13 Best Hotjar Alternatives and Competitors You Should Use in 2020

There are a plethora of best Hotjar alternatives out there. But then, Hotjar is still one of the hottest platforms to obtain customer feedback for websites. Many of the platforms on the market only use a couple of processes to acquire feedback from customers. It could be via feedback forms triggered by customer behavior, heatmaps, or surveys. But Hotjar combines all the processes in one. You can track sessions visitors spent on a page, clicks, and scroll heatmaps, and more!

However, Hotjar has tons of disadvantages, which justifies the reason most people would want an alternative. So, if you are in this category, then here are top Hotjar options for you. Check them out below!

1. Mouseflow

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Mouseflow is one of the best Hotjar alternatives out there. It is budget-friendly and offers an in-depth analysis. You will find that there is no difference between it and Hotjar concerning their features. Its noted offerings include heatmaps, feedback campaigns, session replay, forms analytics, and funnels. This session heatmap and session replay tool will let you figure out how your visitors click, browse, move, and scroll through your website. You will also figure out how they pay attention to.

Another thing that will impress you about this tool is the installation process. You can install and start using it within a few seconds. This tool is also ideal for clients of all sizes and industries. So, if you are seeking a means to carry out web analytics, as well as real-time studies of your visitors, Mouseflow is a wise choice.

2. Crazy Egg

The Crazy Egg is another incredible heatmap tool and a must-have. Featuring A/B testing, recordings, and heatmap, Crazy Egg enables you to make the most of all your visitors. In other words, it helps you to figure out what your visitors are doing when they land on your website without stress. It is one of the leaders as far as visual website analytics is concerned.

Like Hotjar, Crazy Egg’s primary purpose is to give you the insight to scale up your business. Of course, when you understand your customers’ behaviors, it will be easier for you to boost the earnings received from your website. So, give this online tool a try. You can start with the free trial to see if the app is what you need. The trial lasts for at least 30 days.

 3. Smartlook

The reason any analytics tool can be viewed as the best Hotjar alternative is the quality of the performance. And the thing is other alternatives out there cannot match the effectiveness of Hotjar. But among the platforms that can give the makers of Hotjar a run for their money is Smartlook.

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This tool provides accurate analytics for mobile and web applications. Plus, it is also budget-friendly, compared to Hotjar. In addition to that, it does not only provide insight into the behaviors of your visitors or users. It let you figure out the reason so that you can take action and improve things. Event tracking is also another feature this tool has. Other features you will find useful are also available in this tool.

4. Quantum Metrics

Do you want to figure out the biggest revenue-making opportunities your website has? If yes, then Quantum Metrics is a platform you should try out. It makes analytics tasks simpler than they should. When deployed, it will grant you an overview of the behaviors of each of your customers. And it does it via interactive customer experience journey replays.

This feature-rich heatmap software does not only function like Hotjar. It also ensures you have practically the basic information you seek without breaking the bank. It offers features like dynamic maps, behavioral mapping, territorial mapping, element analytics, website analytics, embeddable maps, and others. You can start with the free trial of this tool if it suits you.

5. Freshmarketer

The goal of every business owner is to make a profit. Well, maybe most businesses are seeking to build their reputation and online presence first. But the main ingredient that keeps any business going is profit. And that is where tools like Freshmarketer become a must-have. With it, you can convert your visitors into loyal customers.

For the records, Freshmarketer is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool that comes built for goal-oriented digital marketers. You will discover unique conversion techniques that will make your visitors convert when using this tool. The platform has a free trial that lasts for 14 days. And during this trial period, you can gain access to all its features and rum experiments with at least 5000 visitors.

6. ZOHO PageSense

ZOHO is another Hotjar alternative suitable for goal-oriented digital marketers. It let you measure the major metrics of your website and understand the online behaviors your visitors are exhibiting. And with that, you can offer them a personalized experience. Of course, you will see what people visiting your site like and dislike. Get rid of the dislikes to grow your business.

This SaaS software also offers free trials to allow interested users to test and see if they like it. But of course, it is easy to fall in love with such well-built platforms. It let you segment reports, track business goals, and also integrates well with many third-party applications.

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7. ClickTale

ClickTale is one of the Hotjar alternatives out there that has built a solid reputation. Impressively, the tool can analyze the complex behaviors of your customers and place the result at your fingertips. Its primary mission is to help users to maximize their investments and achieve quicker ROI.

This tool makes use of cutting edge technology and can handle any analytics workload. It combines the power of machine learning, rich data, and human intelligence to provide a better outcome for users. So, in every sense, ClickTale is one of the best Hotjar alternatives on the market.

8. Matomo Analytics

Matomo, which is formerly called “Piwik” is a highly-rated web analytics platform. It will help to track visitors that land on your website to one or more sites. It also simplifies and displays the report on these visits so you can make an informed decision. But one unique thing about Matomo Analytics is that it offers you and your establishment complete data ownership, including privacy protection.

This all-in-one data analytics platform can also be self-hosted. It is also cost-effective and has several pricing plans for different categories of users. There is also a free trial for those interested in testing this open-source analytics platform before splashing the cash.

9. Click Map

Do you want to boost conversion and be successful in your business? Try Click Map. As the name implies, Click Map enables you to see and understand visitors’ activities on the website. It helps to track the actions of users on your page.

There are things visitors might not like about a page that would prevent them from clicking. And the painful thing is that you might not know this is going on unless you start using a tool like Click Map. Click Map lets you figure out the buttons, images, page elements, or text your visitors are clicking on. You will also figure out the ones being ignored to make the necessary changes.

10. Appsee Mobile Analytics

Appsee is one of the mobile analytics platforms that are making life easy for mobile app developers and business owners. It will enable you to offer a better user experience by studying how individuals using the application are behaving. With the report from the analysis, you can optimize your app’s UX.

So, if you are seeking an advanced visual mobile analytics tool that can help you improve user-experience, Appsee is an excellent choice. This platform is the leader when it comes to qualitative mobile app analytics. It uses several features, including touch heatmaps and session recordings to uncover UX and UI issues. But as of the time of writing, Appsee had been acquired by ServiceNow. Let’s see if the new buyers can make this platform better than it currently is.

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11. VWO

Simplicity and accuracy are two words that describe VWO. Let’s forget about the pricing plans. The tool has what it takes to outperform Hotjar. Little wonder it is highly rated among users. VWO can provide you with a much better and detailed insight into how your visitors are behaving.

This platform also provides accurate reports so you can make an informed decision. It combines on-page surveys, session recordings, and heatmap to let you spot areas on your website that have some issues. The interface of this platform is also simple and easy to understand. However, the price of this tool is on the high side. So that could put some users off.

12. Dynatrace

If you are tired of using diverse tools for cloud and application monitoring, then it is time to get Dynatrace. This platform comes built with all the tools you need to monitor and scale up your business!

It is an all-in-one AI powered tool that is simple to use. In fact, you do not have to waste your precious time to monitor your applications. Everything is automated for your convenience. Dynatrace offers software intelligence targeted at simplifying enterprise cloud complexity and speedup digital transformation.

13. Juice Analytics

It is one thing to generate data and another to put it to good use. An extensive data set might be super easy for one to create. But when it is not analyzed, it would be as useless as unrefined crude oil. As you know, the only way you will start valuing crude is after processing it.

Juice Analytics is a feature-rich tool designed to help you scale up your business It offers features such as dashboard, A/B testing, performance metrics, and predictive analysis. Other tasks this tool can perform are social media metrics, ROI tracking, and website analytics.


Having gone through the best Hotjar alternatives listed here, you should be able to make an informed decision. There are incredible platforms like Hotjar right here, no doubt. But you have to consider specific factors before splashing the cash. And among those factors is your budget-size and needs. With that in mind, you should be able to make the right decision.

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