15 Best KissAnime Alternatives Sites For Anime Lovers [2022]

Finding the best KissAnime alternatives is a big deal for any avid anime follower. Anyway, that’s why this post was created in the first place. Anime is fast becoming a more valuable form of entertainment for many individuals, including millennials. And why not, it features powerful story-lines, stunning graphics, lots of suspense, action and many more. In short, it’s almost impossible to start an anime series and not see it through to the end. And the existence of platforms like KissAnime also made the love manga readers, and anime watchers have to grow stronger.

The point is KissAnime is a platform no staunch anime watcher would reject. It has everything that makes watching anime enjoyable. The interface is clean, and you can have access to tons of anime genres and fresh contents regularly. In short, fast streaming and frequent uploads of anime contents are reasons KissAnime is still one of the best out there.

So, it’s shocking that KissAnime, one of the platforms that redefined anime is no more. The site has been closed down, but even at that, the show must continue. The good news is there are top notch KissAnime alternatives out there. So, rest assured you are not going to miss KissAnime that much.

15 Best KissAnime Alternatives Sites For Anime Lovers

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1. Gogoanimetv

This KissAnime alternative is one of the best out there. It will grant you access to tons of anime contents that will keep you entertained all year round. The platform receives continuous updates with fresh anime series.

Plus, video quality is also impressive, and are available in different formats such as 240p, 720p HD and as high as 1080p. You can also watch your favorite Japanese anime series online or download to your device.

The platform also lets you pick your desired server among the numerous options available to download and enjoy your favorite anime content. On the interface, you will find movies, anime list, new seasons and other icons that will help you get started immediately.

2. Animelab

Animelab features hot anime shows and ranks as one of the most visited KissAnime alternatives. You will also find quality videos too. As of the time of writing, the platform is strictly available to Australian and New Zealand anime lovers. But you can still submit your email address to the site, so they can update you whenever the platform becomes available to your country. It’s a great platform with loads of content that will keep you coming back for more.

Animelab is bursting with latest anime hits in the best of quality. You will have access to free HD quality anime series. Plus the platform is well organized and easy to navigate. Another impressive thing about this platform is that you can even watch anime on the go on your mobile device because it functions smoothly on all devices.

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3. AnimeFreak

As the name implies, AnimeFreak is a KissAnime alternative for the staunch anime watcher. It has everything a superior anime platform should have and more. This anime streaming platform let you watch quality anime videos for free. Plus for every anime displayed on the website, you will have access to the dubbed and subbed version.

From school drama, music, to comedy and other genres in existence, AnimeFreak has got you covered. The platform is also simple to use. Just hit the search icon or go through the latest update displaying on the screen to see if any of the series appeals to you. You can also browse by genre too to land your favorite anime in no time.

4. Narutoget

Forget the name; Narutoget is not only for naruto freaks. It also has a vast collection of anime contents to keep you entertained and happy all year round. It’s a large community and also offers dubbed and subbed versions to ensure you get the best for free. The platform provides interesting Naruto Shippuden clips so you can watch to your heart’s content.

You will encounter so many impressive features on Narutoget. One is that you can stream or download any content you want for free. Plus, anyone can have access to Narutoget irrespective of his or her location.

5. Masterani.me

Masterani.me is, no doubt, a master when it comes to anime series. It also has almost all the features you will find on KissAnime. All that is left for you to do is to sign-up to have access to quality videos. If you have an anime series you would like to watch; you can search for it on Masterani.me. The platform is that simple.

Also, have in mind that Masterani.me is one of the best anime streaming sites to get the latest anime series. Upon visiting the website, you will be able to tell how long the video has been on the platform.

6. Gakubaby

Among the special features, one thing that makes anime amazing is the love tons of millennials have for it. But besides adults, kids also love watching anime and the population of kids that love anime is growing. You will understand better whenever you spot a bunch of kids discussing their favorite anime series with friends or schoolmates.

However, the Gakubaby anime platform is designed for kids to watch anime series, and it’s most especially for their kind and age group. One impressive thing this platform does is that it can take you to the next episode of anime series, which is a welcome development for kids who might not have the capacity to do this alone. Overall, it’s an excellent platform for anime lovers, both for kids, and adults.

7. GoodAnime

GoodAnime might not be as popular as KissAnime, but the platform has shown great potential to attain greatness. The platform is also getting numerous attention and patronage from anime lovers from different parts of the world.

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GoodAnime’s intuitive interface is one of the vital features that capture the hearts of many. The website also loads with incredible speed and has tons of videos and lets you visit and enjoy viewing videos even if you have low data. Also, the site does not buffer which is a big plus and something that any avid anime watchers would love.

8. AnimeShow

AnimeShow is a fantastic KissAnime alternative, no doubt. You will find quality anime videos updated every hour on this platform with some of the choicest English subtitles available. The platform is quite easy to navigate if you know the name of the anime you are looking for or check the interface to make your choice.

You will find different exciting anime videos on this platform, and its divided into different categories for simple search such as “Popular” and “New episodes.” This anime website also has a great design. Downloading and streaming are also easy on the platform.

9. AnimeTake

AnimeTake is one of the platforms that will make you forget KissAnime. One of the impressive things about this platform is that it has quality videos in different formats, from 720p or the 360p range.

Another thing that makes AnimeTake one of the best is its interface and ease of navigation. You can search for videos in alphabetical order, and check under each alphabet from A to Z to make your choice. You will also see different anime genres on AnimeTake to search for a suitable video and start enjoying.

10. Anilinkz

Anilinkz takes anime streaming and downloading to another level. The platform has a great collection of exciting anime series that will keep you coming back for more. Plus the site does not also require any form of registration to have access to anime content. Just visit, search and start downloading right away.

You can also chat with other anime lovers on Anilinkz too. But ensure to read the chat rules before joining the community. Want to find trending episodes? There are all right there waiting for you to access. Even if you don’t have any particular anime in mind, you won’t have a problem using Anilinkz to find a suitable video.

11. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is an incredible anime platform that will surely make your love for anime soar higher. The site comes loaded with tons of quality anime series, including popular ones and new releases.

The video quality of the contents available on this platform is also impressive. Many anime platforms are not as organized as AnimeHeaven. AnimeHeaven offers English dubbed anime contents so English speakers would not be left in the dark while watching. The site is also straightforward and easy to navigate too.

12. Chia-Anime

Chia-anime is like KissAnime in every aspect. It is free to use and offers tons of anime shows, and videos in different genres. Chia-anime also let you have access to anime soundtrack and loads of other entertaining contents.

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However, the Chia-Anime interface contains too many adverts, which could cause a distraction. But above that, every other thing about the website is in order. Contents are also uploaded on a regular basis, so rest assured that you will always have fresh anime videos to view provided you have got enough time to spare.

13. Crunchyroll

If you are looking for a well-organized KissAnime alternative where you can stream and download anime legally, Crunchyroll will then be an ideal option for you. This interactive platform is so user-friendly and also boasts of having enough anime contents that can satisfy the urge of any avid anime watcher.

Crunchyroll gets updated every single hour, so if you have enough time to burn, get ready because you are going to find fresh contents on the platform that will keep you glued to your device all day. You can also help your friends and followers find new anime contents by sharing any interesting one you know on Facebook. Just hit the share button and you are there.

14. AnimeNova

AnimeNova is one of the best places anime lovers visit to have fun. You will find tons of anime series, movies, and exciting dramas. Another impressive thing about this platform is that it does not only feature anime movies. You also get to enjoy Naruto manga, cartoons and dubbed anime.

Even if you don’t have enough data to spare, you can also read exciting comics on the platform too. The site is cool, but the only drawback is that there are too many ads on the interface.

15. Netflix

Many people consider Netflix to be a platform for western movies and series only. But it will surprise you to know that the website offers more than that. On Netflix, you can stream and download top-notch anime videos. The only drawback is that a monthly subscription fee is required before one can have access to the contents on the platform.

This platform is user-friendly and also features anime subtitles that you will be able to understand with ease. You will also enjoy fast streaming. Plus if you need a break from anime series, you can feed your eyes by watching other latest western movies.


These are incredible platforms to stream and download anime movies. They will offer the same experience as KissAnime or even more. KissAnime is a great platform, no doubt. But now that it is no more that should not make anyone stop watching anime. The platforms above are not just the best KissAnime alternatives out there. But have in mind that each of them has their unique features. You can read each of them and choose according to your needs.

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