networks or introduce new technologies. In simple terms, cloud computing is simply taking resources and moving them beyond an organization’s firewall and delivering them over the internet via the application, storage, and other services. … Read more

Step-By-Step Guide To Start Your Smart Home Installation Business


“Home automation market is expected to skyrocket and become worth $35.5 billion this year.” Home automation or smart home installation has become one of the rapidly growing businesses among all the other industries. It is reaping magnanimous profits due to its wide acceptability and popularity. People want to turn their home into a smart home … Read more

What is the Need to Make a Smart Home and How do I Make my Home Smart?


A smart home refers to a residence where internet-connected devices are used to enable remote management and monitoring of systems and appliances. The ‘smart’ appliances can be anything from a coffee maker where you can set the time to brew a fresh cup in the morning, or it can be a smart lighting system that … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Smart Home in the US?


Whether it is a new home or just a renovation process, everyone is looking to make their home smart and efficient. The growing rate of smart home installation clearly states its popularity. The market of smart home products and solutions is worth $35.5 billion this year, and everyone is tapping into this demand to reap … Read more

When Will Virtual Reality Be Possible?

Women enjoying Virtual Reality

The recent emergence of cost-effective virtual reality technologies such as the HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift is gaining a lot of attention from researchers and users. It is considered to be the biggest stepping stone in technological advancements. But the virtual reality (VR) is not a new concept; in fact, its history dates … Read more

Importance of Virtual Reality in Education (Related Questions)


Today is more significant than ever, thanks to the fact that in recent decade’s technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, with hundreds of applications that help us to visualize environments in a much more realistic way. Virtual reality is an extremely versatile tool that opens up endless possibilities to enrich the learning process The … Read more

7 Amazing Ways In Which Robotics Can Change The World


It is undeniable that people are increasingly dependent on technology. The films show a fully connected futuristic perspective, and the imagination does not rule out the possibility of extraordinary things happening. Although it still seems distant, there are already some tools that are very promising, even capable of revolutionizing the perspective we have in different … Read more

What is the Impact of Virtual Reality on the Society?

Women enjoying Virtual Reality

In recent decades, technological advances have been remarkable, and new technologies are very present in our lives. Nowadays, we are beginning to lift a little the veil on the great innovation that lies ahead: Virtual Reality (VR). Gradually we are already interacting with this new way of seeing the world in areas such as entertainment … Read more

What are the Three Laws of Robotics?


The laws and fundamentals of robotics are a set of laws, principles, or rules which are intended to be a fundamental framework to underline the behavior of robots that are designed to have a large degree of autonomy.  Although robots of this degree are not yet existent, they are widely expected with the advances in … Read more

Is Cloud Computing a Good Career Option?


Cloud computing is not just a good career choice but it gets you a job anywhere in the world, Cloud computing is one of the current trends in Information Tech. It encourages users to save and also makes daily living quite more simplified. Cloud computing enables a large collection of computer systems to successfully share … Read more

Is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Same?


Virtual reality can be defined as an experience that is simulated. This experience can be similar or completely different from the real world. A person making use of virtual reality equipment will be able to look around the virtual world, move around in it, and interact with its virtual features and items. There are different … Read more

Virtual Reality: Features, Types and Advantages

Women enjoying Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be defined as the use of computer technology to create an experience in a simulated environment. This experience can very well be similar or completely different in looks, feel, and features from the real world. A person making use of virtual reality equipment will be able to look around the virtual world, … Read more

Are Trail Cameras Good For Home Security? – Read to Find Out


Technology always finds a way to make life easier for us. You can use a surveillance camera to monitor those activities that go on in and around your home, even in your absence. Placing security cameras in homes can secure properties to a large extent. Even when intruders manage to break in, footage of the … Read more

Use of Robotics in Education and Why is Robotic Education Important?


New advances in technology continue to push the limits of what we know in healthcare, communication, travel, and education. The application of robotic and simulation technologies have in education has yielded tremendous benefits. They have proven to be excellent educational resources in the learning environment. Robotics has proven its value in everyday learning and even … Read more

Is Robotics a Sport and How Are They Used in Sports?


Is robotics indeed a sport? If you need answers to this question, you’re in the right place. What makes a sport what it is? First is the competition – two or more teams challenging themselves for a prize. The next are the spectators. For this reason, it is safe to call robotics a sport.  Most … Read more

Why is Cloud Computing Important?


There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the very concept of “cloud computing”. Several definitions and attempted definitions exist today. For some, cloud computing refers to the totality of hosting services, for others, it is about providing infrastructure remotely. Some even define cloud computing as a “federation of on-demand application services”. Interestingly, while cloud … Read more