Horizontal Lines on Vizio TV Screen (Steps to Fix)

Vizio TVs are among the top budget-friendly TVs on the market. They boast great picture quality, great value for money, and are feature-rich. 

Most people have raised questions about horizontal lines on the Vizio TV screen. Sometimes, this issue may pop up when the TV is faulty.  

Understand that, like other TVs, Vizio can also become faulty when used inappropriately. Even the most expensive TVs can become faulty too. 

You’ll learn about the cause of Vizio TV’s horizontal lines, how to fix such lines, and more. Keep reading to learn more about this topic to make an informed decision.

What Causes Flickering Horizontal Lines on Vizio TV?

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Several factors like faulty video cables, memory problem, software problem, broken display or faulty panel cause flickering horizontal lines on Vizio TV. And learning about them is important to prevent such from happening to your TV. Additionally, you’ll know what to do when your TV develops this screen problem.

Check out the causes below:

1. Faulty video cables

Video cables are essential for transmitting video signals. An example is the HDMI cable. With this cable, you can connect your laptop, sound bar, decoder, streaming boxes, and other devices to your TV.  

When connected to the soundbar to the TV, HDMI improves sound quality. Video quality is also top-notch with this cable.

But the truth is that HDMI cables can become faulty over time. Don’t expect them to last forever. So, if your Vizio TV screen is displaying horizontal lines, check your HDMI cable. It could be the culprit. 

A Handy Tip:  Besides the HDMI cable, internal wirings could be responsible for the horizontal lines on your Vizio TV. So, check your wirings properly. Don’t focus on the HDMI cable alone. 

Don’t forget that loose cables or wires can cause horizontal lines to appear on your Vizio TV. 

2. Power-related problem

Horizontal lines can appear on a Vizio TV that has a power supply issue. 

Many users have also complained about Horizontal lines appearing on their Vizio TVs following a sudden power outage.

When this occurs, do well to check your TV’s configuration. If you discover any anomaly, fix it properly. 

3. Third-Party Devices

Is there any third-party device connected to your Vizio TV? If yes, and there are horizontal lines on your TV, the third-party device could be the culprit. 

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There is a possibility that the device is faulty or it is not compatible with your Vizio TV. So, try disconnecting any third-party device connected to your Vizio TV if there are horizontal lines on the TV. 

4. Memory problem

Did you know a simple memory leak could cause horizontal lines on your Vizio TV? Yes, it can!

If your Vizio TV develops horizontal lines, memory failure could be the culprit. Additionally, you could find horizontal lines on your TV after using up the entire memory space. 

So, check your Vizio TV memory to know whether it is still intact or is already full. 

5. Software problem

Have you updated your Vizio TV to the latest update lately? If you haven’t and keep seeing horizontal lines on the TV, the software could be the culprit. 

Your Vizio TV could be running on old software that probably has bugs. 

6. Broken display

Is there a portion of your TV screen that is broken? If there is, and you’re seeing horizontal lines displaying, then that’s the culprit. 

Please note that you cannot fix this problem via troubleshooting. You have to get the screen changed. 

7. Faulty panel

Horizontal lines can appear on a Vizio TV that has a panel issue. So, don’t only focus on software problems. Hardware can also cause it. 

If your TV has a hardware problem, consult a technician to troubleshoot, locate and fix the problem. 

How To Fix Horizontal Lines on Vizio TV?

The area we’ll be focusing here on is how to fix horizontal lines on Vizio TV. The processes are simple, but for the one you cannot address, let an expert technician help you. 

We recommend that Vizio TV users seeing horizontal lines on their TVs have their TVs rebooted. A simple restart can help fix some of the problems that make those lines appear on your TV. 

Here is how to fix the problems below:

1. Power cycle your TV

A power cycle could be a better option if you tried rebooting the TV and couldn’t fix the horizontal line problem. 

The technique is more effective than rebooting the TV. How? It helps squeeze out all the electricity that is stored on the TV. So the next time you try to restart the Vizio TV, it will be a fresh restart. 

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There’s a chance that a sudden power outage caused the horizontal lines displaying on your TV. Whatever the case, the power cycle method could help to fix the problem.

Here’s how the power cycle is done:

  • Use the remote control to turn off the TV
  • Unplug the power cable connecting your TV to the power source
  • Wait for about 15 to 20 minutes)
  • Now, insert the power cable back into the power source
  • Power the TV and check if the horizontal line is still there.

A Handy Tip: It would make sense to remove your Vizio TV’s power supply cable from the extension (if this is what you’re using) and plug it directly into the wall outlet. 

The reason for doing this is to be sure that the output and input produced meets the TV’s demands power-wise.

2. Consider the wiring

You have tried using the “Power cycle” method to fix your TV’s horizontal lines, but the problem hasn’t gone away. What else can you try? 

Check the wiring that connects the TV to your device (HDMI cable) or the TV power supply cable. 

There is a chance the power cable, or, probably the HDMI cable is faulty, or the connection is loose. If any of these is the case, horizontal lines could appear on your TV screen. 

So, try to remove and reconnect the HDMI and Power cables. And check if the connection is correct. If you fixed the cables properly, but the problem persists, chances are the cables (HDMI and Power cable) are faulty, or one of them is faulty. 

A Handy Tip: To know whether the HDMI or power cable is faulty or not, use them to connect a different device. If the connection was successful, something else is responsible for the horizontal lines your TV displays. 

3. Update TV software

If you have tried all the methods above but the TV keeps displaying horizontal lines, the software or firmware could be the culprit.

So, try to update the software and see if that help to fix the display problem your Vizio TV has. 

4. Perform a factory reset

A simple factory reset might help fix issues relating to storage and memory space. So, perform a factory reset on your TV and check if the horizontal lines persist afterwards.

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5. Third-party device

Is there third-party devices connected to your TV? If your answer is yes and you see horizontal lines on your screen, those devices could be the culprit. 

A simple way to determine if the third-party devices are causing the horizontal lines to appear on your TV is to remove all of them. Now, start connecting them one after the day to figure out the particular one responsible for the lines on your TV screen.

Can Horizontal Lines on Vizio TV Be Repaired?

Yes, horizontal lines on Vizio TV can be repaired. And there are different ways to tackle the screen lines problems too. The majority of the steps described here are techniques many DIYer can execute. 

However, if the fault happens to be from the motherboard or screen, contact a professional to fix your TV. But if you have the technical knowledge and can fix the TV, go ahead. 

Does Vizio TV Warranty Cover Horizontal Lines?

Vizio TV warranty might not cover horizontal lines, especially if the damage was due to improper use of the TV. The TV maker’s warranty only covers material and workmanship defects when you use the Vizio TV per the company’s user manual and guides. 

The Vizio warranty doesn’t cover the following:

  • Signal issue
  • Acts of God
  • Damage from shipping
  • improper operation
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • A power surge or improper voltage supply
  • Customer’s modification, misuse, or adjustment
  • Set up, installation, or repairs done by someone else


Horizontal lines on Vizio TV screen aren’t something people want to see on their TV screens. Watching movies on such screens can be dissatisfying, discouraging and boring. 

However, several factors can cause Vizio TV screens to develop horizontal lines. These include power supply issues, software issues, screen damage, panel issue, faulty cables, or third-party devices. 

We explained how to identify the major factor causing the horizontal lines on your screen and how to fix it. But note that certain problems don’t require using your DIY skills. Let a professional work on your TV if you’re dealing with a more technical issue, such as screen repair or panel issues.

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