15 Amazing Life Simulation Games Like The Sims That You May Have Never Heard About

You are about to figure out some amazing games like Sims! Fact is, ever since Sims burst into the gaming world, it has remained a fan-favorite. Sims is a life simulation game that came into the entertainment world in the year 2000. As a life simulation game, you will be made to control a group of people (digital people) the way you want.

Control people digitally to perform various tasks such as cooking, exercise, paying your bills, cleaning, looking for a job, and many more! That is what this game is all about. It is an exciting game, but unfortunately, you cannot be playing one game every single day. So, we bring you the best Sims alternatives out there. Are you interested? If yes, you can check them out below!

15 Amazing Life Simulation Games Like The Sims

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1. BitLife

As the name implies, BitLife is a life simulation game like Sims. But it is one game that is engaging and would keep you glued to your precious device. BitLife runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices; you can visit the app store to download it right away.

Being a life simulation game, BitLife allows you to make choices and have fun. Dreamed of a perfect life where you will be married to your dream spouse, have kids, find a lucrative job, and be happy!

Make it happen in this game! You can also be the opposite. This time, you can move away from being a model citizen to become someone whom your parents despise. See what it is like to wallow in a life of crime and make others feel hurt.

2. My Time At Portia

Hey, Portia needs you! Instead of wondering in Willow Creek, why not head to Portia and make yourself productive? My Time At Portia is another exciting game that can replace Sims in a heartbeat. It is a farm-like role-playing game with impressive graphics and things to keep you busy.

The colorful environment in this game is out of this world. It makes it more inviting and engaging. Again, if you enjoy exploration and crafting things, you will fall deeply in love with My Time At Portia. By the way, Portia is an attractive town, filled with a lot of possibilities.

Your focus in this game will practically be to restore the workshop of your old man, in this town, to its former glory. You will also raise crops and animals, and climb up the ladder of success due to your activities.

3. Kudos

Kudos is another life simulation game that is as interesting as Sims. It also has all the bells and whistles that usually make life simulation video games enjoyable to play. So, it is a game worth checking out if you are seeking a game that will entertain you all day long.

You will have the privilege to control your chosen character and to make him or her do things you command. Kudos allows you to build something for the character, such as a house, restaurant, and others. But the primary focus is the mentality of the character. One wrong choice and you would see the effect in your character.

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4. Life Quest

Life itself is filled with quests, even though most of us would not agree to it. Life Quest is a game that comes designed to expose to us that life is a race and a competition. The game is quite entertaining, but you must be ready to push through the hard times to get to the top.

On Life Quest, you will find all you require to lead an accomplished and happy life. You will have access to unlimited customization options, where you can change your clothes, heads, eyelash, hairs, skins, and body parts to create your dream avatar.

You can go out on a date, get married, have kids, look for jobs, furnish your apartment to your taste, and even buy your dream car. But be ready to beat the competition from your rivals who are making it big.

5. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is another enjoyable Sims alternative that will make your head spin, and let you spend hours on your device. It is a game filled with loads of action, building, and activities that will test your mental capacity.

In this game, you will have the chance to build your hospital and decorate it to your taste. But endeavor to use some eye-catching decorations so that patients in your hospital would be happy and that end of year reward will keep coming your way.

You will also be made to treat a range of illnesses, some of which you have never witnessed since you became a virtual doctor. Additionally, you will also manage your staff and do everything you can to improve the reputation of your hospital.

6. Lady Popular

Welcome to the game and world of fashion! If you have always wanted to be or look like a supermodel but could not become one, now is the time to make your dreams come true. The only difference is that this time, you are making it happen in the virtual world and nothing more!

Lady Popular is a game of malls, duels, fashion, boyfriend, and pets. You will have the privilege of building your character to have the look of a real supermodel, find a boyfriend and compete in the fashion arena, and many more!

You can also play this game on the web with any device, as long as you can have it connected to the internet.

7. Second Life

Second Life is a game where everything is possible. You can become a creator, and create whatever you desire, dive into the business world and earn some money or embark on an adventure. This online virtual universe Sims alternative came into the gaming world in 2003 and has amassed over a million players the world over.

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In this game called Second Life, there are no specific objectives. You create your avatar and other things you want to see. Furthermore, the game runs seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and it is quite simple but exciting to play. Check it out and see for yourself now!

7. OurWorld

OurWorld “OW” is a game developed by FlowPlay to keep people entertained with a unique set of content. Just as the name suggests, it is a virtual world that comes loaded with myriads of games that can keep you engaged for as long as you want.

OurWorld will help you build useful social skills. You can send numerous gift items to people, make friends, join highly interactive groups, and many more! Another thing that sets this game apart is that you can play it on the web. That means you do not need to download or install anything. Just signup and access it with your device.

9. Animal Crossing

Here is another fantastic game that lets you have total control and create a world you can call yours. But you will have to move to a tiny little village and start all over, from scratch.

You will have to pay your house rent, add some piece of furniture to the property, style your clothes, embark on specific quests, and many more.

Animal Crossing features a multiplayer mode, where you can invite other Animal Crossing players to pay a visit to your village. Another unique feature of this game is that it follows your standard time. What this means is that if you are in the night period, the game will switch to that and vice versa.

10. Family House

Family House lets you explore, create, and experience things for yourself. You will have the opportunity to have a house filled with family members and do a lot of things which families do together.

In this game, you will also engage in other things like collecting rent, purchasing apparel, designing the interior of your home, among others.

We all want to know more about our family history, like how our forefathers lived, who they are, and more. Well, this game would give you a similar experience. You can explore a wide range of your virtual generations to have a better understanding of your family history.

11. Dream House Days

Here come another addictive strategy and management game. It is called Dream House Days and portrays the name in every sense. In this game, strategy and management rules! Plus, you will become both a virtual architect and a landlord, both together.

Be the landlord of an apartment and create rooms that will attract recently wedded couples and different caliber of people. This game also lets you combine a host of elements to develop several rooms.

For instance, with a game and Plasma TV, you can create a gaming room, much like the types that we encounter in real life.

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12. Hobo – Tough Life

Life can be tough sometimes. In short, in countries where wars are fought, things are not always the same when the war ends. People are left homeless, ill, and in abject poverty. Now get ready because that is what Hobo is about to take you through.

Hobo lets you experience how difficult it is to move out of the gutter in Life. It is called “tough life” and simulates everything toughness stands for, even in real life.

In this game, you need to do everything possible to survive the forthcoming winter period. You can steal, beg for food, and keep yourself warm. Just do anything you need to do to stay alive.

13. Planet Coaster

If you are seeking a coaster simulation game that can keep you super busy and let your imagination run wild, try Planet Coaster. As the name suggests, Planet Coaster allows you to build and run your amusement park. It enables you to decide how you want your amusement park to look, as well.

This game offers you tons of elements to create your dream coaster park. And remember, your design and features determine the caliber of persons that will visit your park.

14. Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is another build and management game that will tickle your fancy. The game keeps gracing our devices with its stunning graphics, storyline, and gameplay. We have had six sequels altogether, how great a game this is!?

Alright, in this game, you can be two things; a loving and caring statesman or a dictator feared by many across the land. You will have the privilege of building and controlling multiple cities, and even send your agents to perform numerous duties.

One of those duties is to invade foreign lands, steal various valuable items, and bring them back to your city. Try this game and see.

15. Prison Architect

Finally, we have the Prison Architect. It is one of the most captivating, engaging, and mentally demanding games on this list. As the name implies, Prison Architect lets you create and run a maximum-security prison. You will have the privilege of providing the needed securities and amenities required to run a prison.

You can hire and place your staff in prison strategically. You should also keep an eye out for sudden riots and gangs within the prison walls. So are you ready? If you are, then start the adventure!


The Sims is an exciting and engaging game. It has all the bells and whistles that can keep you engaged for hours. Unfortunately, you cannot be playing one game over and over. You will surely get tired at some point.

We have put together this list of best games like Sims and hope you are going to check them out. So, if you are tired of playing Sims and need something that can offer similar excitement and gameplay, check these Sims alternatives out.

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