13 Jaw-dropping Chatbots Examples You Will Be Amazed to Find

Chatbots are conversational agents built to mimic spoken word or a written human speech. The primary purpose why companies develop bots is to help reduce the burden on their customer service agents and simplify business process. For instance, a company that manages over a hundred thousand customers on a monthly basis would spend a fortune to recruit more customer service agents to respond to inquiries and complaints.

Chatbots are not only cost effective when it comes to handling customer service duties for those top brands that are using them. Most of the bots, especially the advanced ones can interact with customers just like a human agent would. And owing to the advancements in machine learning and natural language processing, bots are now more responsive, smarter and engaging than they use to be.

As a visitor, you can interact with a bot through a standalone application or web-based applications. Both platforms are ideal to use. To appreciate how they contribute to making customer service duties and other areas productive for brands, here are 13 jaw-dropping chatbots examples you will be amazed to find.

13 Jaw-dropping Chatbots Examples

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1. U-Report

It is incredible to find nonprofit child advocacy organization come so close to people they are established to help better their lives. That is why organizations like UNICEF will always be in the spotlight. This NGO has started taken full advantage of the power of chatbots to interact with their subjects at the grassroots level. Giving the number of people they manage and their reach, it is clear that a tool like a chatbot is highly needed.

U-Report as fondly called, is designed for individuals living in developing regions of the world. The bot helps to give these users the opportunity to speak about the most pressing needs they encounter in their respective communities. But bear in mind that this bot is not for the talkative. It focuses more on data gathering which it does via polls.

2. Swelly

Swelly is not the kind of bot that will ruin your day. Of all the Facebook Messenger bots available, Swelly is one of the most uncomplicated and user-friendly bots. You will tell a good story about this chatbot once you come in contact. Guess what, you will have nearly the same experience you get when chatting with a real human anytime you interact with this chatbot. Everything about it is natural. And it allows users to select from two different options and vote alongside others. In fact, you can create swells and wait to see what people from other parts of the globe will vote on via Swelly.

 3. eBay Chatbot

If there is one sector that should have more chatbot time, then that has to be the ever-busy e-commerce sector and companies like eBay. The eBay chatbot is one of the most technologically advanced as far as e-commerce chatbot is concerned. It is also the most popularly used bot, at least for the time being. This bot comes well-built for better user-interaction.

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One interesting thing about the eBay chatbot is the fact that individuals can use it with their Google Home or even on their mobile devices. It is designed to let buyers get their hands on anything they want from around the globe, even at a ridiculously lower rate. Having a voice-only interface that is well-designed is another unmatched feature that makes this eBay chatbot one of the bots of the century. And if you are tired of scrolling through the mightly list of products, know that this bot makes it a bit easier to navigate through tons of different product categories, unlike other platforms.

4. Lyft

Lyft competes with the likes of Uber. You can say they are close competitors to an extent. The Lyft chatbot is also one to look forward to when thinking of exploring their services. It is swift and makes ride booking as easy as strolling to your backyard. In fact, you do not need to waste so much time to book your ride when you lay hold on this chatbot. It does everything to make you feel and appreciate the technological advancement of the 21 century. You can request Lyft on Alexa, Messenger, and even Slack.

5. Yes Sire

Even if you are not the kind that loves gaming, your mentality might start changing when you try Yes Sire. This Alexa game is not just funny but engaging. It also features an intuitive mechanism you will love. Life forces humans to take specific decisions at times. And this game, Yes Sire will make you take stricter decisions on various Yes or No questions you will encounter while playing. And as smooth as the game sounds, you cannot predict the outcome.

You will come across tons of games on visiting the Alexa Skill store. But Yes Sire has got enough positive reviews that make it difficult to ignore. If you have a chance to choose between the various chatbot games, make Yes Sire your number one choice.

6. Starbucks

The Starbucks chatbot is designed to make life a bit easier for customers. With this chatbot, you will have no issue placing an order for a snack or drink whenever you feel like doing so. Another talking point of this chatbot is that users can use text messaging or voice commands to place their order.

Whether you are ordering stuff for yourself or a large group of people, Starbucks chatbot will also help you determine you plan your budget by offering a little calculation of the items you are about to purchase. You will have the total cost of everything you are buying beforehand. This app is also available on the Starbucks app and accessible on mobile devices.

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7. Hachette chatbot

Bigger companies with incredibly large customer base are now relying on chatbots to keep their customers engaged. One of these companies, Hachette France, is reaping the benefits of having this technology at this time of the century. Hachette controls one of the biggest publishing houses in France and with over 80 different publishers under the company. With such figure and line of business, it is clear that each staff would have enough tasks on their desk on a daily basis

The Hachette chatbot communicates with readers directly, thus making the job for community managers less tasking. Interestingly, the bot is capable of handling over 2000 conversations at once, and under this circumstance, provide users with the right answers. The Hachette chatbot is also designed with useful features like geo-localization to help users locate bookstores, and book recommendations.

 8. Fandango chatbot

If you are a movie lover or someone who likes to know what’s trending for the week, Fandango chatbot might be your perfect companion. This Facebook Messenger bot is designed to help movie lovers to keep up with news concerning blockbuster movies, and it offers more. You can watch movie trailers and even find those local theatres nearby. Looking for what’s trending for the week? Fandango chatbot can help keep you informed.

This chatbot is simple to navigate and to get started. All you need to do is enter your ZIP code or city and let the chatbot reveal what is playing close by or when the action is going to take place. You will also get a page where you can purchase a ticket for the event.

9. Spotify chatbot

You cannot go through the millions of musical files on Spotify and remain the same. You indeed will get exhausted or find it more challenging to locate what you are searching for when you do it manually.   That is why music lovers around the world love the Spotify Facebook Messenger bot. You can accomplish more in a matter of few seconds. The chatbot is designed to help customers search for, listen and even share their favorite music with ease.

This chatbot also grants users access to a playlist of music that suits their mood. Once you begin, the chatbot will automatically recommend songs according to your mood or desired genre. Overall, it is a well-made chatbot that has got tons of positive reviews from users.

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10. MedWhat

Have you ever made the wrong diagnosis for yourself any day? That is why most of us have medical sites like WebMD on our bookmarks. And you may want to check out the chatbot, MedWhat when you visit this website.

This chatbot is designed to make diagnosis more accessible, faster and more transparent for physicians and patients. Powered by advanced machine learning system, MedWhat provides accurate responses to questions asked by users courtesy of the behaviors it got from constant interaction with humans.

 11. Roof Ai

Every real estate marketer or marketing professional, in general, knows how difficult lead generation is. It could be time-consuming and frustrating at times. But the good thing is you can leverage the power of bots to make lead generation and interaction with potential leads easier. Bots like the Roof Ai offers that and more.

Roof Ai developed for marketers in the real estate sector is an incredible bot. It is designed to automate lead generation and interaction with potential leads through social platforms. In fact, it can identify customers that need your services through Facebook, and respond to them in a conversational and friendly tone that looks like a real person to person interaction. It can even prompt your leads to dish out more information before assigning them to an actual sales agent to continue the discussion.

 12. Burberry chatbot

The Burberry is a fashion house, and so its chatbot was designed to offer fans a glimpse of different behind the scene collections so they can shop while the fashion show progresses. But this chatbot provided more than that. It sends notifications to customers it has had interactions with, which is mainly about what is in store, to persuade them to make a purchase.

13. Pizza Hut

You can have your favorite mouthwatering pizza anytime or place you need it. The Pizza Hut chatbot makes everything simple for customers and the company. You can order pizza and have it delivered to your destination from Facebook Messenger or Twitter with lightning speed. Also, the bot will also let you ask questions or view current deals available.

Wrapping it up

Technological advancement offers incredible benefits to businesses down to the consumers. Take a look at the chatbots, for example; they help companies with large customer base to interact with their customers to provide them with relevant answers as quickly as possible. In addition to that, chatbots also make it easier for customers to shop or get the information they seek at the right time. And you can see the impact the chatbots mentioned in this post are making in the business environment.

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