15 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For Social Media Management

When talking about social media management, Hootsuite is one of the most popular apps out there. Based on global standards, it is also one of the most attractive tools for social media engagement. Its offerings, functionality, and simple integration with social media channels make it the toast of small business marketers.

However, the requirements for social media engagement for each business are different. You may also find Hootsuite tedious or expensive as time progresses. That begs the question, “Are there alternatives to Hootesuite”? Yes, there are!

In this post, you will find the best Hootsuite alternatives that perform exactly or even better than it does for social media management.

15 Best Hootsuite Alternatives Social Media Management

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1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the best alternatives to Hootsuite that is simpler and more streamlined you can find at the moment. It brands itself as a content publishing platform for small businesses. But, time and experience have shown that it receives approval from both small and large businesses.

The Buffer is an excellent tool for scheduling social media posts, tracking real-time performance metrics, and assigning tasks to the social media management team. According to users of the software, Buffer’s interface is easy to learn and use. You can add multiple social media accounts and get your message across different social media platforms in a breeze.

You can access the fantastic features of the software with $15 per month for up to eight social media profiles. The Buffer subscription plans include Free, Pro, Small, Medium and Large.

2. Sendible

On top of the best alternatives to Hootsuite list is Sendible. It is a cloud-based tool for businesses that want to be at the top of the game of social media management. It has a wide range of mind-blowing features that make operating multiple social media accounts a walk in the park.

On subscribing for the software, you can track social interactions on any social.media platform via a “social inbox” folder. Sendible’s unique selling point is the social CRM functionality which is useful in managing quality leads generated through social media.

To the delight of uses the world over, Sendible subscription plans start at $29 per month. The Sendible subscription is available at different prices under the Micro, Small, Medium and Large plans.

3. Agorapulse

Similar to Buffer and Sendible, Agorapulse is a cloud-based platform that you can use in consolidating messages and interactions on social media. It has an inbox feature that is similar to an email inbox, which helps in saving previous messages and communications.

Agorapulse works by syncing messages and interactions such as likes, comments, and tweets to obtain real-time metrics reports on your social media activity. Syncing for real-time metrics is useful in reviewing filtered content and responses to posts by quality leads. The reports on the Agorapulse dashboard are customizable and have a visual-rich format.

4. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a social media monitoring tool formerly known as TweetLater. This tool was built primarily for branding and engagement on Twitter. However, it now covers Facebook, Plurk, Linkedin, and RSS feed. Over the years, SocioOomph evolved into one of the best social media management tools.

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Further, SocialOomph supports activities on Twitter such as tracking mentions and retweets, keyword search, tweet via email and many others. With SocialOomph you can follow and unfollow automatically, easily filter out spam.

The free version of SocialOomph allows an unlimited number of social media accounts. SocialOomph has the most flexible payment plan. You can make payment for a professional account every two weeks when the seven-day free trial expires. By all standards, it’s one of the most affordable social media management tools out there.

5. ViralTag

Viraltag allows users to share visuals on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. It is also useful in automating content sharing across different social media platforms. There is also a free Chrome extension of the software that makes scheduling multiple images and videos from websites to social media platforms a breeze.

Additionally, Viraltag allows different scheduling options not available in Hootsuite. One of the options is queue scheduling which works as a preset scheduler to schedule your posts for different times and on various social media platforms. With Viraltag, you can post an image at a predefined scheduling time or posts at another specific time.

6. Proofer

Proofer is a leading social media management solution that is popular among small businesses for its marketing capabilities. It also assists with all activities in engaging your audience as quality leads.

The free version of Proofer works well with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and some limited features for Instagram. However, it is not possible to use two of these platforms in the free subscription plan of the software. As its name implies, it ‘proofs” your content and lists scheduled content in an editorial calendar.

With the free unsubscription plan, you can make unlimited scheduled posts. You are also free to set up 50 of them to be reusable for reposting several times. And this is undoubtedly generous by every standard.

7. Cision

Cision is an excellent social media tool that enables you to keep all your conversations across a range of social networking platforms by producing smart streams. It helps users in you identifying trends for analysis and review, which will result in informed decisions for businesses, products, and brands.

Additionally, Cision can track the most useful data across different social channels to enable you to make appropriate measurements of your social efforts. Further, it helps you in scheduling your posts, generate enough content for reference, and to maintain content organization standard through its content calendar.

Cision is not specific about its pricing plan. It stands as an excellent social media management solution with a customizable pricing plan.

8. Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a comprehensive tool that helps brands, businesses and individuals create and strengthen stronger relationships on social media. This software is useful for all types of business organizations. It makes the labor of reaching an audience, engaging a community and measuring performance easy and accessible on a simple dashboard.

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Additionally, it helps in taking absolute control of your social profiles on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The major drawback this software has is that it is pricey. It has three subscription plans, with the cheapest being $99 per month.

9. TweetDeck

And here we have the TweetDeck, a free social media management tool from Twitter. As its name suggests, it is solely for Twitter. It’s quite a useful tool for posting tweets and tracking events, topics, hashtags, conversations, events, topics and more.

It also gives users the right information about trends and searches on the platform. It also helps you remain organized by simply building collections (columns). Also, you can easily schedule Tweets and get notifications for when someone replies to them.

If you want to get the best out of marketing on Twitter, you may need a TweetDeck account. A TweetDeck account allows you to make brilliant and informed changes in social media management. Specifically, it will enable users to change the arrangement of default columns for your Twitter home, notifications, messages, posts, and activities. You start maximizing the usefulness of this great tool by logging in to an existing TweetDeck or creating a new one.

10. Blog2Social

When it comes to the comprehensiveness of social media management, Blog2Social outperforms Hootsuite. It helps in generating traffic to your social media accounts, be it personal or business on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Blog2Social allows users the luxury of checking the messages their posts generate and this helps in the development of strategies for brand awareness and marketing. Mainly, you tweak your facebook ad campaigns on the Blog2Social dashboard. It works well with all social media platforms.

Blog2Social has the most flexible subscription plans for the alternatives you can find. The cheapest of them all is at £7.16 per month, which allows ten social media profiles and zero team collaboration.

11. Tailwind

You will find Tailwind helpful in your efforts at getting more actionable responses to your social media posts. It is perfect for scheduling social media posts on Pinterest and Instagram at the times when engagements can best occur.

With Tailwind, you have more control over social media publishing, marketing, and engagement. Users of the software show that pinning images on Pinterest is faster and easier than any other tool.

Tailwind is available in three fantastic subscription plans, namely: Plus, Professional and Enterprise. The cheapest plan starts at $9.99 and has multiple accounts capability.

12. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar not only automates content sharing. It also helps in optimizing traffic from social media. It correctly recycles schedule, and share posts as you have set it. MeetEdgar mounts good competition with Hootsuite in this regard, as it completely surpasses Hootsuite in this functionality.

MeetEdgar’s unique selling point is the support for category-based scheduling. A user can sort social media posts into colorful categories. So you can keep engaging your followers and leads without wasting time and resources.

Surprisingly, MeetEdgar has only one subscription plan. This plan costs $49 a month. And making the subscription means you have access to efficient customer support, unlimited content libraries and connection of up to 25 social media accounts.

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13. Social Clout

The Unique selling point of Social Clout is the detail you get about interactions and engagement you all social media profiles you connect with it. The reports available on a user’s dashboard are usually easy to understand because of customizable graphics you can embed in it. You will find this very useful in making the right business marketing decisions.

One of the desirable features of Social Clout is its ability to track accurate data on mentions of your brand and products. The report on these included details on time, number, activity and engagement so that you can tailor your marketing strategies perfectly.

Social Clout has a free plan and three other paid plans. The Starter plan is the cheapest subscription plan, and it starts at $49 per month. Others are the Value and Enterprise plans, which are costlier but offers more features.

14. eClincher

The most noticeable feature of this social media management tool is the user-friendly interface. A new user can easily navigate the icons on the dashboard and access its functionalities in content publishing and scheduling, viewing interactions and tracking engagement metrics.

The unit selling point of eClincher is the number of features that it supports compared to other alternatives you may find. These features consist of but are not limited to social media reporting, listening, monitoring and posting.

eClincher has three subscription plans, namely; Basic, Premium and Agency. The pricing of this software starts at $49 a month. With the basic plan, you can connect up to fifteen social media profiles. In all the plans, you will have access to efficient customer service.

15. Social Pilot

Social Pilot prides itself as an excellent tool to increase brand awareness on social media. It may not be far from the truth as it packs mind-blowing features which will help in making data-driven decisions. The features add meaning to social media scheduling automation.

To emphasize, Social Pilot has an excellent Chrome extension that works perfectly with multiple social media accounts. It permits team collaboration and reports real-time social media analytics. With its Bulk scheduling feature, you can post across different social media platforms. You can take your branding to another level with the custom branding feature.

To the delight of users and potential users, this software has a starting price of $30 per month. It has four subscription plans in total, namely: enterprise, professional, small team and agency.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that Hootsuite is an excellent social media management tool. When choosing an alternative to it, you need to do a thorough assessment and research the pros and cons.

A careful check for the features you need most in an alternative to Hootsuite will help you in making a suitable shortlist. You also need to set your budget and make a decision having compared the best tool with the most affordable subscription plan.

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