The Best Free Software for College Education

With the advent of technology, students are exposed to a lot of software applications that are relevant to education. However, not all of them are affordable or free to use. As time goes, application developers are continuing to see the need to produce free software that is readily available to college students. This post discusses some of the best software that will enhance your learning experience.

5 Excellent Software Applications for University Students

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Whatever the course you are pursuing in school, there are some software applications that you’ll eventually need. Ranging from Microsoft Office products to antivirus software, we discuss some of the essential apps that you shouldn’t miss on your smartphone or laptop. Without any further ado, let’s dig into the excellent software that will boost your study experience.

1. Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs

The application is compatible with many operating systems. The software is incorporated with the essential writing functions to enhance your writing experience on PC. The best thing about this software is that it allows you to enjoy cool writing features such as PowerPoint presentations, sheets, and documents without paying anything.

Even it is not the most advanced writing software in the market, and it has enough writing and editing tools such as text editing, which might interest college students. Google Docs, for instance, provides you with an option to upload existing files in different formats. The application is collaborating to enable students to create their projects efficiently.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus

The software is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows. It is known to have incredible antivirus features that guarantee significant phishing protection. The process of scanning takes place in the background, which means that you don’t have to control it.

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However, if you do not want to be interrupted by the process of revising using your computer, you can reschedule when the scans should happen.

In case you find it convenient to run the scans at the automated time, you can find writing, editing, or revising assistance from a professional essay writer. These experts are available from the best writing service online.

All in all, the antivirus application provides total security, which incorporates a wide variety of features for £29.99 per annum. Due to its incredible protection features, the app is worth investing your money in.

3. Gimp

The Gimp application is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows. However, ensure that you are wary when purposing to use this free service since many services will be provided by the search engines.

The real Gimp application provides useful Photoshop features that both tech-savvy and amateur users will find them easy to use.

This software provides a wide variety of the best editing tools for students, which allows both complex and simple image manipulation.

Just like Photoshop, users are provided with enough plugins so that they can take their editing skills to another level. Apart from that, the application supports a wide variety of file types, which include JPEG and many other formats.

4. Zotero

Zotero software is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows incorporated with ‘an individual research aid’ plugin. As a free management application, users can gather and save sources that they’ll use for their projects and essays.

The application operates by generating online folders that are essential for various projects that allow the addition of sources with just one click. These sources include websites, journal articles, and eBooks, among others.

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The most exciting thing about this application is that it is capable of automatically adding citations in the texts about the relevant sources collected for the project. Generally, it can create a reference or bibliography page for you.

5. eBook library from Amazon

The application is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems. The eBook library is accessible from the Amazon store and can be used across all your synchronized devices.

Incredible libraries of books are provided by the application in an ePub format. These formats allow the reader to access content using any of their methods.

Apart from that, the software allows you to highlight texts for future reference, bookmark pages, and include notes on a different page. Users are also entitled to download their favorite eBooks for offline reading.

In general, Amazon’s eBook app is a complete library, which ‘houses’ your textbooks everywhere you go.

Download the Best Education Software to Enhance Learning Experience

University students are expected to be productive. To make it possible, you should plan to manage your schoolwork projects and assignments using appropriate technological means. So, download the best apps and programs for note-taking, privacy, music, or image production.

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